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Welcome to Off the Blockchain! This week Charlie, Robert, and Ian found themselves diving into NFTs. From Coinbase struggling to find its footing, Seth Green teaches us a security lesson, and Soulbound tokens offering a [More]
Unlike bank deposits, a CEX does not provide any guarantee. Therefore investors assets are at a risk. —————- Thank you for watching! Please drop a 👍 & ring the 🔔 to catch every update as [More]
I share my technical chart analysis and my swing trade on explosive cryptocurrency Ethereum (ETH) which is having a nice breakout today! The clip is from the new channel which will be solely focused on [More]
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Ethereum’s biggest mining pools take opposing stances on the EIP-1559 plan. Two of the three largest Ethereum mining pools are the latest to take a public stance on Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP)-1559, a proposed protocol [More]
Malaysia’s top independent investment bank, the Kenanga Investment Bank, has announced that it has acquired a 19% stake in the domestic crypto exchange Tokenize Xchange. The trading platform is one of just three in the country to have [More]
Elon Musk Makes a $1.5 BILLION bet on Bitcoin. $250 Sign Up Bonus: 👈👈👈 Hit Like, Share, and Subscribe for more daily cryptocurrency news! Altcoin Daily, the best cryptocurrency news media online! Follow us [More]
Ethereum 2.0 will lost to POLKADOT because of the fact DEFI IS TAKING OVER the Ethereum network. Polkadot has Acala being built on network and it will change DeFi forever. Acala is a project that [More]
Chainlink overshot the previous bullish target, hitting a new all-time high of $8.40, I think it could surpass $10 and in a bull market go to near $50. According to Google Trends retail interest in [More]
This is it! Change is here as one of the biggest US banks goes all in on cryptocurrency! This might be the biggest news on cryptocurrency in the US and the crypto world! Even the [More]
In this video we are discussing about crypto and bitcoin (btc) news in general, we have some interesting cryptocurrency news to update you with, so make sure to stay until the end. On of the [More]
One of the richest land on earth is wooing crypto businesses by signing a deal at Davos to establish what is being dubbed the Duba Больше новостей на
Please change your life!!! Click on the link! Can you afford this thing?: Software at the best prices: Major South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb has decided to litigate a near $69 million [More]
COSS, a cryptocurrency exchange company, has announced this week that it will suspend all trading, deposits, and withdrawals and b Больше новостей на
For the most complete data on all crypto currencies check: | The crypto research platform. Full credits for this video to NewsBTC who listed the info in this video on an article on their [More]
Nike has applied for trademark protection for “CRYPTOKICKS” with plans to launch a blockchain platform, crypto exchange and even a crypto scavenger hunt. Owen McCall brings you all the details. For more exclusive content follow [More]
Prof Rene Husler, Crypto Valley Association – a local initiative goes global. 크립토밸리 협회, 1명의 직원과 수십명의 자원봉사자들이 운영하는 500명 회원을 가진 블록체인협회. 지구촌의 ICO를 희망하는 기업들에게 자문해주고 크립토밸리 밋업행사 컨프런스등 을 진행하여. 재정을 탄탄히 [More]