Bitcoin Will Out-Perform Gold Through The Financial Crisis (Cryptocurrency News)
Cointelegraph is telling us how bitcoin will supersede gold prices and rise over this fractal move based on charts.
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A quick morning update on both traditional and crypto markets. Provided daily.
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Markets are taking a step back. While the presidential transition seems to be clearer, now, disappointing economic data (notably a jump in jobless claims) along with the ever-growing cases of coronavirus globally had investors pause.

The Dow retreated below 30,000, the S&P and Nasdaq closed flat, treasuries remained muted. Gold is still constrained at $1,810. The dollar index edged down.

In the crypto space, while we didn’t stay flat, the picture is a bit blurry and definitely has a risk-off feel. BTC rose to multi-year highs on the session, touching $19,485, only to retrace and close down, currently at $18,700 (-2.4%).

ETH, typically more volatile, followed the session down to close at $566 (down 6.45%). LINK dropped about 9.5%. LTC fell about 8.75%. DOT closed down 7.8%. I’ll let you look at other individual coins but the result doesn’t vary much -we walked back on some of the gains, exception made for XLM, though, closing flat after wild swings.

Personally, I remain very positive about alts. They’ve been underperforming in the last two sessions but the massive volatility lately and the outperformance relative to BTC over the weekend suggests one thing: altcoins ended their hibernation period, stepped out of their cave and are ready for an adventure -with the exciting opportunities but also risks that it entails.

Away from pure price action, there are plenty of things to be aware of.

While everyone is enthused by the all-time high level of open interest on BTC futures, it’s also worth noting that large options expiry join the growing interest in derivatives. This Friday, we’ll see about $1 billion worth of options expire on Deribit alone. Watch out for any ensuing volatility.

A bit of news that blipped on my radar was the VanEck announcement of their BTC ETN on the German stock exchange. It’s the result of a growing rumour and repeated efforts by german companies and regulators to accommodate crypto operations on a regulated venue; it sends a clear sign to markets and looks very positive as this physically-backed product will allow an even greater number of people to pour in.

Also, as a last bit of data, did you check out the miner’s unspent supply of BTC? Those guys aren’t selling yet and are keeping their precious coins. Of course, watch out for the deluge if and when they decide to dump everything on markets.

A quick morning update on both traditional and crypto markets. Provided daily.
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Risk on. This is how markets feel today. We’ll talk about crypto soon but already in the traditional space you can see important moves. With the Trump administration going back on the attacks against the election process, markets were bolstered by what seems to predict a more peaceful transition. President Trump still hasn’t conceded, though. It’s also worth noting that covid cases keep on having a serious impact, both in the US and globally; it’s just that there’s not much else to do with the cash on hand.

The Dow reached an iconic (and all-time high) of $30,000. The Russell 2000 rose 2%. The S&P rose over 1.5%, closing at $3,635. Treasuries were sold off, pushing the 10-year yield at around 0.88%. Gold unfortunately did not benefit, falling yet another 1.5%, continuing its descent, now at $1,805.

Crypto did benefit, though. BTC rose almost 6% intraday, closing 4% on the session, currently at $19,130 (that’s less than 5% away from 20K, to put things in context). At this point, it seems like it will have to retest all-time highs. The trend started early October and leading to today is impressive, steady, and strong. Naturally, as I like to be contrarian, I’m also wary of the reversal of enthusiasm, especially when a lot of the on-exchange transactions are as leveraged as today.

By the way, did you see the that volume on Bitcoin Futures (across all exchanges), reached an all time high, well above $500 Bn?

Alts are partying like it’s… 2017? Not to say that the last session was great, they actually underperformed relative to BTC but the moves we’ve seen recently along with the general enthusiasm spreading across social media suggests we’re not done yet. There’s plenty of room to get to anything close to all-time highs and plenty of powerful moves going on.

ETH is closing essentially flat but so holding on to $605 -a few days ago people were asking whether it could break through $480. Did you see what’s not staying flat? XLM pumped a whole 45% on the session, absolutely massive.. ADA is up 7% on the session, following a torrid ramp up in the past five days. BNB is also making a come-back, back above $33, inches away from ATH. DASH, BCH, XRP just closed off some deep green candle. LTC and LINK followed ETH and are closing flat.

On more fundamental news, it was great to see Pendal Group, a large fund in Australia, allocate some of their AUM to Bitcoin. Everyday it seems, someone from the traditional space opens up to crypto; eventually that snowball will roll to be big, I suspect.

In this episode of Crypto Investors, we chat with Jake Brukhman, Founder at CoinFund. Jake is heavily involved in the NFT space – investing in NFT companies as well as creating and collecting digital art. We talk about various things related to NFTs like current and future use-cases, financial products for NFTs like NFT loans, fractionalization etc. We also touched upon the learnings from the DeFi summer and where are things headed in the future.

00:00 Introduction
00:26 Jake’s background and how he started CoinFund
02:12 How did Jake fall down into NFT rabbit hole
04:56 NFT sector segments – Issuers, Issuance Platform, Marketplaces, Financial Services
08:05 NFT Financial Services – Liquidity, Loans, Fractionalization
13:01 Deeper Dive into NFT Fractionalization
15:53 How to Make NFTs more useable – L2, meta-transactions, better key management
21:17 Mainstream adoption of NFTs – Democratization of supporting artists
25:53 Secondary markets and revenue sharing in NFTs
28:52 Art auctions houses getting into NFTs
32:48 Suggestions for retail investors looking to invest in NFTs
36:45 Other crypto areas coinfund is looking at – oracles via API3,
43:13 Learnings from DeFi Summer
49:17 Closing Thoughts

CoinFund Website :
Jake’s Twitter :
Jake’s Personal Website :

A quick morning update on both traditional and crypto markets. Provided daily.

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Traditional markets ironically rebounded yesterday on the session, on reports that the economic recovery would be slow. That means investors’ favourite tech stocks -benefitting from the troubled economic situation rose.

The S&P rose almost 1%, the Nasdaq is up 2%. Away from equities, treasuries stayed flat and the 10-year yield remains inches away from 1%. The dollar rose slightly, leaving gold under pressure -it seems, currently at $1,865.

Just like equities, cryptocurrencies are up. Personally I suspect the move isn’t dictated by the global risk-on sentiment. BTC had an intraday high of $15,965 and retraced some of the gain to close the session at $15,720.

The thing is: there really isn’t any bad news to trigger sellers. This past months and definitely these past weeks have seen a flood of positive headlines from big investors opening up to BTC or allocating more capital, to large companies waking up to the opportunity or imminent threat. The macroeconomic picture is supportive of course; equities are addicted to stimulus and when the economy improves it actually threatens the support they get from central banks. Either way, BTC wins as a value safe-haven.

Altcoins seem to be uplifted (literally) by the enthusiasm seen in BTC. I suspect that, as long as BTC doesn’t fly away, investors are evaluating and trading alternatives in the crypto space. That means ETH, of course, which rose over 5% intraday, but also more speculative coins like LINK, ADA or DOT.

Away from price action, great news still -always. Biden confirmed crypto-savvy Gary Gensler as the lead for the financial policy transition team. The news alone might have been the catalysis for yesterday’s move up.

We also heard of KuCoin, the exchange hacked back in September, being able to recover over 80% of affected funds. Users had already been made whole but the story’s conclusion is definitely supportive.

Last, but not least, Grayscale’s BTC holding has grown to such extent that they now own ~2.7% of the current BTC supply, or about half a million bitcoins. Wow.

A quick morning update on both traditional and crypto markets. Provided daily.
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While test results for a coronavirus vaccine might be promising, the pandemic isn’t ending anytime soon. Yesterday, US equities retreated slightly amid not only an increase in covid cases, but also a sustained sell-off in tech.

The Nasdaq is down almost 2% (following an already deep red session previously), and the S&P edged down as well. Treasuries continued to be sold off, pushing the 10-year yield closer to the already closely-watched 1%—currently at 0.97%. The dollar showed muted gains, while gold edged up, but nowhere enough to retrace the previous—abysmal—session.

Looking at the crypto space, BTC isn’t budging one way or the other (which I think is great). We’re holding steady at $15,330, flat on the day. ETH is going up and down but within a tight range, between $455 and $445.

Other alts paint a mixed picture with new coins like LINK, DOT, and XTZ up, and large cap coins like BCH, LTC, and BSV down.

Away from price action, quite a few interesting reports and data points came across my desk (screen?) today.

Bitcoin’s hashrate rebounded after the second largest negative difficulty adjustment. This would be seen as a clear positive both for the security and activity off and on the blockchain.

On a scarier note, earlier this month, the percent of BTC unspent transaction outputs (UTXOs) in profit topped 98% for the first time since…. December 2017. Could people now be looking to take profit and exit the space?

The former looks unlikely, though. Just on Monday, the UK Treasury said it would put forward proposals for regulating “relevant stablecoin initiatives” to ensure they are held to the same standard as rival payment methods. If we look at this very simple yet impactful chart (below), we can see why. Relative to existing payment options and transactional services (centralized), BTC (decentralized) is gaining pace and is something providers now have to reckon with. No surprise we’re hearing PayPal, Square, and banks change their tune.

Crypto has taken the world by storm. It has inspired dreamers, confused skeptics, and ignited passions on all fronts ever since its inception. Of all the different instruments in this new financial ecosystem, Bitcoin is front and center. It is the first crypto asset to make its way into the mainstream. Bitcoin’s emergence has demonstrated to markets the seemingly endless possibilities of its underlying technology – the blockchain. As bitcoin fans, foes, and bystanders prepare for another halvening, Bitcoin marches ever closer to its final state. On this week’s Real Vision Live, highly accomplished investor, entrepreneur, executive, and academic Balaji Srinivasan joins us to explain what this event means for Bitcoin and how crypto may impact not just the world of finance, but the world in general.

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Bitcoin at the Center of a New Financial Universe (w/ Balaji Srinivasan and Ash Bennington)

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A quick morning update on both traditional and crypto markets. Provided daily.
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A quick morning update on both traditional and crypto markets. Provided daily.
– Written version:
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A quick morning update on both traditional and crypto markets. Provided daily.

Focused on macro events, equities, fixed income, precious metals and crypto

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Simon Grant discusses finance regulation in Canada in the age of blockchain and fintech.

BREAKING: Kraken just became the FIRST Cryptocurrency Exchange to develop into a US Bank! Cryptocurrency is getting very interesting in the United States as Kraken Financial is now LIVE! If you hold bitcoin, what does this mean for you?

Let’s discuss this in today’s cryptocurrency news.

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Altcoin Daily, the best cryptocurrency news media online!

How I Would Invest $1000 in Cryptocurrency in 2020

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00:00 Kraken Makes History!
04:23 US Regulators “Single Set of Rules” for Cryptocurrency
05:36 Tezos
06:57 EOS vs Ethereum
08:19 Yam Finance Token
10:11 Final Thoughts

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Hxro CEO Dan Gunsberg and ShapeShift head of trading Clark Read examine the evolution of financial markets from legacy to DeFi and beyond.

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Ripple/XRP Ripple: Aiming to Upend the Global Financial System With Blockchain Tech
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Ashton Addison interviews John Jefferies, the CFA of CipherTrace, a data analytics company and cryptocurrency intelligence solution. Ciphertrace works with VASPs and cryptocurrency exchanges to ensure they meet the regulatory standards and compliance for anti-money laundering (AML) laws. CipherTrace also works with traditional banks and financial institutions on monitoring these types of risk.
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Ashton Addison interviews John Jefferies, the CFA of CipherTrace, a data analytics company and cryptocurrency intelligence solution. Ciphertrace works with VASPs and cryptocurrency exchanges to ensure they meet the regulatory standards and compliance for anti-money laundering (AML) laws. CipherTrace also works with traditional banks and financial institutions on monitoring these types of risk.

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We sit down with technical analyst and trader Crypto Michaël to discuss the current state of cryptocurrency, what the future holds amongst all this uncertainty, and how he plans to capitalize.
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1:48 – How did Crypto Michael get involved in cryptocurrency?
3:07 – How do global financial markets affect the crypto market?
7:10 – Expectations following the Bitcoin Halving
8:45 – How will rapid monetary inflation affect global markets?
12:50 – Is it safe to be investing in 2020?
14:40 – How will inflation affect cryptocurrency?
19:05 – Is cryptocurrency a solution to financial uncertainty?
20:15 – How would a second Covid-wave affect the stock and crypto markets?
21:40 – What would Crypto Michael change about the Federal Reserve?
26:44 – Does Crypto Michael have a favorite cryptocurrency?

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I go over Bitcoin and Crypto markets we know its the weekend so institutional investors come in and Stock market is closed. Plus Jim Cramer shows us the tricks of the trade.

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Stock are rigged
Digital Dollar I found Satoshi Bitcoin Dark Pool China takeover /Stablecoins

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Decred Strategy & Governance Akin Sawyerr joins Jill Malandrino on Nasdaq #TradeTalks to discuss governance on the blockchain to build a fairer financial system for all.

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In this video The Anonymous Analyst launches the Advanced Technical Analysis Playbook – which is his New Free Trading Educational Program.

Series 1 – Trading the Financial Markets – Lay a Great Foundation with the 10 Pillars

Lesson 1 – The Markets, a Medium of Exchange & the birth of Money

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Unified FIX API, aggregated liquidity for all major crypto exchanges, and a standalone professional trading platform.

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Mati Greenspan is the founder of Quantum Economics. In this chat we discuss why he decided to leave eToro, $10k Bitcoin, macro economic analysis of crypto and traditional markets, being a contrarian, central banks and global debt, altcoin opportunities, and much more. Published February 17, 2020.

Guest Bio
Mati Greenspan is the founder of Quantum Economics and a former Senior Market Analyst at eToro. Mati is a licensed portfolio manager in the European Union and his main focus is on macroeconomic analysis, portfolio diversification and cryptocurrencies.

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What were you doing before blockchain/crypto?
How did get involved in this space?
Why did you decide to leave eToro?


Why is this $10k BTC different from the last one that stopped at $14k?
Can you explain the different market cycles and why they matter?
What timeframes are you watching from a TA perspective?
Before pulling the trigger on a trade, what boxes are you checking off?
When is being a contrarian good?
What altcoins are at the top of your radar? Tezos?


What do you think is going to happen with the crypto exchange space?
From a fundamental standpoint, what are you watching closely in 2020 to drive price?
If the economy does take a downturn, what indicators would you be watching to analyze if Bitcoin is non-correlated or correlated to this type of market?
Are there any on-chain stats that factor into your investment decisions?


What are your thoughts on Bitcoin as a store of value?
How do you want to impact blockchain and cryptocurrency?
Do you think robots will be the next generation of humans?

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Today we are bringing you some of the experts from MLL and PWC that will shed some light on the topic of finanical support for companies during the COVID-19 Crisis.

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Crypto Giant is a Bitcoin, altcoin, and cryptocurrency news! Here we discuss coins like Ethereum (ETH), blockchain technology, tokens, ICOs, STOs, IEOs, and bring you the most up to date and relevant breaking topics in the fintech space!

Could this be a new rise for the Bitcoin price?
We will look at the realistic BTC price prediction by the end of this year.

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Carl Eric Martin (The Moon)

This Is A Warning From Financial Advisor Peter Toogood. Traditional Markets Are Getting Artificially Pumped. Be Careful! [Bitcoin Will Be Seen As A Hedge]

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Strategist says markets have ‘nothing to do with fundamentals anymore’|twitter&par=sharebar


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🛑 Bloomberg Lists Top Cfryptocurrencies of 2019. EOS, Ethereum, Tron outrank bitcoin in China’s crypto ratings index. Ethereum developers are creating a
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revolutionary open financial system. Bakkt introduces its cash-settled btc futures, and Huobi US is abrutly halting exchange operations.

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2) EOS, Ethereum and Tron Outrank Bitcoin, XRP and Stellar Lumens in New Crypto Ratings Index:
3) Ethereum Developers Are Creating a Revolutionary Open Financial System: Report:
4) Intercontinental Exchange’s Bitcoin Trading Platform Bakkt Launches New Products, Introduces Its Cash-Settled BTC Futures:
5) Huobi US Is Abruptly Halting Exchange Operations:

2019 Was The Year of DeFi (and Why 2020 Will be Too):
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Alisher Tashpulatov, Head of Asia Pacific, Crypto Finance. SACA Summit 2019 (Blockchain Finance Conference Nov 8 2019, COEX Startup Branch in Seoul)

Crypto safe haven from US traditional markets

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Joyce Kim, PopTech Fellow and Executive Director of, explores how the global financial system is a highway littered with roadblocks and tolls. Joyce discusses how connecting siloed systems with an open source financial network can foster affordable access to the economy.

Wow, it was not long ago that most Financial Advisors STRONGLY recommended staying away from Cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin. In this video we will explore three reasons why Financial Advisors have started to recommend investing in Cryptocurrency. Reason #2 took me by surprise. It never occurred to me, but reason #2 could be a MASSIVE positive catalyst to the price of Cryptocurrency including Bitcoin and a handful of other coins. I cannot wait for it to happen sometime in 2020!!

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Cryptocurrency involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for every investor. Trade only with risk capital; that is, trade with money that, if lost, will not adversely impact your lifestyle and your ability to meet your financial obligations. Past results are no indication of future performance. In no event should the content of this video be construed as an express or implied promise or guarantee.

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Vail Symposium Financial Series – Bitcoin and the Rise of Digital Currency
with Richard Bard, Bill Laggner and Zack Markiewicz

The world of finance is opaque and unfair. Braveno believes in a new financial system that empowers everyone, and turned to Impossible Labs to help deliver their vision of a new type of trading platform. Read all about it in

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