Dr. Ben Goertzel explains that once SingularityNET’s fiat-crypto gateway is complete and mature, the AGI exchange rate will change over time via a formula defined as a weighted moving average of various factors including prices on exchanges (but also perhaps including other factors such as prices negotiated with large corporate customers for usage, etc.). Thus the price will indeed adapt dynamically to multiple factors including price on exchanges — but will not be dictated by the price on exchanges. He also speaks about the volatility dampening effect that is expected as a result of the gateway, and discusses service pricing.

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Iss video me hum dekhenge cryptocurrency aur blockchain se jude kucch mukhya samachar jese ke, OkCoin exchange ne Latin America me khola fiat-crypto exchange, Canada, UK aur Singapore ke central banks ne milkar state backed digital currency banane ka rakha prastaav, Huobi exchange ne Brazil me 60% employees ko bola chalte bano, antarrashtriya charity Oxfam ne blockchain ko joda Cambodian chawal se, aur US ka pehla ICO fraud jald phunchega uske antim anjaam tak.

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