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In this episode of Lexman, Charles Hoskinson discusses the Ethereum Classic dharna and the importance of interlineation.
Vitalik Buterin, the 21 year old founder of Ethereum, joins Lexman to discuss cryptocurrency, the future of the internet, and more. They discuss topics such as fungibility, smart contracts, and decentralization.
In this episode, Robert Fojo welcomes Myles Wakeham, an Australian multi-millionaire who lives a 100% free and unconstrained life. He is a self-made, business-focused technologist, who was one of the early members of a biotechnology [More]
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The YWhales team speaks with Hart Lambur, Co-Founder of UMA. UMA is an optimistic oracle that uses economic guarantees to secure markets. Unlike mechanically restrictive price feed oracles, an optimistic oracle is able to serve [More]
The YWhales team speaks with Mark Anstead, Co-Founder and Director of Business Development at Numio. Numio is a simple crypto payments app that can be sent instantly and save users up to 100x on Ethereum [More]
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The YWhales team speaks with Antoine Loth, Co-Founder and CEO of VALK, and Elie Azzi, Co-Founder and Head of Product at VALK. VALK builds decentralized infrastructure for capital markets and allows financial institutions to digitize [More]
In this episode of YWhales, Allan Matheson, founder of Golden Pear Capital Investment, speaks with host Jay Steinback and special co-host John Mackay. Allan talks about the drawing force that made him want to start [More]
James Eisenberg, Chief Investment Officer and Managing Partner at Interblock Capital Partners, speaks with the YWhales team about the crypto and blockchain space today. Interblock Capital Partners is focused on the global opportunity in blockchain [More]
Christophe Lassuyt chats with the YWhales team about Request Network, an open network for payment requests, allowing anyone to create, store, and access invoices in a universal, decentralized network. Transactions on Request Network are immutably [More]
Anonymous crypto entrepreneur Scoopy Trooples joins the Y Whales team to discuss Alchemix – the company he founded. Getting a self-repaying loan and spending and saving at the same time are two things you can [More]
Bernd Lapp and Stefaan Ponnet join the Y Whales team to discuss Avado – a blockchain computer you can use to run dApps and stake cryptocurrency. Avado enables you to earn 100% of your rewards [More]
What if you could put food on the table, fund your healthcare, and pay off your debt just by playing a game? This is what the Yield Gaming Guild helps people around the world do. [More]
00:00-01:20 – Intro 01:21-02:40 – Risks in crypto investing 2:41-04:12 – How to invest in cryptocurrencies? 04:13-05:36 – Crypto Portfolio of Guest 05:37-08:01 – Researching before crypto investing 08:01-09:17 – TVL in Ethereum and surge [More]
Every Student must know about Financial education | Stock Market 🔥 | Cryptocurrencies❤ | episode -1 I’m not a financial expert but in the video, I have shared my own experience and knowledge so firstly [More]
If you are interested in building wealth with Cryptos, check out Vauld: _____________________________________________________ #Bitcoin #Ethereum #DogeCoin The world of cryptocurrency has intrigued a lot of people. It’s a new technology that is seeming to [More]
BINANCE UK SHUTS DOWN Bitcoin News, Crypto Market Crashing. Wecome to my Crypto Podcast. We talk about Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin News Live, Ethereum Price Predictions 2021, BTC News Today, Bitcoin Price Predictions. This is for my [More]
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Real Vision senior editor Ash Bennington hosts Silvio Micali, founder of Algorand, to discuss Micali’s journey into crypto, the founding of Algorand, the power of randomness, zero knowledge proofs, and future of evolvability of blockchain [More] TO JOIN THE LANCESCURV TEAM: LET’S GET STARTED BY SHOOTING US AN EMAIL AT so we can send you more information about our live Zoom Shows and conference calls to help walk [More]
The State Of Crypto – Bitcoin Pumping, Ethereum ATH – Technical Analysis Crypto – Episode 483 – 02/03/2021 —-COIN/ASSET REQUEST—- To request analysis for a coin or asset please @The State Of Crypto $(coin/asset)/(trading pair [More]
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In the latest episode of #BSVStories, Natalie Mason, explores the Crypto Valley of Zug, Switzerland, the home of many crypto and blockchain focussed businesses. Subscribe to the CoinGeek channel to watch more videos on Bitcoin [More]
Jesper Kråkhede tells us about what Ransomware is, the consequences of being hit and how to protect yourself against it. You can follow them on Twitter as @Krakhede and @Artmann Links 1) Sony Pictures Offices [More]
Deep Dive into Bitcoin and alternative cryptocurrencies in the digital asset market. Let’s take a look at the charts, the news, and cover current opportunities within the entire crypto market. Your questions are welcomed and [More]
These short videos are created by IFRS expert Orestis Papacharalambous and help you get up to speed with recent IFRS developments. For more info press the following links: Website: LinkedIn:
Dramatic growth in DeFI has given rise to a new generation on-chain decentralized finance infrastructure that is designed to scale to support global-scale capital markets activity. Notably, Project Serum, initiated by industry leader Sam Bankman-Fried [More]
Investors remain bullish on the edtech sector, with four startups including decacorn Byju’s, raising millions of dollars this week. Pankaj Makkar, managing director of Bertelsmann India Investments, joins the #podcast this week to talk about [More]
In this episode, we dive into the world of cryptocurrencies with Eric Anziani, Chief Operating Officer of He walks us through the history of cryptocurrencies, and how cryptocurrencies have evolved since the invention of [More]
06 July 2017 – EASTHAM, MA – Alternative digital currencies like Bitcoin have been classified as property. They transact like cash, but are taxed like assets. Before the tax consequences of possessing a BTC wallet, [More]
Source: Crypto Corner Episode 442: Crypto Firm Bluesky Announces Crypto Valley Association Membership, and China’s Digital Currency Being Tested on Small Transactions
#Bitcoin #BTC #Crypto Remember, Tesla doesn’t sell vacuum cleaners with clocks on them. They sell memes. And memes only go up. 📱 Discord: 👑 Patreon: ​ 🐦 📸 🍻 Disclaimer: [More]
Qitmeer Talks with Experts brings you episode 3, with an amazing announcement from the Qitmeer Management Team. We are also featuring Qitmeer Update, where we update our digital community on the progress we here at [More]
Dig’s resident crypto expert Eric Ferreira is back on #DigIn to discuss some of the latest cryptocurrency news, the future of cash, and talks about a central bank digital currency. The latest cryptocurrency news and [More]