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Cgminer is one of the most advanced and full feature miners available. It runs in a command line, but allows configuration while running using the keyboard.

Cgminer is the best mining BitCoin softwares than any other mining softwares !

How to work with Cgminer ?

First, you need register an account at a mining pool. There are a lot of mining pools out there. If you choose BTCguide as your mining pool, after you register on BTC Guild, you have a single worker created automatically, named (username)_1. Workers do not require passwords to mine at BTC Guild. We recommend entering ‘123’ as your password when connecting, since some miners do not function without a password.

Launching cgminer, you will be prompted with the following:

Username: username_workername (example: eleuthria_1)
Password: 123 (or leave blank, it does not matter)

In case you don’t want to enter command one per line, you can save command to .bat file (such as cgminer.bat) and run it from promt windows.

/*—————— Here is a simple example of cgminer.bat —————*/

@Echo off

cgminer.exe -o -u username_workername -p 123


You can use many other arguments for tweak your command for suitable with your video graphic card.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can use Cgminer 3.72 or ealier for mining with your VGA cards, Cgminer 3.8 or high just support for ASIC miner devices.

#Bitcoin continues to consolidate and struggles to break key resistance. $BTC plummets to $1 ($ETH to $0.33) briefly on select exchanges due to AWS error, nash down for maintenance, ByBit coin swap is LIVE, crypto news, and more!

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