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We are using blockchain technology, and checked our contract in independent smart contract audit company. Funds of our users are protected from any access, for example, no company, person or anyone else can have access to funds on our platform. Earn +320 % of your investment TRX!
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🏦 Earn up +320% of your deposit !
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⚒ How to start earning ?
1) Install extension for your web-browser TRON TronLink / TronMask or you can use mobile wallets like TronWallet / Klever / Banko / Tronlink Pro.
2) Invest your amount
3) Wait for your earnings (Realtime)
4) Cashout any time

💰 Investment Conditions
Daily profit can be withdrawn in the following 4 principles on the panel :

1️⃣ Base profit : 1% daily (earnings in real-time)

2️⃣ Incentive Bonus : +1%
If an investor can absorb referral users with deposits total 50,000 TRX , so you can have 1% extra from Incentive bonus.
It doesn’t reset anyway.
1,000 – 5,000 = 0.05%
5,000 – 10,000 = 0.10%
10,000 – 20,000 = 0.50%
20,000 – 50,000 = 0.75%
50,000+ = 1.00%

3️⃣ Active User Bonus :
per 100 person who make deposit on platform no matter by your link or directly , then you will get 0.04% . It means per 1000 active participants have 0.4% extra bonus for you.
(Max : 4%)

📌 Key point : If before reaching 320% withdraw , you will never get the attractive bonus ! But if you withdraw after reaching 320% , the Active User’s Bonus doesn’t reset and you will keep it.

4️⃣ Hold Bonus : Per 10 days without withdrawal you will get Hold Bonus 0.5% .
(Max : 2%)

📌 Key point : With your withdrawal , even after 320% the Hold Bonus be reseted.

🆒 Maximum Daily Profit : 8%

⤴️ Min deposit : 100 TRX

⤵️ Max deposit : 1,000,000 TRX

📌 Total Import Deposits can be unlimited by different wallets. Only per wallet can make deposit maximum 1,000,000 TRX.

✅ Withdraw your daily profit anytime of course as defined conditions.

⚖️🐳 Anti-Whale rule on Profit’s Withdrawal :

📌 Per Investor can withdraws his profit once a day.
📌 It is necessary per investor gets one referral by his link to invests on platform , otherwise he can not withdraw.
📌 Users who made deposit more than 250,000 TRX can withdraw only 50,000 TRX on per 24 hours. It is natural If they have more money on panel , the rest of profit be returned on his panel and he can withdraw after passing 24 hours.
📌 Users who made deposit more than 500,000 TRX can withdraw only 100,000 TRX on per 24 hours. So if they have higher amount on panel for withdrawal , the rest of it be returned on panel and he can withdraws after passing 24 hours.

👥 Affiliate Program
(Total 8%)

Level 1 – 5%
Level 2 – 2%
Level 3 – 0.5%
Level 4 – 0.5%

💡 Withdrawal button for referral reward is seperate and does not affect your profitibility.

⚖️🐳 Anti-Whale’s rule for Withdrawal of Referral’s reward :

Per leader could withdraws maximum 50,000 TRX on per 48 hours. It means if the Rewards be higher than 50,000 TRX , the rest of amount will be returned on panel and he have ability to withdraw after 48 hours again.

🧮 Funds Distribution

– 80% Main Balance to pay investors’s profit
– 8% Referral Program
– 8% Marketing fee
– 3% Service fee
– 1% Best Leaders’ Pool

🙎‍♂️🙍‍♀️ Best Leaders’ Pool
From each investment on contract 1% goes to referral pool. When referral pool reach 100,000 TRX , prizes are sent out to top 10 referrals from the pool.

1st place – 30%
2nd place – 20%
3rd place – 15%
4th place – 8%
5th place – 7%
6th place – 6%
7th place – 5%
8th place – 4%
9th place – 3%
10th place – 2%


✅ Audit
Audit passed in SmartAudit & DefiAudits

🎥 Audit Video

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🇺🇸: https://t.me/tronapex
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Today we gather our thoughts regarding the bitcoin price and if we are going to continue going up from here or if we will reach the second target at about $12,000.
We also got coinbase launching a debit card, andre cronjes enw project k3pr going up by 2,000% and much more!


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With the 2020 Presidential election around the corner, there is bound to be some restlessness in the markets. But, with other factors like a damaged economy, record breaking migration and continued sickness cause a tipping point for the US stock market and crypto?

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On September 11, the head of the Seocho regional government proposed a blockchain-powered voting platform for residents, and praised the recent influx of crypto-related developments across the country. According to UpDown Korea, Cho Eun-hee, who is the local government leader of one of Seoul’s most affluent districts, believes that it is the “right time” to start using blockchain technology, “so any citizen can easily propose their opinions.”The official from Seocho called on the country to take on a greater role in our “rapidly changing modern society” in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, referring to recent decentralized innovations as the “fourth industrial revolution.”If his proposal becomes a reality, it would be the first blockchain platform in the country that would allow citizens to decide on local political affairs. Cho also stated that blockchain technology is the most “suitable for upgrading democracy”:”In the future, we plan to realize a direct democracy that everyone can trust by actively introducing blockchain to prevent security and forgery, and to this end, various businesses such as a blockchain academy that combines blockchain and administration, and smart senior business will be implemented.”The government official believes that the district’s efforts could be “the foundation of a nationwide” blockchain adoption in the country, and that such a platform could allow citizens to engage in secure political discourse. Back in April, the Vice Minister of Strategy and Finance, Koo Jun-cheol, said that the blockchain market represents a “golden opportunity” for the country. He also called on private sector companies throughout South Korea to exploit this potential.

All data is taken from the source: https://cointelegraph.com/
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Lion’s Share Ethereum Smart Contract First Look At Website & Smart Contract On Etherscan Blockchain


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Bank of America has JUST updated their bitcoin and cryptocurrency policy for July 2020! Plus, what are the risks of DeFi Ethereum lending according to Andreas Antonopoulos? Be sure not to miss anything, hit the bell and have the best cryptocurrency news in the US every day!

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How to stake Cosmos (ATOM) using Ledger Live: a step-by-step guide

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00:00 Video Intro 👍
00:18 Bank of America Bitcoin UPDATE
02:18 What are the risks of DeFi Lending?
05:58 TikTok Bitcoin Warning
06:58 Zimbabwe BLOCKS All Mobile Money
08:47 Cardano Adoption
09:31 Cosmos (ATOM) Staking
10:07 Final Thoughts

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Phil Li from Obsidian Labs presenting Launch your first blockchain in 5 minutes using Substrate IDE.

Recorded at Sub0 Online on April 28th, 2020

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A crypto analyst who warned traders about last year’s large Bitcoin (BTC) correction says he believes a similar scenario is about to play out.

With the Bitcoin price currently trading around $9,200 since peaking at $9,903 over the past seven days, the technical trader, known in the industry as Dave the Wave, says he believes that after failing to beat resistance at $10,000, BTC is now “back on track” to fall to $6,300.

Dave’s latest chart shows the BTC price falling next month to the low $6,000s.

In the long run, the trader is extremely bullish on Bitcoin.

He says BTC is steadily approaching the end of a symmetrical triangle dating back to late 2017.

A quick survey sent to his 29,000 followers on Twitter shows most respondents agree that BTC is not yet ready to break out.

Although he’s predicting pain in the short term, Dave is one of the most bullish analysts when it comes to Bitcoin’s path in the years ahead.

He predicts BTC will break through the strong line of resistance early next year and begin a long-term parabolic rally that will bring the leading cryptocurrency to $150,000 in 2023.

Dave made a name for himself in crypto circles after correctly calling the beginning of Bitcoin’s 2019 correction.

He told traders to brace for Bitcoin to drop to about $6,000 before the end of 2019. The forecast ended up being on the mark, with BTC hitting a low of about $6,400 in December.

In other trending Bitcoin News today:


Multinational investment bank Goldman Sachs will be hosting a Bitcoin call on May 27th for its clients.

The news was revealed Friday by The Block’s Mike Dudas, who shared the image below of an invitation to a call for May 27th entitled “Implications of Current Policies for Inflation, Gold, and Bitcoin.”

The call hasn’t even happened and some have postulated what this indicates and what could transpire in the wake of this call.

Although the Goldman Sachs call has yet to transpire and it’s unclear what exactly the firm will say about Bitcoin, many in the space have taken the news as a positive sign.

A commentator on institutional trends in the cryptocurrency space said that the existence of this call confirms there is true client demand for BTC.

“The fact that BTC is included tells you they are seeing substantial client interest.”

That’s not to say Goldman Sachs will be bullish on Bitcoin when the call comes around, though.

Sharmin Mosszvar-Rahmani, a Chief Investment Officer of the Investment Strategy Group at Goldman Sachs, has previously expressed bearish opinions about the efficacy of Bitcoin as an investment.

She wrote in a report published in 2018 that she believes cryptocurrencies “do not fulfill any of the three traditional roles of a currency,” before adding:

“Our view that cryptocurrencies would not retain value in their current incarnation remains intact and, in fact, has been borne out much sooner than we expected.”

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Show Notes / News Resources:
– https://bitcoinist.com/goldman-sachs-is-inviting-clients-to-a-bitcoin-call-heres-why-thats-so-important/
– https://dailyhodl.com/2020/05/22/top-crypto-strategist-calls-150000-bitcoin-btc-bull-run-warns-3000-pullback-coming-first/
– https://twitter.com/MacroScope17/status/1264026767255355393
– https://twitter.com/davthewave/status/1263213239111839749

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT financial advice. The views and opinions expressed in this video are just opinions, nothing more. Trading is very risky and so is investing into Cryptocurrency. Seek financial advice from a professional and trade at your own risk because I am not responsible for any investment decisions that you choose to make.

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URL https://www.etoro.com/en-US/
12:14 How Much Money Will I Make Copytrading On Etoro?
Social Trading Vlog

Etoro – Why do 76% Lose Money? (February 2019 Statistic)
Social Trading Vlog
Is Etoro A Scam? Will They Steal My Money?
Using the Virtual Practice Account on Etoro
Copy a Trader In The Virtual Practice Account on Etoro
Etoro Minimum Trade Sizes – The Risks
What Can You Trade on Etoro?
How To Copy A Trader On Etoro 1
Should I “Copy Open Trades” on Etoro? (Copy Trading)
Etoro – Taking Profits From Copytrading
Etoro Copy Trading Profits – Additional Info (I missed something)
Take Profit And Stop Loss
Copy Trading Fees on Etoro
Spread Fees – What Are They? The Cost of Etoro.
Overnight Fees + My Life as a Panic-Selling Over-leveraged Noob
Etoro Withdrawal Fees Update (And Minimum Amount)
How To Add / Remove Funds From A Copy-Trade on Etoro
How to Increase Stop Loss Beyond 100% on Etoro
Understanding “Traderspeak” – Support, Resistance & Consolidation
Copyfunds – Investing on Etoro
Social Trading Networks – How Do They Make Their Money?
Etoro New Feature – Research Button /Analysts’ recommendations
Problem with Etoro Editor’s Choice – Diversification in Trading
Orders VS Trades On Etoro
Orders On Etoro For Beginners Continued – Social Trading Basics
Copy Trading – Copy ‘Pending Close’ on Etoro – Why is this happening?
Etoro – ‘Take Profit’ – Can I Change or Disable it?
‘Short’ Selling on Etoro – Make Money as The Price Falls
Etoro – When Do The Markets Open? (Exchange trading opening hours)
Social Trading Vlog
CFDs or Real Stocks on Etoro?
Etoro – Comparing Traders to Copy – Watchlist Charts
Read More
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This model of a triangle lock was the first letterlocking video ever made. A triangle-shaped lock is cut off from the same substrate as the letter it is locking, often from one corner. It is then passed through slits made in the folded letterpacket. The lock secures the packet shut and must be torn to open the letter; this builds a high level of security into the letter since the lock functions as a kind of tamper-evidence.

Many examples of the triangle lock survive in the Vatican Apostolic Archive collections, where members of the Unlocking History research team (UH) discovered letterlocking in 2000. This method is one of five letterlocking category variations used by Tomaso di Levrieri in the 1580s and 1590s (Vatican Apostolic Archive, Fondo Veneto II, Sezione II, Container 670). The triangle lock employs more steps to secure the letter shut than the other methods employed by di Levrieri. Why would one person use so many letterlocking techniques? We think the answer lies in their different degrees of built-in security.

Letterlocking refers to the act of folding and securing an epistolary writing substrate (such as papyrus, parchment, or paper) to function as its own envelope or sending device. Letterlocking is a subcategory of a 10,000-year document security tradition, ranging from Mesopotamian clay bullae (8,000 BCE) to Bitcoin paper wallets (2009). Letterlocking also refers to the discipline which studies the technologies and traditions of epistolary security and privacy.

This video – first shown during a conference paper entitled, “Assessment, treatment, and study in the Conservation Laboratory of the Vatican Apostolic Archive,” delivered in 2005 at the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC), Book and Paper Group Session – demonstrates how slits and folds are an important part of the history of the letter. It helps advocate for conserving intentional manipulations made to letters, which are often subsequently stored flat in collections around the world. Locked letters are just one of some 250 legal and accounting documents and handbound books in the Fondo Veneto, Sezione II, Vatican Apostolic Archive and were used to store information from the tenth to seventeenth centuries. Like letterlocking, these testify to the ways people engineered documents to ensure the security of their communications. Videos on the Letterlocking channel show how other legal and accounting archival letters and bindings from the Fondo Veneto Sezione II function, including the “filza,” letters stored in textile bags, “gathered and tied” bindings, and more.

Produced, directed, and demonstrated by Jana Dambrogio. Special thanks to Dr Enrico Flaiani, the Most Reverend Monsignor Sergio Pagano, B. Pagano, the Vatican Apostolic Archive staff, and the Samuel H. Kress Foundation. Thanks are also due to the Kittredge Foundation, the American Academy in Rome, and conservators Lisa Hall Isbell and Michelle Facini who helped to film this video. Funded by Dambrogio and MIT Libraries.

Citation information: Author: Jana Dambrogio. Title: “The first letterlocking video (2005): the triangle paper lock, Italy (1580s),” Letterlocking Instructional Videos. Unlocking History number 0001/Letterlocking Unique Video number: 0001. Date filmed: June 2005. Duration: 0:40. Date posted: August 2015. Video URL: [insert URL]. Date accessed: [insert date].

Copyright 2016. Jana Dambrogio, Daniel Starza Smith, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). All rights reserved. The following copyrighted material is made available under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0) License https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0/. Contact the MIT Technology Licensing Office for any other licensing inquiries.

To find out more about letterlocking, visit http://letterlocking.org and follow us on social media @letterlocking.

NB: Letterlock responsibly. Be mindful of open flames or hot tools.

Vimeo URL: https://vimeo.com/letterlocking/trianglelock0

JP Morgan chase signed two cryptocurrency exchanges as clients. Stable coins break $10B market cap. And Bitcoin price rising slowly. Top crypto news every day.

Article 1 – Bitcoin’s Price Is Rising Despite a Dull Halving

Article 2 – Stablecoin Supply Breaks $10B as Traders Demand Dollars Over Bitcoin

Article 3 – JPMorgan Bank Takes on Coinbase, Gemini as Its First Crypto Exchange Customers

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An overview of DAOZedXe – world’s first blockchain-based crypto-friendly crowdfunding platform (Hindi Version)
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HDX is a cryptocurrency exchange which has come up with groundbreaking solutions and offers never before seen or heard. We have prioritized profit distribution to a level which no other exchange has ever done. Our bonus schemes and offers will give a life-time benefits to our investors. All our ICO investors will get 40% of the future exchange revenue and we are providing Peer-to-Peer transaction architecture which brings the trading commission fee to 0%. In addition to that, we have five different cryptocurrencies for you to choose from which are Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin. We firmly believe that we can expand ourselves only when people associated with us grow. We have ensured that our schemes multiply the benefits among the investors and token holders manifold. We are very enthusiastic to announce the launch of our ICO which is scheduled to go in five different phases, starting from April 20th 2018 till May 30th 2018. Here are the benefits that we are doling out to our investors and token holders.
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Welcome to Dash Insights, a show that shines the spotlight on professional market analysis from industry experts and respected leaders in finance and cryptocurrency.

On today’s episode I speak with Martin Schmidt who is a founding partner for Postera Capital to learn more about Europe’s first regulated crypto fund.

Postera Capital is a professional advisory firm based in Düsseldorf, Germany, that focuses on investment opportunities in blockchain and crypto assets. Their investment services support professional investors to gain access to the new and dynamic asset class of crypto assets. Postera Capital is the promoter of the first EU-regulated investment fund that invests in crypto assets.

Question Timestamps:
01:09 What crypto assets does the Postera Crypto Fund hold?
01:53 What is the Crypto Fund investment strategy?
03:43 How does the Crypto Fund manage market volatility?
05:43 What are the tax benefits for professional investors?
07:16 How is the investment fund able to invest in crypto assets?
09:26 Is central bank monetary stimulus bullish for crypto?
11:10 Why is traditional finance important for cryptocurrency?

I hope you have enjoyed the interview today with Martin Schmidt from Postera Capital. For more market insights and analysis from leading industry professionals in finance and cryptocurrency, make sure you subscribe and click the notification bell to be alerted about future video content.

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Creating and sending beautiful invoices is easy with Xero. Here’s how.

First enter who the invoice is to. As you type, Xero will autosuggest from your list of contacts. If that name is not already in your contact list, Xero will automatically create a new contact record.

Choose the due date – this the date by which you would like to be paid. This can be the same day as the invoice date if your terms are payment due on receipt.

You can change the invoice number if you need and also include an additional reference like an order number.

Select if you would like the amounts you enter to be tax inclusive or exclusive.

Add the description you want displayed on the invoice. Complete the quantity, unit price, a discount if applicable, and categorize it to the correct account. You can also change the default tax rate if needed

The amount field will be calculated automatically from the quantity and unit price.

You can choose to set up frequently invoiced items to make invoicing even faster. Simply select the item and add the quantity.

Add additional lines as you need them, even description only lines if you want to include a message to your customer.

When you are done, simply Approve or you can save the invoice as a draft if you want to continue working on it later.

Once approved, email your customer a message and a link to view their invoice online. If you have added a payment service like Stripe or Paypal, a pay now button will appear on the invoice so your customer can pay straight away.

For more information on invoicing in Xero – including setting up repeating invoices, payment services, items and tracking categories – please visit our help centre.

Big news for #Bitcoin as millions of new investors gain exposure to $BTC via ErisX exchange! Analysts warn a re-test of lows still possible, $1.1 billion worth of #BTC moved for less than $0.70, Square offers stimulus via cash app, crypto news, and more!

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Intro Credit: https://www.reddit.com/r/cryptocurrencymemes/

2:05 Markets & Analysis 〽️ https://twitter.com/CryptoCapo_/status/1248142885956063232
8:44 $1.1B BTC moved! https://www.blockchain.com/btc/tx/b36bced99cc459506ad2b3af6990920b12f6dc84f9c7ed0dd2c3703f94a4b692
9:51 Big news for BTC: https://dailyhodl.com/2020/04/10/8-trillion-asset-giant-fidelity-expanding-bitcoin-btc-and-crypto-trading/
11:59 Square stimulus: https://www.theblockcrypto.com/linked/61590/square-coronavirus-stimulus-cash-app

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NULS | The “Wordpress” of Blockchain? COO Isaac Kim Explains with Updates $NULS

Watch this video again because it’s awesome:

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The volume of cryptocurrency flows coming on darknet markets have doubled for the first time in four years, a new study says.

In part of its 2020 Crypto Crime Report published on Jan. 28, Chainalysis — a New York-based blockchain analytics firm — found that darknet markets have significantly increased their share of total incoming crypto transactions in 2019, doubling from 0.04% in 2018 to 0.08%. Crypto on darknets is resilient to scrutiny by law enforcement
According to the study, total market sales in crypto grew 70% in 2019 to account for more than $790 million worth of cryptocurrency after seeing a small decline in 2018. This was the first time when sales surpassed $600 million, Chainalysis says.

This is not financial advice, i’m not a financial advisor. these markets are extremely volatile, please do your own research, and trade responsibly.

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In today’s video, we discuss what will need to happen in the Bitcoin market in order for Bitcoin to start a new bull market. We discuss levels of support, patterns, and moving averages. Many of us are tired of Bitcoin not returning to all time high already, so what’s preventing it? We discuss what Bitcoin needs to do in order to return to all time high, as well as more in today’s video.

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I am not a financial adviser, this is not financial advice. I strongly encourage all to do their own research before doing anything with their money. All investments/trades/buys/sells etc. should be made at your own risk with your own capital.

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Bitcoin has just repeated itself for the first time since December 2018, which was just prior to the 5x gains bitcoin had in 2018. What could this pattern repetition mean for bitcoin in 2020? In today’s video, I am going to share with you this bitcoin pattern repetition and look at two scenarios for what this could mean for bitcoin. Join me…

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The information contained herein is for informational purposes only. Nothing herein shall be construed to be financial, legal, or tax advice. The content of this video is solely the opinions of the speaker who is not a licensed financial advisor or registered investment advisor. In limited circumstances the speaker has been compensated by a third party. Purchasing cryptocurrencies poses considerable risk of loss. The speaker does not guarantee any particular outcome. Past performance does not indicate future results. This is not an offer to sell securities. Never invest more than you can afford to lose. You should consult with your professional advisors before purchasing any cryptocurrencies.

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Find out how Germany’s exchanges run on Ripple
nehttps://www.finextra.com/newsarticle/31784/germanys-solarisbank-wins-big-bank-backing-for-eur566-million-fund-raisew bank backed crypto

Is there a huge gap between traditional financial markets and cryptoassets market? Is it possible to build a bridge between them? Ivan Gowan, CEO of Currency.com (https://www.linkedin.com/in/ivan-gowa…), first regulated cryptoexchange in the world, definitely knows the answer. He will be talking about these issues at Blockchain Leadership Summit, Nov 19-21, hosted by InnMind team. It`s still not late – don`t miss the chance to meet him in Barcelona next couple of days!

Publicly traded Bitcoin fund Grayscale Bitcoin Trust whose ticker symbol is GBTC filed Form ten with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, attempting to become the first crypto fund to report to regulators.


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