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How to Score Patent For Blockchain based Gaming Simulation #BlockchainPatentAttorney Application of game-design modules in simulation creates user experience. According to the definition of Gamification by wiki, Gamification is defined as a set of activities [More]
At CoinGeek Live, a panel moderated by Jimmy Nguyen, Founding President of the Bitcoin Association, was joined by John Brackens – CTO of the Esports Entertainment Group (EEG), Adam Kling – CEO of Kronoverse and [More]
[Ep. 04 Blockchain X Esports] Blockchain has the potential to transform many industries. Esports is a not an exception. Esports has been grown a multi-billion dolloar industry. There are so many ways that blockchain can [More]
¿Te imaginas un equipo de profesionales de los videojuegos totalmente descentralizado y organizado por sus miembros? Pues no es necesario, porque este equipo de eSports basado en la blockchain es el primer clan DAO. ¿Y [More]
Vechain launches Sam Club’s tracability platform, Bitcoin over 10k, Ethereum in E-sports —————————————– Twitter — Patreon —
Multistreaming with Join us on Discord to get links to any tournaments/ events you here us talking about on stream. (ping an admin) Every Sunday at 7:30 PM ET, MMG holds a free to [More]
Welcome to the weekly live stream, today is all about eSports and Sportsbooks, The Bitcoin paradox, Best Bitcoin Quotes and Top Cryptocurrency Sportsbook Our Links! Bitcoin Chaser Website Chat to Kaine on the Telegram [More]