Ethereum BAD NEWs later this year!! Ethereum 2.0 scaling solutions will be CENTRALIZED!? Ethereum Scaling is the most important issue of 2021 & “rollups” were hailed as the solution to get Ethereum to the NEXT [More]
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Thailand’s Securities and Exchange Commission has clarified its guidelines to stipulate that those trading cryptocurrencies in the country should have some foundational knowledge. In a Facebook Live video from the Thai SEC today, secretary-general Ruenvadee [More]
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Bitcoin is almost at $60,000 and Bitcoin mining stocks such as MARA and RIOT have been doing very well. I expect these 3 stocks to have the same upside potential! Check out BFARF (BITF), HVBTF [More]
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In this episode of the Cryptocurrency Bullpen: (LIVE) The Turbulence is Good, it Brings Back Premiums:) BTC Options and Which Cryptocurrencies have a 1,000% left to run? The Turbulence is Good! Enjoy the Ride! #Cryptocurrency#Bitcoin [More]
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Even after eleven years experience, and a per Bitcoin price of nearly $23,000, the incredulous are still with us. I understand why. Bitcoin is not like other traditional financial assets. Even describing it as an [More]
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Jeff interviews top Bitcoin expert, Roger Ver, to counter the mis-information about the death of Bitcoin that has been circulating recently. Topics include: Mike Hearn’s declaration on the death of Bitcoin, this is actually another [More]
Thanks for watching, and we hope you got some value from our perspective of the markets! 00:00 BTC Discussion 05:55 BTC 4H Chart 26:20 BTC Short-Term Chart 07:57 Total Altcoin Market 08:27 BTC Dominance 09:25 [More]
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MasterCard has just accelerated its Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Card Partner Program, making it easier for consumers to hold and activate cryptocurrencies. Altcoin Daily, the best place for recent cryptocurrency news! Also, we talk about Monero, [More]
Bangladesh May Have a Look at Cryptocurrencies
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A Fidelity survey of 774 institutional investors found that more than one-third of firms worldwide have invested in digital assets or derivatives. While 36% of institutions own crypto globally, multinational financial services company  Fidelity found [More]
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Gold has been used for centuries as a safe haven asset, a currency, and a means of exchange. Bitcoin is just over 10 years old, but is a  new age, digital version of gold. The [More]
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