Wiktor Jaszczuk’s talk will focus on issues and desired outcomes arising from cryptocurrencies. He will also address the recently skyrocketing price of bitcoin, and why buying it comes with a great risk. Finally, he will talk about potential solutions to these problems. Wiktor Jaszczuk is an IB1 student in 2nd SLO IB high school in Warsaw. In his free time he expands his knowledge in terms of economics and financial markets. Following the bitcoin crash in 2018 he decided to study the cryptocurrency market and he came across many publications about the possibilities of blockchain, the core idea behind digital currency and how will it reform the economy as we know it now. But after studying the topic further he also found problems and potential threats created by the speculations going around cryptocurrencies. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx

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Bitcoin, Ethereum 1.0, why POW blockchains are doomed to fail in the future
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In today’s Bitcoin update, we talk about how Bitcoin is at a crucial decision point. Will Bitcoin fall below some key levels of support and retrace back down below $9,000. What happens if Bitcoin does this? Or will Bitcoin bounce where it is at right now and kick off a new rally? We discuss this and more in today’s video.

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5:35 Where is BTC headed? (TA)
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Gem #10 from Episode 04 of The Hidden Gems Podcast by Covalent with Joel John (https://twitter.com/joel_john95) in conversation with Ganesh Swami (https://twitter.com/gane5h)

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The Hidden Gems Podcast by Covalent — the people, projects, and data powering the new economy.

Learn and stay current on data in the crypto world with our host Ganesh Swami who will be featuring deep dives with engineers, innovators, and data analysts.

Ganesh is a co-founder of Covalent – a blockchain data analytics company. Covalent is bringing transparency and visibility to the blockchain space. Ganesh is a serial entrepreneur and has over a decade of experience in big data analytics. He started his career in building protein simulation algorithms to solve cancer.

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Website: https://covalenthq.com

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Will Bitcoin’s rally succeed or fail (again)? Could the recent jump in the price of bitcoin lead it potentially further higher? And how can we know if the rally may fail like before? We look at the charts. #Bitcoin #BTC #AlessioRastani

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More and more people use cryptocurrencies, they exchange resources without any borders and restraint. But the governments and big companies see crypto as a threat to the stability of the world. Will crypto ever be truly free?

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