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Introduction- 0:00
Monday Motivation- 3:37
Binance Promotion in London- 4:50
Market Analysis- 5:37
Eth Analysis- 7:32
Global Public Goods and The Protocol Sink Thesis- 13:06
Darwinia Network Update- 18:42
What Can dApps Achieve Together?- 21:15
Offshift Update- 22:42
Morpheus Labs News- 25:14
Parachute News- 26:04
DuckDaoDime Update- 28:35
Alts Webinar Reminder- 30:41
Uniswap Rival Sushiswap Hits $30m Daily Volume with Yield Farming Play- 31:08
Ethereum is a Dark Forest- 38:48
Sushiswap Discussion- 44:42
Russia Blocks Cryptocurrency Websites Ahead of Regulation- 48:05
Bug in Electrum- 49:42
Crypto com News – 50:58
Q&A- 53:30
Q1- ETH gas fee is too high for a simple transaction I have to pay $20. There will be no solution at all for 1-2 years until sharding comes out? 54:09
Q2- Have you seen AmpleforthGold pegged to Paxosgold? 58:00
Q3- Have you seen LID and what do you think? thanks? 58:51
Q4- When to sell/HODL Ample? 59:00
Is there a way to track governance participation? 1:00:44

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Good Morning Crypto

Ivan on Tech by Ivan Liljeqvist

With Bitcoin pumping, major altcoins flying, and new all-time highs being set, the crypto market fear and greed index is tapping highs not seen in over a year. In fact, the metric has achieved the second-highest reading in the index’s history. What does soaring crypto market greed potentially reveal about where the current uptrend stands? Do Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, and others have more to run? Or is the early signs of a reversal ahead? Be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful. It is a trading and investing quote passed down from Warren Buffett suggesting a contrarian position can be wildly profitable. Oftentimes, when a market is overly emotional, investors can be blinded by strong returns and not see what’s right before their eyes: a reversal. Related Reading | Here’s What Surging Crypto Market “Greed” Could Say About Today’s DropDuring the peak of the crypto hype bubble, several Reddit threads talked about which projects were “undervalued.” The same assets listed as not yet reaching a valuation representative of its promise, dropped in price by over 99% in the months following. Especially when it comes to speculative assets like Bitcoin, value – like beauty – is in the eye of the beholder. Now that assets have once again risen by as much as 200% or more since the start of the year, is the market now acting too irrational and exuberant to realize a reversal is looming? Over the last week, the crypto market fear and greed index peaked at around 80, reaching the second-highest point since its creation. The index is used to measure market sentiment during each peak and trough. It is often a helpful gauge in determining when trends may be reversing. The theory that when the crypto market gets overly greedy, a selloff ensues follows the Oracle of Omaha’s above quote and guidelines. The last time the reading rose to such levels, it signaled a long-term top in cryptocurrency. The highest peak ever was set one year ago – between the June 2019 top and the late September breakdown below $10,000. Related Reading | How Crypto Market Fear And Greed Be Used Profitably As A Trade TriggerThe cryptocurrency remained trapped there for nearly a full year. Bitcoin and the rest of the market have been soaring, with some altcoins growing 9000% in just over three months. Such gains aren’t sustainable, and as soon as profit-taking starts, crypto assets often correct extremely hard. Once the peak at greed breaks down again and reverses, will the crypto market fall all the way to fear again? Or will this simply be a short-term pullback on the asset class’s ongoing uptrend and climb into a new bull market?

All data is taken from the source: https://www.newsbtc.com/
Article Link: https://www.newsbtc.com/2020/08/10/be-fearful-crypto-market-greed-reaches-second-highest-point-in-history/

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►Another GREAT day for Bitcoin and the Cryptocurrency market. With all the positivity we forget about what’s going on in general overall with investors. In this clip from CNBC, Wall Street Journal Special Writer, Greg Zuckerman lays out what he considers to be a MAJOR problem with the markets – Dumb Money. Also, Goldman Sachs sets gold at $2300 ( I wonder if they have investments in gold) yet CONTINUES to say that Bitcoin and the crypto market is NOT an asset class despite it being the BEST ASSET CLASS OVER THE LAST DECADE! Ledger Hack revealed by Ledger – BAD NEWS is that your EMAIL might have been compromised. GOOD NEWS is that your crypto and money is safe. Facebook, Google, YouTube, Amazon hauled into congress and I answer the QUESTION OF THE DAY from my pool office.

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STORY #5 LINK – https://cointelegraph.com/news/watch-live-ceos-of-facebook-apple-amazon-and-alphabet-square-off-with-congress

STORY #6 LINK – https://bitcoinist.com/theres-a-big-catch-to-this-weeks-bitcoin-pump-and-it-involves-the-dollar/


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Yesterday, Bitcoin broke up through resistance at $10,500 and in short order, rocketed another $1000 to a high of $11,419 on Coinbase Pro. Just as fast as the cryptocurrency itself climbed, the crypto market fear and greed index spiked to “extreme greed.”Greed has now reached the highest level in the crypto market in over a year, hitting a level that hasn’t been seen since past Bitcoin tops. Could the rapid increase in extreme greed be a signal that the current pullback is a prelude to a deeper correction? Or will greed turn into irrational exuberance and push Bitcoin and the rest of the space back towards former highs? Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have spent the last several years in a bear market, following the crypto market bubble bursting in 2017. It has only been recently that the greater crypto market appears to be ready for a comeback. The conditions are currently perfect. Entrepreneurs, investors, and analysts alike suggest the limited supply of these assets can make them a great hedge against the dollar. During the multi-year drawdown, supply heavily outweighed demand, but that’s since been turning around. And coinciding with that shift in supply and demand dynamics is a dollar that’s slowly losing its value. Related Reading | This Golden Bull Market Factor Predicts Bitcoin Will Rocket to $14kThe more money the Fed prints, the weaker the dollar gets. At the same time, scarce assets like cryptocurrencies and precious metals have been thriving. It’s helped Bitcoin this week finally break above $10,500, gold achieve a new all-time high, and the broader crypto market has been pumping left and right. The sharp markup and profits generated from a single-day $1,500 rally in Bitcoin send the crypto market fear and greed index rising just as sharply as the asset’s price itself. Yesterday’s rally caused the crypto market fear and greed index to reach the highest level in over a year, and the highest since the June 2019 top at $14,000. Prior to that, the only other time greed was higher, was just as Bitcoin began correcting from its all-time high at $20,000. Fear and greed can often be used by the best traders and investors as a contrarian indicator. Using such a strategy would involve buying when markets are fearful, and selling when markets are greedy. Or as the Oracle of Omaha Warren Buffett would put it, “be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful.”According to the crypto market fear and greed index, it may be time to start being fearful. Related Reading | How Crypto Market Fear And Greed Be Used Profitably As A Trade TriggerData shows that greed reaching such extremes in the past has led to substantial corrections and a fall back into fear. However, Bitcoin has spent nearly three full months trading sideways ahead of the breakout, so the rally could only just be beginning. If that’s the case, the market is likely to stay greedy and irrational for an extended timeframe. Or as the past has shown, the pullback that started after last night’s rejection from $11,400 may send sentiment back toward extreme fear just as quickly.

All data is taken from the source: https://www.newsbtc.com/
Article Link: https://www.newsbtc.com/2020/07/28/crypto-market-greed-bitcoin-fear/

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