The German Blockchain Award 2020 was designed by BLOCKROCKET to honor the best blockchain-related early-stage startups in Germany.

What is the most promising blockchain startup in 2020? In this digital event, we’ll find out. Startups compete in two categories: Idea and Seed. The first round consists of 10 startups that give 1-minute pitches. Startups are then judged by the attendees (you!) via a poll. The best 3 startups then get to pitch in front of the jury.


Idea Stage (10 startups)

1. Amazing Blocks -Tokenization and fully digital legal entities in Liechtenstein (Nicolas Weber)
2. B.A.M Ticketing – Blockchain-based transaction network for event ticketing (Georg Müller)
3. Crypto Captain – AI-powered signal service for crypto investors (Lyubomir Kirilov)
4. Dojo – Remote enterprise governance & incentives (Gianluca Boccadifuoco)
5. Doxychain – Documents digitization and management backed by blockchain (Rafael Schultz)
6. Finery Tech – Non-custodial peer-to-peer trading platform (Ilia Drozdov)
7. ipOcean – Blockchain-based, B2B social network (Holger Geissler)
8. License.Rocks – Token-based license solution for digital products (Frank Bartels)
9. ownId – Digital identity management for businesses (Julian Hillebrand)
10. Photochain – New generation of photography marketplaces (Stanislav Stolberg)

Seed Stage (10 startups)

1. Arkane Network – An open network for building blockchain applications (Tim Dierckxsens)
2. Blocksport – Swiss sports tech specialized in digital identities (Vladimir Liulka)
3. BREACH – Cyber insurance for digital asset exchanges and wallets (Eyhab Aejaz)
4. Ecustoms – Blockchain customs technology (Cristina Martín Lorenzo)
5. Finexity – Platform for digital real asset investment (Henning Wagner)
6. Finoa – Digital asset custodian (Marius Smith)
7. Flovtec – Market-making solutions to exchanges & tokens to enable a liquid market (Anton Golub)
8. Madana – SaaS for confidential computing (Eugen Salkutzan)
9. Spherity – Digital Identity & Supply Chain Compliance (Carsten Stöcker)
10. Trality – Platform for algorithmic crypto trading (Moritz Putzhammer)


1. Alex von Frankenberg, Managing Director, High-Tech Gründerfonds
2. Patrick Van de Mosselaer, Managing Director, Tioga Capita
3. Olaf Hannemann, Co-Founder, CV VC
4. Wolfgang Maennel, Managing Director, Tathros Innovation
5. Benedikt Schulz, Investment Manager, tokentus investment AG


Benjamin Horvath, Managing Director, BLOCKROCKET – European Blockchain Accelerator


Blockchain and community building. This is our mission. The Corona virus did not make things easier for us, but we will now move our events online to help education and dissemination in the blockchain area.


We do online talks and online panel discussions 2x per week. We frequently post our next events on Twitter and on LinkedIn. Follow us to stay up to date:

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00:00 Intro
2:59 Agenda
4:47 Jury
10:23 Idea Stage
10:33 Amazing Blocks
12:17 B.A.M Ticketing
13:36 Crypto Captain
14:50 Dojo
16:05 Doxychain
17:34 Finery Tech
18:44 ipOcean
20:03 License.Rocks
21:18 ownId
23:23 Photochain
1:09:47 Seed Stage
1:10:48 Arkane Network
1:12:14 Blocksport
1:12:38 BREACH
1:12:08 Ecustoms
1:16:33 Finexity
1:17:57 Finoa
1:19:04 Flovtec
1:20:44 Madana
1:22:24 Spherity
1:23:56 Trality

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