In this video we are going to detail discuss about Elontech Token. The first Tech valley crypto Token. Aims to reach $1 in December 2021. watch Video Earn Profit Free Tron Mining referral link: Channel [More]
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It is inevitable that #digital asset #investments and #crypto #currency ads in particular will face greater scrutiny and tighter regulation authority
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Jane King interviews Medha Parlikar, Chief Technology Officer, Casper Labs. CasperLabs lowers the barrier to entry for blockchain adoption by providing professional services and support for businesses building on the Casper Network. Segment from [More]
Welcome back boys to UP NEXT CRYPTO! TODAY DANNY BRINGS TO YOU ELONTECH!!! he ETCH token is the foundation of Tech Valley. It will be the default currency used to develop, build, buy, and sell [More]
Welcome back to another video. In this video I am doing a review & analysis on this new cryptocurrency called ELONTECH! Let me know your take on this crypto! Elontech Website – Pancakeswap error [More]
The Synapse Network is a fully functional solution aimed to bridge the gap between investors and brilliant projects. Harnessing the full power of decentralized assets and cross chain technology, the Synapse ecosystem will let everyone [More]
Brazilian crypto exchange Mercado has obtained 200 million USD in Series B investment from SoftBank. This marks one of the most significant funding rounds in the nation’s history. The cryptocurrency exchange announced on Thursday that [More]
Join me as I walkthrough the first ever Crypto Valley Job Fair in Decentraland. It’s a great way to check out what companies are looking for in this amazingly creative Metaverse:) Thanks for watching and [More]
The Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) is aiming to be first in line when financial regulators give the green light for crypto asset trading in the country. On Friday, July 2, CNN reported that PSE president [More]
Crypto markets remain steady amid bullish news suggesting greater global infrastructure expansion and crypto adoption. Hosts of “First Mover” explore the potential reasoning behind little market activity. #cryptocurrency #digitalfinance #finance #bitcoin #crypto Subscribe to CoinDesk [More] Tweets by ETCHToken #ElonTech (#ETCH) is born to reach $1. This is the only coin that is pumping in the dumping market. Buy it early before it’s too late. The team [More]
Grand Launching of the First Filipino Blockchain Technology.
Shoaib Akhtar has launched Pakistan’s First Crypto Exchange. He Also announced First Cricket NFT.
El Salvador is officially the first country to adopt bitcoin as legal tender, and the price of bitcoin is bouncing from its two-week low. Osprey Funds Founder and CEO Greg King considers the potential factors [More]
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In this video I discuss ripple and xrp amazing growth with sales in Q1. Even with the lawsuit FUD and not being relisted XRP on exchanges, the sales have been tremendous. What do you think [More]
Episode 2 of The Cryptocast Features Abdul Alim, CEO,, Pakistan’s first #Cryptocurrency exchange In this interview, Abdul talks about his background and vision for the company and the future of finance in Pakistan. He [More]
#bitcoin #environment #gold #Thirdlaw #Thermodynamics Welcome to Kimavi Videos (Portrait Mode). #bitcoin #environment #gold #Thirdlaw #Thermodynamics Is Bitcoin environmentally friendly? Will it ever replace GOLD? Why First law of thermodynamics matters? Well Kathy Woods has [More]
#bitcoin #environment #gold #Thirdlaw #Thermodynamics Welcome to Kimavi Videos (Landscape Mode). #bitcoin #environment #gold #Thirdlaw #Thermodynamics Is Bitcoin environmentally friendly? Will it ever replace GOLD? Why First law of thermodynamics matters? Well Kathy Woods has [More]
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I really wanted to go through the minting process of uploading a piece of digital art to the Ethereum blockchain and document the tips and tricks of successfully going through the process. It turned out [More]
WBT ~ Top20 crypto index token( ERC20) with smart contract on Etherum blockchain. Blockchain technology manages our values ​​and data in a transparent, secure and fair manner.  Here, in this fast-growing industry, BLOCKCHAIN CAPITAL Ltd. [More]
The Rise Of Bitcoin Continued Today With The Cost Of A Single Unit Rising Above $50,000 For The First Time. The Same Bitcoin Just One Year Ago Would Have Cost You $10,000. In Addition The [More]
Cryptocurrency Bitcoin soared to a record high, nearly topping the $50 thousand dollar mark. What’s making the famous cryptocurrency grow? AIER’s Editorial Director Jeffrey A. Tucker and Ben Swann joined Brent Jabbour from Boom Bust [More]
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Singapore’s largest bank is launching the world’s first cryptocurrency exchange backed by a traditional bank. DBS said it could start trading as early as next week. The digital exchange aims to be a one-stop shop [More]
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