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“Everything that can be decentralized will be decentralized”. You might have heard such a statement when studying blockchain and Web3. But how specifically will it happen in an industry X, especially if it has existed [More]
Synopsis Summit: Edition 5 Opens the New Blockchain Frontiers on June 20–24 Colibri Group and Coindar are glad to announce the start of preparations for the Synopsis Summit: Edition 5. Synopsis is the leading blockchain [More]
Replay de l’événement Healthcare Blockchain Summit diffusé en live sur Twitch le vendredi 8 avril 2022 et organisé par Galeon à Station F. Au programme, conférence sur Galeon et les enjeux d’innovation en Santé, Table [More]
Description: Claim Free Limo: h link Limoverse Stands to build an ecosystem for global health and wellness based on blockchain. Limoverse is a metaverse where millions and billions of users can connect, share, heal, [More]
THE SELF-RESOURCING COOPERATIVE OF OPEN SCIENCE & RESEARCH The Cooperative 96Hz is an independent society. We are not funded by any organisation or party. We do not pursue any political goals. Democratic values are a [More]
One particular trend observed in healthcare is the progressive shift of data and services to the cloud, partly due to convenience (e.g. availability of complete patient medical history in real-time) and savings (e.g. economics of [More]
Cryptocurrency healthcare startup, Solve. Care, recently launched a blockchain remote medicine platform. According to an announcement sent to Cointelegraph on May 22, Solve. Care announced a new marketplace that allows users to consult medical practitioners [More]
Videos: CONTRIBUTE : KEEP FIGHTING FOR AMERICA Friends: the Videos on are nearly impossible to find on Google Facebook Twitter Reddit YouTube !!! Google Facebook YouTube Twitter BLOGS are CONTROLLED or HIDDEN by [More]
Black Blockchain Consultants focuses on helping members find blockchain jobs and consulting professions. In today’s Blockchain News, we discuss opportunities in loan services, human resources, healthcare, retail, and legal. Blockhain 101 Course: BBC Membership: [More]