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Asif Faruque of Finextra interviews iGTB’s Jan Gonissen on Faster Payments, at the EBA Day 2015, in Amsterdam. For the second year in a row, iGTB sponsored the ‘MindCloud’ at the event, to overwhelming response [More]
Paul Stoddart, managing director, strategy, products, marketing and business development at VocaLink looks at what the opening up of access to Faster Payments in the UK will mean for the industry. Originally published on [More]
Craig Saks, Group President, Strategic Products, ACI Worldwide and Paul Stoddart, Managing Director, Strategy, Products, Marketing & Business Development, VocaLink, discuss the faster payments space, and how the industry needs to respond to any challenges [More]
Sean Rodriguez, Senior Vice President, Faster Payments Strategy Leader, Federal Reserve System, summarises the US faster payments landscape, and what needs to be done to create a united faster payments solution. For all your fintech-related [More]
Abdeslam Alaoui, Managing Director, HPS Solutions, talks at the HPS PowerCard Users Meeting 2017 in Marrakesh about its key themes, including the reduced need for intermediation in payments, the opportunities and challenges created by innovation [More]
Mike Banyard, Head of Development for Faster Payments Scheme explains how consumers and businesses are raising their expectations about being able to move their money, and faster payment schemes are also making it easier for [More]