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The conversation around cryptocurrency has reached fever pitch. Depending on who you talk to, it’s the next best thing or just a fad. We’ve assembled a line-up of those in the know to cut through [More]
ነስተብህል’ዶ ኣለና፡ ዓለም ኣበይ ኔራ? ኣበይ ኣላ? ናበይ ትሕምበብ ኣላ? ኣብ ዓለም ከለና ኣብ መንኮርኮር ምዕባሊኣ ተወጥሕና ንጓዓዝ። ንክንፈልጥ ንሕተት – ንፈትን ክንዕወት!
The payments landscape is changing rapidly, driven by new and evolving technology, non-traditional players and new payment instruments. At the same time, central banks’ core objectives and functions – financial stability, monetary policy, banking supervision [More]
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In this episode, we dive into the world of cryptocurrencies with Eric Anziani, Chief Operating Officer of He walks us through the history of cryptocurrencies, and how cryptocurrencies have evolved since the invention of [More]
Hxro CEO Dan Gunsberg and ShapeShift head of trading Clark Read examine the evolution of financial markets from legacy to DeFi and beyond. Join this week’s Crypto Markets Live on Aug. 27th at 2 p.m. [More]
Matt Ridley talks about Blockchain as the next big advance in Innovation and the Evolution of technology at a Google conference in 2015. What incredible insight Matt Ridley has into what sorts of innovations will [More]
We at UCN Biz Group are Cyrpto / Bitcoin Advocates ; we remain Brand Agnostic when it comes to systems and processes that can help our clients, friends and associates to be able to multiply [More]
eToroX is a Digital Asset Platform incorporating a Crypto Exchange, Wallet & eTokens. It is the latest platform launched by eToro, the long established financial asset trading/investing platform, known for its copy/social trading features. eToroX [More]
What are IEOs? Why are they an important evolution in crowd funding? Will they lead to the next crypto & Bitcoin bull run? RECOMMENDED EXCHANGES & WALLETS GET FREE CRYPTO ABRA – GET $25 IN [More]
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CRYTPO MILLENNIALS, BITCOIN WHALES & VALUE EVOLUTION The Young and the Restless: Millennial Males Dominant Among Crypto Investors in the US Make sure to Follow me on Twitter COINBASE OFFER FREE $10 [More]