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Buytex took 1st place in the TOP 5 most interesting and technological financial projects of 2020
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Office address: Harju maakond, Tallinn, Lasnamäe linnaosa, Peterburi tee 47, 11415
Official social networks of the company’s management – Chief Marketing Officer at Buytex -CEO – Buytex Exchange
BUX (token of the bytex crypto exchange) is made on the Ethereum blockchain –

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What is Buytex?
Buytex has the aim to create a crypto exchange with integrated trading tools without the need to install third party services via API.

Native token: BUX
Current price: $0.24
Headquarters: Estonia
CEO: Andreas Berg
CMO: Anshel Gear

Investment offer: Buy one of the 6 investment packages with highly discounted BUX tokens. BUX tokens will be unlocked weekly for 52 weeks.

Minimum withdrawal: $5

Affiliate program
Your package will determine the percentage of your affiliate commissions.
1. Direct bonus: 10-12%
2. Binary bonus: 10-13% from your weaker leg.
3. Matching bonus: Up to 20% / 15% / 10% / 5% based on binary bonuses of your partners.
4. Leadership bonus
5. Quick Start Bonus

How to start
1. Click
2. Enter email address and confirmation code received by email.
3. Create a username and select your country from the list.
4. Write down your Security Code (needed for withdrawals).
5. Go to Finance section and choose the currency you want to use for replenishment.
6. Send funds to the specified address.
7. Go to Finance section and enter the amount of BUX you want to buy.
8. Press the Buy / Confirm button.
9. Done! Now do not forget to regularly withdraw profit!
Sincerely, the earnings in the Internet Sergei Wuhou, Your friend and business coach
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CoinAnalyst is the new information and analysis platform for cryptocurrencies and ICOs.
Trading cryptocurrencies is still highly speculative — and research is very difficult: You’re confronted with a mass of information, but it’s extremely time-consuming to separate relevant news from spam and to identify scams.
CoinAnalyst makes cryptocurrencies transparent. Purchase and sale decisions can be made on the basis of valid data and intelligent analyses, provided by Artificial Intelligence.
This enables the user to identify opportunities and risks and react promptly and proactively to price fluctuations.
CoinAnalyst uses the technology by Cogia Intelligence.
The company has 7 years experience in developing Big Data Analytics technologies, with Fortune 500 clients.
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Enric Duran – one of the initiators of the first global cooperative FairCoop – explains some key operations of FairCoop. He also talks about the political implications of adopting a new, sustainable and just economic system based on the FairCoin cryptocurrency.

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Filmed in may 23rd, 2014. 13 speakers. 20 images per person. 20 seconds per slide. Two opposite concepts: order vs chaos. 320 attendees at the Design Museum of Barcelona.

Speaker: Andres Colmenares (Imperfect future strategist at wabi-sabi lab).
Title: A journey to the imperfect future.
Text version:
Original spanish version:

Other speakers // Bet Cantallops (Saetaestudi), Miquel Duran (Universitat de Girona), Rosa Llop, Javier Peñafiel, Rigo Pex (Meneo), Carlos Pi, Cristina Reguant (Hort/lab), Elisabet Roselló, Pere Rusiñol (Mongolia), Jaime Serra, Juan Antonio Subirana (UPC) y Esperança Urdeix.
Organized by Guayabero & Micenmacher
Co-produced by Museu del Disseny de Barcelona
Poster by Estudio Javier Jaén
Photos by Nacho Martínez PhotoArt
Video by Poldo Pomés
Motion graphics by SeveralStudio
Website by Coco&co
Created and shared by Klein Dytham Architecture

A Bitcoin, Crypto and Forex Trade Investment Management Company.
Pre-Launch Start All leaders, investors and Traders are welcome.
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KIBO is the first ever decentralized Blockchain and Ethereum smart contract-based lotto.

Vous venez juste de vous réveillez avec ce beau temps aujourd’hui même ou situer autre par regarder les étoiles (la lune) enfin les #satellites avec la force d’#évolution de la #technologie. continuer à #vivre votre #vie et à #transmettre.
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Would you invest in digital money? A new kind of money might be appearing on your screen soon – Libra from Facebook. Sam and Catherine discuss how different it is from Bitcoin and teach you related vocabulary.


the use of complex codes to keep computer systems and information secure

the money of a particular country

digitally produced money that is not controlled by banks or governments

subject to the whims of
being controlled by unpredictable decisions and trends

notoriously volatile
well known for changing by a large amount in an unpredictable way

predictable and without big unexpected changes

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Crypto Campaigns (Crest Token) – Using the Exchange (English)

The exchange is now live, we can now invest in Advertising Campaigns. Let’s explore the ways to purchase CSTT tokens and how to invest in campaigns.

Any Crypto platform is risky, so please manage your risk and be patient. Build your wealth steadily over time.
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The two other platforms that I current recommend for serious investment are as follows:
ExpAsset – we know the owners, we even know what schools they went to, where they trained and worked. People with reputations to uphold. They are NOT trying to hide.
If you want to sign up to ExpAsset, I would appreciate it if you used my link below, thank you:

And “My Passive Trades” – their CEO is open and transparent. They have a sustainable model with verifiable proof of trading.
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I have a dedicated channel just for ExpAsset

+91 9886065493 contact us to join quickx staking program.
QuickX is a novel protocol designed specifically to cure the many fatal flaws that are hindering the mass adoption of Cryptocurrencies today. It performs transactions off the chain for same Blockchain assets and utilizes pooling facilitators who supply liquidity for cross chain transfers of crypto assets. Through this, it accelerates the transaction speed greatly, dissolves the interoperability problem between different Cryptocurrencies, relieves the transaction fees and also solves the issue of scalability.

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My WhatsApp Number Only: +91-9060170333

official website-
Marketing website-
technical whitepaper-…


The information povide here is for your own use.
“I am not a professional advisor. Do your own research. Crypto is a fast moving volatile market, so if you choose to invest, don’t invest more than you can afford to lose. Do your own research before investing.”
It is your responsibility that where you have to invest/ join any kind of program, it meam that we do not responsible by any lose you get.

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in this 6 minute English, we’ll be talking about the infamous Bitcoin. A digital crypto-currency.
Is it the same as ‘real’ money?
Can it be trusted?
Is it safe?







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