Bitcoin and many other cryptos are on their way to all-time highs! Let’s take a look at the charts, the news, and cover current opportunities within the entire crypto market.

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This is the easiest explanation of Introduction to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency in Malayalam.
In this video, I explain what the basics of bitcoins are, introduction to bitcoin, bitcoin, peer to peer network, blockchain, how bitcoin works and how bitcoin is a good investment. I also explain the advantages and disadvantages of bitcoin investments. This video contains the basics bitcoin. This video is for beginners who are learning about bitcoin and planning to invest in a cryptocurrency.

how to create a coinbase wallet(bitcoin wallet) tutorials:-

how to earn bitcoin free without investment :-


Finally, A Blockchain Education Movement — Introducing Academy – School of Blockchain

Bitcoin that start it all but was it the bitcoin that came first or blockchain? Blockchain is the technology that allows a user to make a transaction without a middle man, without having to worry about high fees or losing their money to a third party.
How does blockchain work? We bring to you blockchain explained, everything about blockchain technology you need to know.

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In this video I covers new on:
Argo Blockchain Mining #ARB Bidstack #BIDS Itaconix #ITX Safestay #SSTY Wey Education #WEY
Their charts and the charts of:
#BTC $BTC #Gold Agronomics #ANIC Immotion #IMMO Nuformix #NFX Open Orphan #ORPH PowerHouse Energy #PHE Polarean #POLX Integumen #SKIN Xeros #XSG


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1st video on Argo Blockchain Mining #ARB

1st video on Bidstack #BIDS can be found here:

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1st video on Nuformix #NFX :

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4th video in Nuformix:

4th vdeo on Nuformix:

1st video on Open Orphan #ORPH (previously Venn Life Sciences #VENN):

2nd video on Open Orphan :

3rd video on Open Orphan:

1st video on Polarean #POLX :

2nd video on Polarean

3rd video on Polarean

4th video on Polarean:

5th video on Polarean:

Powerhouse Energy #PHE

1st video on Safestay #SSTY:

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Wey Education #WEY :

iShares UK Dividend ETF #iUKD

2nd video on UK Dividend ETF #iUKD

3rd video on UK Dividend ETF #iUKD

1st video on Xeros #XSG :

2nd video Xeros

My 3rd video on Xeros

If you are new to small cap investing I would recommend you look at my YouTube video series:

10 Lessons I’ve Learned from Investing in Small Caps:

Lesson 1 – RISK

Lesson 2 – REWARD



Lesson 5 – CASH IS KING

Lesson 6 – RESEARCH


Lesson 8 – STRATEGY

Lesson 9 – SELLING

Lesson 10 – DISCIPLINE

How I set up a Chart for Technical Analysis:

My, “Stock Picking Strategy”, here:

How I Use The Relative Strength Index:

How I Monitor the Share Price and Momentum:

What is a Balance Sheet?

What is a TR-1: Standard form for notification of major holdings?

What is the MACD / the moving average convergence divergence indicator?

I’ve been investing for over 20 years, in the last 5 years I have focused on small cap stocks for many reasons:

– They have the potential to massively outperform big cap stocks.

– There’s greater potential to earn multiples of your original outlay.

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This Video for Educational purpose Only.After learn you can make bitcoins but don`t steal someone`s bitcoins.We just give this script free Remember its only for education if you use we are not responsible for any consequences OK.
NOTE:We are not push any one to try this its only for eductional that our bitcoins are not safe keep it safe locations ok.


In an exclusive interview to Crypto Market News, Marketing Officer at Bitsane Crypto Exchange Vladyslav Shelest told CMN about how to convince people that crypto is not a bubble, but the future of money, why stablecoins must be present on every crypto exchange, and how Bitsane spreads its funds to defend interests of its clients.

#Bitsane #cryptocurrency #blockchain

We’re so proud of Zora Bell – the 7 year old who built a mobile app helping kids understand complex math. She attends Harambee Institute of Science and Technology Charter School in West Philadelphia and presented her creation at University of Pennsylvania’s “Bootstrap Expo.

What can we learn from this? How can we add blockchain education to these STEM programs? Can we teach young kids blockchain and build a 6 figure business.


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