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Millions of people are investing in cryptocurrencies, which has naturally created a wave of crypto scammers. Cryptocurrency might be the currency of the future, but donโ€™t be fooled, itโ€™s also a place for scammers looking [More]
Bitcoin Satoshiโ€™s Vision is an ambitious project that, so far, has failed to capture crypto investorsโ€™ imagination. It was founded to keep faith with the mission established by Satoshi Nakamotoโ€™s Bitcoin White Paper while solving [More]
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A survey of Americaโ€™s millionaires has highlighted a great generational divide. Wealthy millennials favour cryptocurrencies, while very few of their older peers hold any at all. As the FTโ€™s Matthew Vincent explains, established institutions are [More]
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In the years 2020 to 2021, two things happened. Cryptocurrencies exploded to record valuations as a result of the global healthcare crisis… PayPal Donation: BlockFi: Borrow cash, and buy or sell crypto. There [More]
PLMP Fintech built the CMBDEX exchange in 2018 to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Despite its promising start, the exchange has frozen out more than 2,000 investors who have no means to recover their investments so [More]
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Join me as I walkthrough the first ever Crypto Valley Job Fair in Decentraland. It’s a great way to check out what companies are looking for in this amazingly creative Metaverse:) Thanks for watching and [More]
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hi guys I just wanted to let you guys know that there is this really cool software called mangohash and it mines bitcoin faster than any other miner im ever used please due be sure [More]
Episode 2 of The Cryptocast Features Abdul Alim, CEO,, Pakistan’s first #Cryptocurrency exchange In this interview, Abdul talks about his background and vision for the company and the future of finance in Pakistan. He [More]
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Ethereum has been doing very well last days, despite the general FUD around this project. This should give us a clear indication that we are still on the way for a great altseason. Let’s discuss [More]
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Bitcoin price is trading just below the key level of $10,000, and a decisive break of resistance could kickstart the next crypto bull market. Any dips at this point in Bitcoin are likely meant for [More]