We have payment options to suit all businesses. Plus we don’t hold onto your money, we deliver it into your account the very next day.

It’s your money and we believe you should have access to it ASAP.

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WIll faster payments lead to more disputes? What needs to be in your policies and procedures for faster payments? What needs to be in your policies and procedures for RTP? Learn more from the Payments Professor

Full courses on RTP and FedNow available at www.PaymentsProfessor.com

Learn more from the Payments Professor

Learn more from the Payments Professor

#SaudiArabia #InstantPaymentSystem #InstantMoneyTransfer

Saudi Government Started New Instant Cash Transfer in all Local Banks 24/7

How Do You Make A Bank Faster Payment-UK

The #UK Faster #Payment System enables you to make instant bank payments. #Regular bank payment in the UK is technically a Faster Payment. However, when having to make multiple Faster Payments as a #business things become more complicated. This will explain everything you need to know about the Faster Payments Service (FPS) and how to best take advantage of it.

What Is Faster Payments?
Faster Payments are bank payments that clear in seconds rather than days. This is the standard way for consumers to make bank payments, however, for businesses, Bacs payments are still the primary option as they have been the standard for decades. This is one reason Telleroo started to support Bacs files to make Faster Payments.

Some banks refer to Faster Payments as same-day payments. If you are a regular business banking customer of any high-street bank then any standard payment from your online banking is a Faster Payment.

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With the FedNow announcement does that change anything for The Clearing Houses RTP service ? Learn more from the Payments Professor. Learn more from the Payments Professor

Learn more about Bizum and other faster payments in Spain from the Payments Professor

Faster Fraud lessons learned from the UK faster payment system. How will those lessons learned benefit the release of faster payment solutions in the US? How does the launch of faster payments in the UK help us learn about how to launch faster payments in the US? Will there be fraud? How did the UK handle faster payments fraud? What can you do to protect yourself from fraud with faster payments? Learn more from the Payments Professor.

Full courses on RTP, ACH, and FedNow available at www.PaymentsProfessor.com

PM Imran Khan today launched a new government-run instant digital payment system as a step towards boosting financial inclusion and government revenue in the country.

The state-of-the-art faster payment system, Raast will provide a cheap and universal access to people of #Pakistan especially those who are financially excluded and less privileged like women. The new system, called “Raast” or “direct way”, will be rolled out in three phases culminating in early 2022.

Faster Fraud lessons learned from the UK faster payment system. How will those lessons learned benefit the release of faster payment solutions in the US? How does the launch of faster payments in the UK help us learn about how to launch faster payments in the US? Will there be fraud? How did the UK handle faster payments fraud? What can you do to protect yourself from fraud with faster payments? Learn more from the Payments Professor.

Full courses on RTP, ACH, and FedNow available at www.PaymentsProfessor.com

Co-host Meredith Zonsius interviews Craig Jeffery, Managing Partner of Strategic Treasurer on the 2019 year in review. As the end of the year approaches, they take a look back on the hottest treasury topics and discuss what’s next in 2020. They cover an array of topics encompassing what treasury has been working on, thinking about and acting on in 2019. and, how that influences the mindset and plans of treasurers as they look forward to 2020. Listen into this insightful discussion.

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As always, thanks for listening!


Strategic Treasurer is a specialized treasury consulting firm founded in 2004 that exists to elevate and enhance the practice of treasury by advising individual clients and informing the industry at large. Strategic Treasurer’s consulting arm provides outsourced treasury management services, bank connectivity and onboarding, compliance support, as well as, security and control assessments. Their market intelligence division focuses on informing the industry through various e-books, whitepapers, videos, analyst reports, surveys and more.

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Nearly 180 Mln XRP Wired as Ripple Sees ODL Payment Volume Surge


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Solving Cross-Border: The Roadmap to Connecting Faster Payment Systems with Dilip Asbe, Lawrence Chan, Siritida Panomwon. Moderated by Melvyn Low.

Session Description:

The pioneers of linking of faster payment systems share their views on the challenges of connecting these systems and how they pave the way for a new dawn of faster, cheaper and safer cross-border payments.

Learn more from the Payments Professor about how Credit risk, systemic risk, liquidity risk, operational risks, legal risks and more when it comes to working with faster payments.

Without dedicated technology, electronic billing usually means many bills are mailed to payers and often the medical reports never make it to payers. Also, workers’ comp reimbursement drags down your accounts receivables because of these traditionally slow payments.

DaisyBill e-billing technology directly connects with every payer which means bills are never mailed. Verified e-billing that works means faster payments.

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Protesters gathered Wednesday outside state offices in three cities, calling for a fix to Florida’s unemployment system.

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Indian Cyber Security Solutions – News Room presents daily news on cybersecurity.

Today’s (28th Aug 2020) news:

Experts have identified a flaw that allows criminals to steal money from accounts of clients of banks. Through the Faster Payments System (FPS), which is often opposed to the idea of a crypto-ruble.

Watch the full video for more details & stay tuned to get daily videos on cybersecurity news.

You can check the course details in this link: http://indiancybersecuritysolutions.com/

You can check the course details in this link: http://indiancybersecuritysolutions.com/

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Blockchain gaming never had a chance if you listen to many so called blockchain experts. This rhetoric applies to many things we see proven untrue as 2020 is proving that the proliferation of blockchain looks set to enter so many aspects of our lives. Gaming and Esports are now considered as big as the regular sports where you can scratch your knees and break some bones. Decentraised gaming is very new to me so I found two experts to help us learn more about it. We are joined by Edward Thomson who is part of the Decentralised gaming Association. Here is a link to their discord. Its tech chat in there so do show up looking for investment advise.


Once again our good friend Stefano Colovan of https://korporatio.com/ joins us. He is a crazy gamer in addition to being a blockchain expert.

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We look at many projects in this video including some you probably all ready know like decentraland crypto voxels but many other are very interesting and ones I had not previously heard of like axie infinity. Enjoy the video and please leave us some comments and likes.

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Faster payments are happening as the world continues to digitize. Don’t let your business fall behind in the digital payments revolution. An Omni-Channel Payments Platform is the the most ideal solution.

For more information on why there’s no time like the present: https://blog.transcard.com/dont-wait-to-integrate-faster-payments-solutions

For more information on payments: www.transcard.com

Ripple’s Craig DeWitt Joins US Faster Payments Council’s Cross Border Working Group– The XRP Minute – On The Chain

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Ripple XRP é vale a pena de investir? O que é Ripple XRP? Sera que tem “news” ou noticias que pode valorizar esta criptomoeda?

Em 2020 e 2021 vai ter muito movimento aqui no brasil e no exterior sobre os ativos digitais.

Vamos ajudar este comunidade de investidores de varejo a mostrar-los que vale a pena investir em xrp ripple.

Tomando atitude hoje de comprar XRP é a mesma que você plantou uma árvore que pode dar muito sobra para vocé futuramente.

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XRP Ripple em Português
XRP Ripple in Portuguese
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BTC Bitcoin in Portuguese
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VET VeChain in Portuguese

O que é Vechain VET? Assiste nessa canal…
Volante Technologies lança acelerador para integração bancária à tecnologia financeira distribuída da Ripple

Com base no recurso de integração do VolPay Hub Ripple, lançado em outubro de 2015, a nova solução Ripple do Volante, disponível como um componente do A plataforma de desenvolvimento de pagamentos da Fundação VolPay oferece a mesma funcionalidade em qualquer plataforma bancária, de tesouraria ou de pagamento.

NOVA YORK, LONDRES, DUBAI, MÉXICO, 7 de junho de 2016 -Volante Technologies Inc., líder global no fornecimento de software para integração, processamento e orquestração de mensagens e pagamentos financeiros, trabalhando em colaboração com a Ripple, anunciada hoje, criou uma solução projetada especificamente para acelerar o processo de integração com a Ripple, fornecedora global de soluções de tecnologia financeira distribuída, oferecendo liquidação em tempo real de pagamentos transfronteiriços.

No SIBOS 2015, Volante demonstrou a disponibilidade do Ripple como um recurso do produto VolPay Hub. Com base nessa capacidade e após um estreito envolvimento com o Ripple, a Volante desenvolveu uma solução de integração altamente flexível totalmente projetada para simplificar a conectividade com o Ripple.

Por mais de 15 anos, a tecnologia da Volante permitiu que instituições financeiras e empresas acelerassem sua conectividade a uma ampla gama de mecanismos de compensação e liquidação. O pacote de software inclui uma biblioteca cada vez maior e mantida de plugins e transformações para mais de 330 padrões internacionais e nacionais e transformações bidirecionais e personalizáveis, para permitir uma integração rápida e eficiente com uma vasta gama de fluxos de pagamento.

A nova solução de integração Ripple da Volante é o componente mais recente adicionado ao conjunto VolPay da Volante e foi criada para facilitar a integração de bancos que são clientes atuais ou futuros da Ripple. A solução abrange os requisitos de fluxo de trabalho, transformação de mensagens e orquestração de pagamento necessários para permitir aos bancos um método significativamente mais simples de integração com a rede de pagamentos da Ripple, tanto no lado de envio quanto no de recebimento, com alterações mínimas, se houver, em seus sistemas de pagamento existentes.

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Ripple Executive Pat Thelen Elected As U.S. Faster Payments Council Board of Directors | XRP Will Be Global!

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Learn more about faster payments in Australia from the Payments Professor and the Payments PRofessor junior…aka Liam.
Overlay Services…Sending Data…. Federal Reserve Banks and more are uncovered and discovered.

Ripple XRP: Money-Center Banks, Mojaloop, Faster Payments Council

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