Free Julian Assange #Unity4J Vigil is a part of combined growing global Events ~ With an agenda of saving our Planet from Fascists who are actively trying to Silence All Truth Tellers & Silence Julian Assange.

This San Francisco Event was packed with excitement!! Providing the framework for many other events to follow!

This event had as master of ceremonies (MC) none other than KPFA’s Steve Zeltzer, a Journalist & Radio Host and Founder of the Labor Video project.

This Event was packed with a Long List of Powerful SPEAKERS & JOURNALISTS voicing their strong objections to the plans of the CIA & DeepState to Criminalize “THE TRUTH”!

[In Order of Appearance]

1 Randy Credico :Live from New York Radio Host & Friend of Julian Assange
2 George Wright : Professor & Journalist
3 Dr Darrel Whitman : Letter of Support
4 Carol Seligman : Journalist & Editor Socialist Viewpoint
5 John Holmes : Professor, Journalist & Activist
6 Class-Conscious : Letter of Support
7 Mahmet : Turkish Journalist & Activist
8 Ann Garrison : Journalist & Activist KPFA
9 Orley : Activist Musician
10 Vic Sardot : Activist Musician
11 Lori Frishman : Activist

Immediately after the Ecuadorian Conciliate Event…It Was Followed by a March to the British Conciliate Where we occupied the Lobby of their Building Speaking Truth to Power… So loud it echoed through the halls of the entire building!!!! as a result… The San Francisco Police were Called!!!

This was a Powerful Event and just one of Many more Powerful Events soon to follow!!!

The Fact That we targeted two Hostile Imperialist Countries ~ IN ONE AFTERNOON

We are sending a Strong Message…WE ARE NOT GOING AWAY!!!! We are the beginning of the Tsunami of Outrage that is just on the Horizon…Taking Truth To Power Up Close & Personal!!!!


As We Free All The Truth Tellers & Free Julian Assange !!!



It has been months since Julian’s internet access and visitation rights at the embassy were abruptly revoked by the Ecuadorian government after the US Government via the CIA fixed the Election installed a puppet government in Ecuador and began to expand the CIA and US Military in the Country of Ecuador… As The US has done in South & Central America with impunity for years.

In response supporters swiftly organized #ReconnectJulian, a 10-hour-long online vigil event where friends and supporters of Julian came together to speak for the voiceless. We are now once again organizing a massive event in support of Assange and WikiLeaks. This collaboration has birthed #Unity4J – An upcoming series of events taking place on the first weekend of each month.

The stakes go far beyond Assange’s personal rights and freedoms, recent diplomatic and legal actions regarding Wikileaks and its emissaries have an enormous potential to set a dangerous precident regarding press freedom and the publication of secret or suppressed documents in pursuit of an informed public and representative accountability. #Unity4J will feature numerous high profile speakers giving testament to their support for and experience with Julian Assange and WikiLeaks in a call for Julian to be reconnected to his loved ones and the world, while advocating for safe passage from his arbitrary detention.

The ongoing deprivation of Julian Assange’s human rights is an untenable situation and a failure of international law and the governments of the West to uphold justice. In a world of divide and conquer, uniting people is the ultimate act of resistance. Therefore, we must bring together ALL public figures who support Julian and WikiLeaks, regardless of their political views or party affiliation. Putting aside our personal politics in order to create a diverse line-up of advocates who support our message will give us the ability to reach the largest audience possible. The baton of previous generations who fought for the freedom of their counterculture icons has passed to us, and it is our turn to raise our voices in a unified and sustained protest until Julian’s rights are restored.

Shot on Location at the : Ecuadorian Consulate, and British Consulate, San Francisco California, USA
Length: 55:37
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ConsenSys is a venture production studio building decentralized applications and developer and end-user tools for blockchains. Their Infura platform is a core infrastructure pillar of Ethereum, enabling decentralized applications of all kinds to scale to accommodate their users.

Infura went from 20 million requests a day at the beginning of 2017 to over 10 billion requests today. This staggering 500x increase naturally lead to questions of scale.

In this talk, co-founder Michael Wuehler will discuss the technical challenges encountered while building and scaling the Infura platform, and the infrastructure decisions that led to their adoption of Fastly and other pivotal technologies.

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Crypto taxation tool CoinTracker has released a report comparing the prevalence of cryptocurrency ownership across major cities in the United States. The report is based on user data that CoinTracker has been collecting since 2013. CoinTracker found that the top four ranked cities by average crypto portfolio size are all in California’s San Francisco Bay Area, with San Francisco proper at approximately $55,000 followed by Palo Alto with $39,000, Oakland with $35,000 and San Mateo with $30,600. Only four cities outside of California are home to investors whose average crypto holdings exceed $20,000 in the U. S. — with Seattle, New York, Tampa, and Pittsburgh investors holding between $27,000 and $21,000 on average. The findings also show a significant concentration of crypto investors in the cities of San Francisco and New York — with their combined “crypto user index” roughly equating to that of the next four highest-ranked cities combined. San Francisco is the top U. S. crypto city by the number of investors and thus scored a user index of 100. New York ranks second for crypto investor density with a user index rating of 92, however, it ranks sixth by the average value of holdings at nearly $23,000. Los Angeles has the third-largest density of crypto investors with a user index of 57.2, followed by Chicago with 48.8, and Seattle with 39.7. Despite comprising a small town of 43,000 in Virginia, Ashburn tops the list for crypto ownership density when assessed on a per capita basis. Despite its small population, Ashburn has been described as the “Center of the Internet,” with 70% of internet traffic passing through the city that also has the fourth-largest data center density in the United States. Washington’s Redmond, a city outside of Seattle and the “bicycle capital of the northwest,” has the second-highest number of crypto investors per capita, followed by San Francisco. Bitcoin (BTC) investments comprise 50.3% of CoinTracker users’ crypto portfolios, followed by Ether (ETH) at 28.7%. Tether (USDT) ranks third at4.1%, followed by Litecoin (LTC) at 3.3%, Ripple (XRP) at 3.1%, Chainlink (LINK) at1.9%, and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Tezos (XTZ) with 1.7% each. The eight-most popular crypto assets comprise 94.8% of U. S. virtual currency holdings combined, with all other crypto assets representing less than 1% of total capital in the cryptocurrency markets each. Ether investments outweigh the Bitcoin holdings of investors in San Diego, Nashville, Seattle, Boston, San Francisco, and The Bronx — with Ether comprising more than 50% of crypto wealth in each city. Investors based in Redmond, San Antonio, Atlanta, and Fremont have the majority of their crypto capital allocated to markets other than BTC or ETH.

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Report Crypto Investment Wealth Is Highest in San Francisco Bay Area:

Panel of traditional investors thoughts on blockchain and crypto investments.

This event took place on October 28th, 2019, special thanks to venue sponsor: Nixon Peabody, LLC

Panelists include:

– Rui (Ray) Zhang – a VP at mobile entertainment content publisher, Gumi Inc. and a General Partner at Gumi Cryptos, a US $30M venture fund focused on early stage blockchain startups with a passion for blockchain.

– Irina Berkon, Managing Director Golden Seeds. Investor in women led/women founded companies through the 5th largest angel investment network in the US.

– Hisham Jazzar, Partner, Rising Tide VC. He leads the firm’s Blockchain investing practice and looks for opportunities with massive enabling-technology.

Moderator: Katharina Theobald, is a management consultant focused on digital transformation at Propeller. It is a consulting firm with offices in Portland and San Francisco, helping companies solve complex problems.

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14º Congreso jurídico de la Abogacía Icamálaga. #14AbogacíaMLG
Francisco Rosales, notario especializado en TIC intervino en la Sección de Derecho Digital para hablarnos de la tecnología blockchain y su aplicación en el sector legal.

Lefebvre – El Derecho es la editorial líder en España en información jurídica y práctica para el abogado, la empresa y sus asesores. Una empresa con la misión de ser reconocida como el lugar innovador donde se reúnen todos conocimientos y recursos para ayudar a los profesionales del sector al alcanzar el éxito.

Full BitBoy Crypto interview from the Tron Event in San Fransisco!

In this video we ask Ben his thoughts on Tron [TRX], why Justin Sun canceled, and talk to him on his favorite altcoins!

BitBoy was an awesome guest. Thanks Ben!

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