Ripple XRP mentioned in an updated Remittance Transfers Under the Electronic Fund Transfer Act (Regulation E) document dated June 5th, 2020 and starting the following – “Ripple, which offer both a payments messaging platform to support cross- border money transfers as well as a virtual currency, XRP, which can be used to effect settlement of those transfers.” XRP will be used by Banks and is currently being used by MoneyGram and other money transmitters. It was reported that Western Union is looking to buy MoneyGram, Western Union is currently still resting Ripple ODL and XRP. XRP takes the top spot in current ‘Emerging Trends’
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In this introduction to the world of blockchain, Shane Hihara of San Francisco Friends School explores how the crypto currency is finding its way into independent schools today.

With so much new technology coming at us so fast, it can be difficult to keep up. As part of the Emerging Tech Trends series, presenter Laura Solomon continues the exploration into emerging technology trends, and how these trends might (or might not) re-shape library services. Topics covered include: the blockchain (how it works, real uses beyond cryptocurrency, how it might affect libraries), realities (the state of virtual reality, the rise of augmented reality, mixed reality), and AI-powered chatbots, the subscription economy and voice-powered interactions (real-world applications that are not Alexa). Recorded live on May 8, 2018.

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Regulatory Panel: What are the compliance challenges raised by Crypto? What are the developments and the emerging solutions?
Zug, 26.June.2019

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Tokoin the next IEO on Kucoin Exchange!

Tokoin is a platform that establishes digital business identity and reputation of MSME as an acceptable credibility scoring for suppliers and financial institutions
Face the real market. Tokoin provide a platform to build valuable partnership which will bring you into the engaging ecosystem consists of collectible business profiles profitable for business expansion.

These are the users involved in the business activity of Tokoin. MSME as the data provider, submit their transaction data activity through Tokoin dApp. Tokoin process and validate the data into valuable asset. Partners can acquire the data by staking TOKO tokens.

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There might be an emerging trend in crypto investing occurring, following A16z’s investment in MKR and Placeholder/Paradigm’s investment in NMR. The best part about this trend? Regular, average Joe retail investors have access to these opportunities. Let’s talk about it all today!

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Numerai Token Sale Raises $11 Million From VC Firms Paradigm, Placeholder:

a16z crypto purchases 6% of MKR, backing Stablecoin Vanguard MakerDAO:

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Are warning signs emerging on the chart for the Bitcoin (BTC) price?! Let’s discuss this today and some cryptocurrency trading technical analysis (TA) + current 2019 market news and price action + prediction on cryptos in today’s video/live stream!

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Presented by Dr. Brad Pragnell.
Beginning with the introduction of UK Faster Payments in 2008, there are now dozens of faster payment systems in operation or being developed. This webinar traces the emergence of these systems, exploring how faster payment systems are both different from and similar to traditional bank-based payment systems. Importantly, the webinar will explore the implications of faster payment systems for emerging economies, issues for industry participants and policymakers and where these systems sit alongside other innovations such as mobile payments and distributed ledger technology.

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