Casper documentation:
Vlad Zamfir’s original CBC paper:

Casper Network is one of the most highly anticipated blockchain projects that is launches its Mainnet in March 2021. Alongside the network launch, Casper is also conducting a public token sale through Coinlist. According to Coinlist, it has been the largest registrations and demand in history, even surpassing the previous mega-launch of Flow.

In this video, Cliff Sarkin and I talk about the Casper project and why it is so exciting. Cliff also shares some cool updates on the product end and gives deep insights on the Casper ecosystem.

About Casper:
CasperLabs develops and maintains Casper, an open source blockchain optimized for enterprise and developer adoption.

The future proof blockchain
The Casper network is the first live Proof of Stake blockchain built off of the Casper CBC specification. Casper is designed to accelerate enterprise and developer adoption of blockchain technology today and evolve to meet user needs in the future.

This project is in the works since 2014 and comes out of the Ethereum powerhouse. The core of the protocol is the proof of stake algorithm, which is pioneered by #Vlad​ Zamfir who is also one of the main researchers (even #Vitalik​ Buterin, the Founder of #Ethereum​ likes this!!)

Why am I so excited about Casper Labs?

1. Project size: It is a state of the art purposed blockchain ecosystem that is entirely built up from scratch.
2. Second mover advantage: The team and researches could apply “lessons learnt” from 12 years of #bitcoin​ and 6 years of Ethereum.
3. Smart money: Tim Draper, PAL Capital, Rocktree Captal, Hashkey and other household crypto funds are backing the project.
4. Allstar team: Former executives from Microsoft, Adobe, Google as well as successful (not just ‘serial’) entrepreneurs are working around the clock to make this project a success
5. Focus on the product first, then do the marketing: the CEO himself stated that there are many more developers working to actually build the product and refine it, than marketers trying to ‘oversell’ something (which is usually the common go-to-market strategy in the crypto industry).

All in all, I find this project incredibly authentic, novel, unique and sophisticated!
Do not take anything that I say as serious advice to financially invest – all I do is provide you comprehensive insights and my own opinions/strategies as an individual who is interested in cryptocurrencies, #blockchain​ technology and decentralisation.

If you further want to conduct your due diligence, go visit their website:​
also watch this interview with Blockchain Brad:…​
and join the Telegram chat:​

Thanks for watching!

Remember that investing into Cryptocurrencies is extremely risky and dangerous, especially if you are not aware of the product-market-fit. Whenever you buy, make sure you stick to reputable Crypto exchanges and in the best case always hold self-custody, meaning that you alone hold the private keys that grant access to your funds.

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Bill & John dissect sections 6&7 (of 8) of the Blockchain Primer in the ongoing quest to actually explain what it is (and why should anyone care?). In this episode, we dive into the enterprise perspective vs. the startup perspective. They’re very different, but if you really want to understand this thing, you need to see it through both lenses.

Over the last five years, we’ve seen a swirl of blockchain activity, with peaks of buzz, troughs of disillusionment and, in between, real progress on enterprise adoption. But, by most accounts, we are just starting to see the potential of blockchain for business. So what comes next? In this panel, we’ve gathered leaders from technology, academia and finance to debate what comes next. Topics will include:

– Blockchain’s role in tackling the biggest challenges ahead, including Climate Change, health credentials, financial inclusion, digital identity, fake news and more

– Network trends: public vs private; cross chain transactions; multiparty systems and blockchain’s place in the stack; consortia, standards and governance

– Technologies and start-ups to watch

– Thoughts on what might a fully blockchain-enabled future look like

Brian Behlendorf, Executive Director, Hyperledger
Michael J. Casey, Chief Content Officer, CoinDesk
Sandra Ro, CEO, GBBC
Emiliano Vernini, Head of ICT Innovation Strategy, Poste Italiane
Alissa Worley, Global Marketing Director – Blockchain, Accenture

Ethereum is almost ready to tokenize the BILLIONS in assets for enterprises across the globe!! The Baseline Protocol set to deploy & publish initial results w/ Coca Cola bottlers will prove to the world what Ethereum & DeFi will do for corporate business. These 3 ALTCOINs are building right alongside the likes of Microsoft, AMD & SAP, contributing to the coming ether enterprise RUSH!

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⏰ Time Stamps ⏰
00:00 Intro-The Only Content that Stops You Dead In Your Tracks
01:18 The 2 of the 1-2 Ethereum Punch: Enterprise on Ether
01:44 SAP Importance w/ the Baseline Protocol & Large Enteprises
02:57 SAP Connects to the Ethereum Mainnet
03:45 CONA Coke One & Baseline Protocol
04:56 Unibright & Baseline & Coke
06:08 The Long Term Goal of the Coca Cola Initiative
07:19 Morpheus Network Sponsored Segment
10:15 Chainlink Oracles Get Based
12:02 Outro

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Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) es una organización de estándares impulsada por miembros cuyo estatuto es desarrollar especificaciones de blockchain abiertas que impulsen la armonización e interoperabilidad para empresas y consumidores en todo el mundo. Nuestra comunidad global de miembros está compuesta por líderes, adoptantes, innovadores, desarrolladores y empresas que colaboran para crear una web abierta y descentralizada en beneficio de todos.

This global event presented by CVA’s Enterprise Blockchain Working Group brings together some of the thought leaders and pioneers in the Enterprise Blockchain space. Connecting Singapore, Switzerland and Germany in an interactive panel, we will discuss interesting topics such as Supply Chain Blockchain solutions, Trade Finance solution for commodity traders, the blockchain academic curriculum at leading European universities and we get an insight into how blockchain enterprise products are evolving at LongHash, STACS and UBS.

Dr. Johannes Hinckeldeyn, professor at the Technical University of Hamburg, Hamburg
Benjamin Soh, Managing Director at STACS, Singapore
Prof. Claudio Tessone, professor at the Blockchain Competence Center, University of Zurich, Zurich
Shi Khai Wei, Chief Operating Officer at LongHash Ventures, Singapore
Julian La Picque, Managing Partner at Uncrypted, Geneva
Beat Bannwart, Head Innovation Solutions & Partnerships at UBS AG, Zurich

Dennis Flad, Chair Enterprise Blockchain Working Group at CVA
Mauro Cappiello, Co-Chair Enterprise Blockchain Working Group at CVA

BlockchainBrad speaks exclusively with KardiaChain CEO, Tri Pham, for a very detailed update on their team’s Hybrid Blockchain poised & positioned for business. Kardiachain is a public blockchain focused on Interoperability, leading the race towards blockchain adoption in Vietnam by providing hybrid blockchain to major enterprises and government bodies. The goal is to build a complete blockchain ecosystem for institutions by leveraging 3 main components:
1) Gateway reduces entry barriers to onboard non-crypto users onto blockchain via user-friendly payment channels.
2) Infrastructure refers to the interlinked public and private KardiaChain blockchain network for users and businesses to operate seamlessly
3) Services refer to traditional organisations that collaborate with KardiaChain to tokenize and decentralize their existing services/products to become more effective and efficient.
Key Tech:
Dual Nodes
Elastic Sharding With Incentive Mechanism (ESWIM)
KardiaChain Smart Contract Markup Language (KSML)
01:16 About being a hybrid blockchain infrastructure; what’s it all about
03:12 Let’s unpack the government connection.
07:50 About the team and the many team members not known on the website
09:17 Enterprise partnerships and references to regulation and compliance
13:24 Do you think that you are in the best region of the world right now to lead out pro enterprise blockchain based initiatives and business?
14:22 Kardiachain’s claims: a deeper discussion and feedback from the CEO
15:36 About private vs public & permission vs permissionless technology
19:19 DeFi discussion
21:04 Talking tech upgrades
24:25 About being open source; what’s the state of the GitHub atm?
25:35 About the roadmap- on the road to MainNet.
28:00 About reaching millions of users; the constant push of increasing use & real adoption
29:35 Kardiachain’s core products
33:14 More on the products
37:24 The mobile payments product/app and the value it brings to Kardiachain; a gateway
40:33 Discussing the development in smart cities; another key development.
43:57 About current partnerships
53:49 About partnering with football clubs specifically and the sports industry.
54:50 The LG CNS partnership; Bringing LG to Vietnam: a big deal.
01:04:36 THE Geleximco partnership
01:06:52 About nationally recognised telecom partnership in Vietnam
01:09:15 About mass adoption; why it is the way forward. Why actual use drives value.
01:10:49 Building real utility for the real world of business and doing it through blockchain.
01:13:45 The use case of the KAI token
01:15:29 About advisors; especially new ones.
01:21:55 Upcoming partnerships
01:24:49 About exchanges: what is the plan forward, any listings coming up?
01:25:28 About upcoming partnerships. What’s in the pipeline?
01:26:46 About the unlocked tokens. The Token Metrics and facts related to release schedules
01:30:23 About the risk of crypto generally; the speculative aspects discussed.
01:33:02 More on the token release schedule and who has access/who doesn’t.
01:34:56 Direct questions posed to the CEO about any past involvement in other crypto startups.
01:38:12 Why do you need the token? Why is KAI needed?
01:39:52 About wash trading vs market making; and what is the CEO’s response.
01:41:13 Kadiachain’s marketing strategy discussed
01:45:55 Where to get more info on Kardiachain? Links/resources.
01:47:41 Final statement from the CEO, Tri Pham.
Facebook (popular in Vietnam):
Token metrics article:
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This interview was 100% free. I received no financial compensation for doing this video at all. An editor I work with has been paid the sum of $150USD for editing work, which is paid directly to him. The Kardiachain offered to support editing costs. I typically pay these editing fees myself. I believe that sponsored content is not a problem if disclosed, but this was NOT sponsored.
I have invested in KAI. This is not financial advice.
The information provided is not to be considered as a recommendation to buy or invest in certain assets or currencies and is provided solely as an educational and information resource to help traders make their own decisions. Past performance is no guarantee of future success. It is important to note that no system or methodology has ever been developed that can guarantee profits or ensure freedom from losses. No representation or implication is being made that using the attached material will guarantee profits or ensures freedom from losses.

Recording of our online event organized by our Enterprise Blockchain Working Group, on April 21 2020.

1. Opening Speech
Enterprise Blockchain Solutions and how to bring them alive by Dennis Flad, Chairman CVA Enterprise Blockchain Working Group
Introduction Enterprise Blockchain Working Group by Mauro Cappiello, Co-Chair CVA Enterprise Blockchain Working Group

2. Current Solutions
Enterprise Blockchain Solutions for Digital Economy by Josh Choi, Deputy Executive MyID Alliance, Seoul
Blockchain for Luxury Goods by Pedro Lopez-Belmonte, Senior Blockchain & Solution Architect, Richemont International SA, Geneva

3. Trends in Enterprise Blockchain Solutions
Korean Trends by Prof. Sooyong Park, Blockchain and Software Engineering Lab, Sogang University, Seoul
Crypto Valley Trends by Prof. Claudio Tressone, University of Zurich Blockchain Center, Zurich

4. Panel discussion between Academia and Business

Challenges in Enterprise Adoption of Blockchain – The road to mass technology adoption is always challenging. Blockchain is no different. 10 Years on since Bitcoin’s original white paper was released, Blockchain has come a long way, however, still a long way to go. Let us come together and understand how this technology has evolved and what are the barriers that prevent the enterprise from deploying Distributed Ledger Technology into their infrastructure and what measures can be taken to bridge the gap. Irfan, Dr Ravi & Dr Vishwas will share their perspective & discuss the Challenges in Enterprise Adoption of Blockchain on 25th June. It will be an interactive session where audience will get a chance to ask questions from the experts of this emerging technology.
About the Speakers :
1. Irfan Khan, Digital Economist, Founder Hypermine (
2. Dr Ravi Chamria, CEO Sofocle Technologies (
3. Dr Vishwas Patil, Sr. Research Scientist, Center of Excellence for Blockchain Technologies ( )

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