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🛑 Upcoming Cardano hard fork to introduce ‘token locking’ ahead of Goguen. Ripple Planning Aggressive Expansion of XRP Remittance Platform 👉🏾👉🏾Click “SHOW MORE” for Additional Info. & Disclosures 👈🏾👈🏾 in 2021. Swiss Wholesale CBDC Trial [More]
What is a Fork and why it’s so important for investors – A fork in the Crypto world is something totally different from what we know and in this video, I explain with a simple [More]
#trustswap #qtum #electroneumnews QTUM Hardfork & Offline Staking Launch | TrustSwap Launchpad Announcement | TrustSwap Price Analysis | Build Your Own Payments & Incentives Using Elrond Assets via Fuse Network | BTC Special Event 50% [More]
In this video I break down what is a “fork” in the cryptocurrency industry as well as explain the importance of forks, why they happen, and the influence on the market they can have moving [More]
Bitcoin is halving, Ripple XRP is being dumped, Ravencoin is hardforking to a new GPU mining algorithm, and Ethereum Staking is soon?! Subscribe to VoskCoin to stay up to date w/ crypto! – GPU [More]
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#Bitcoin rejected by the 200DMA! Insanely accurate price calls, best strategy for altcoins, possible BTC soft fork in 2020, XRP lawsuit, AMLD5 crushing crypto, more YouTube scams, crypto news, and more! 🤖 $BTC & Altcoins [More]
#Mining #Ethereum #Cryptocurrency Welcome to the 8th episode of CMDL , January 02 2020 Bomb delays We go over talk a little about the difficulty of Ethereum , Bitcoin, Monero & LiteCoins difficulty for mining. [More]
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Kevin Gasper asks “Will a bug in a DeFi project be more likely to cause a fork?” Here’s my response! 🧠 FREE CRASH COURSE – Learn to securely buy, store and sell cryptocurrencies: 🧠 [More]
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XRP dumps: Not necessarily the main factor behind the token’s performance, but one that has enraged some investors The situation started to escalate in early August, when Crypto Bitlord penned the petition. “The only [More]
ETHEREUM FORK WITH MASTERNODE – INTERVIEW WITH CEO PART 1 OF 2 I interview Scott Morrison, CEO of This is a fork of Ethereum that has masternodes, faster transactions and greater scalability. SUBSCRIBE HERE [More]
Ethereum is going through a major hard fork upgrade today. If you are a crypto investor, here is what you need to know, without the fluff. Coupon for 50% off my online crypto investing courses [More]
Major Ethereum Hard Fork (What Crypto Investors Need To Know) //Major Ethereum Hard Fork (What Crypto Investors Need To Know), at home jobs that pay well, best work-at-home jobs, easy ways to make money from [More]
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Für mehr Analysen, Nachrichten und Tipps zum Krypto Investieren, hier abonnieren: ——————————— In der heutigen Folge sprechen wir über: – Die Partnerschaft zwischen Tron (TRX) und BitTorrent, nach dem Kauf im letzten Sommer – [More] Bitcoin’s Next Move Bitcoin Cash BCH Fork Chainlink BTC Technical Analysis //what is bitcoin, psychic vision, earn bitcoin, anton petrov, cryptofarmer tagalog, is buying bitcoin now good, bitcoin recover, bitcoin etf, btc 2018, bitcoins [More]
Thanks so much for watching. I appreciate all of your support! Please like and subscribe for more content 🙂 Bankers Say Cryptocurrencies Don’t Risk Global Financial Stability Ripple Powers New Instant Cross-Border Remittance Service [More]
ETHEREUM HARD FORK 2019 BITCOIN PRICE UPDATES { HINDI } What will be the next position or bitcoin price? will bitcoin price will pump or dump? what is a ethereum hard fork ? In this [More]
Ethereum tendra su Hard Fork ‘Constantinople’ en Enero 2019 Los core developers de #Ethereum acordaron lanzar el tan esperado hard fork Constantinople. La fecha estimada será cerca del 14 de Enero de 2019. El principal [More]