An Agile Software Engineering Method to Design Blockchain Applications (Michele Marchesi, SECR-2018) * Michele Marchesi ————- This paper proposes a software development process to gather the requirement, analyze, design, develop, test and deploy Blockchain [More]
Which cryptocurrencies does Mike own? What is ‘DeFi’? We’ve been receiving many questions about blockchain lately, hopefully a great deal of them will be answered in this amazing discussion between Dan Larimer and Mike Maloney. [More]
Since the time the Agile Manifesto was published in 2001, we have seen the emerging of a variety of implementation frameworks, most of which have been extremely successful in small or mid-size organizations but consistently [More]
Brett Henderson provides an update on Ethereum 2: design requirements and the latest details. Anchor Chain, Coordination Layer / Beacon Chain, Data Layer (Shard Chain), Execution Layer (VM). Phase 0, Phase 1 and Phase 2
Peter Robinson ( delivers a talk on Decentralized Random Number Generation. This talk covers many techniques: XOR, Commit-Reveal, RANDAO and Hash Onions, Verifiable Delay Functions (VDF), Shamir’s Threshold Scheme, Pedersen’s Scheme, my scheme, and Justin [More]