Polkadot has a very interesting ecosystem with a lot of interesting projects that performed very well. In this video I will give you my personal top 3 favorite small cap cryptocurrencies in the Polkadot ecosystem.

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0:00 Intro
00:54 Polkadot (DOT)
2:35 Ecosystem
5:18 PolkaProject
7:06 Polkamarkets (POLK)
9:16 Exeedme (XED)
12:03 Ethernity Chain (ERN)

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A UCAP CETF divides ownership of itself into tokens that are held by token holders. The token holders indirectly own the assets of the fund. Token Holders are entitled to a share of the profits, and they would be entitled to any residual value if the fund undergoes liquidation.
CETF may be attractive as investments because of their low costs, asset aggregation, and tradability.

Cryptocurrency Loan Protocol. UNICAP DeFi Bank is a crypto digital currency deposit and loan protocol that supports deposit, withdrawal, as well as borrowing and paying at any time. Through
automatic procedures (smart contracts) deployed on the blockchain system, investors can quickly obtain returns without any obstacle, and borrowers can quickly and easily obtain financial support after providing appropriate collateral.

All profits from the DeFi Ecosystem are transferred to the fund and increases the price of the token.

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#newkidsontheblockchain #unification #fund
The New Kids On The Blockchain talk to Neyma Jahan from Unification Foundation and the Fund Ecosystem , WRKchains and their new PAC Chain.

We also have all the latest news from Erica at Crypto Curry Club in the blockchain and crypto world including a story about mainstream adoption across the automotive industry and all the latest from Crypto.com news from our sponsors.

🎥Show running Order🎥

00:00 – 02:32 Intro
02:32 – 09:23 Crypto Curry Club bring us all the latest news including Crypto.com latest news
09:23 – 11.15 Crypto.Com Latest updates
11.15 – 34.35 Featured project ‘Unification Foundation’ interview with Neyma Jahan
34:34- 35.45 Outro

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Tues July 14th 4pm: Tech for Sustainability: What’s next for Supercomputers: How Supercomputers are advancing research into finding cures for disease and new energy technologies.

Weds July 15th 4pm: The Unfolding of Onecoin- How a Ponzi got so Big with Tim Tayshun Curry from the BBC Missing Cryptoqueen podcast series

Thurs 16th 4pm Guide to Facebook: How to use Facebook Groups for your Business?

Thurs July 16th 6pm: Tech for Sustainability: Investing in the Circular Economy. Why a Fund Decided to Venture into Sustainable and Circular Economy Investments

Tues July 21st 4pm: How social norms and behavioural economics drive Tech for Sustainability

Thurs 23rd July 2pm How UK property transactions are being put on blockchain

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Velas – Is a new blockchain ecosystem that implements a new type of consensus, named AIDPOS, short for AI-powered Delegated Proof-of-Stake. This kind of consensus mechanism will improve scalability and security – along with interoperability with other blockchain protocols. The project has partnered up with big names in the industries such as CoinPayments, Alpina Capital, Market Across, Exmo, Blockchain Suisse, ZBG…….

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Video in motion graphic che restituisce il processo di certificazione Blockchain IBM Food Trust

🔥Velas – Is a new blockchain ecosystem that implements a new type of consensus, named AIDPOS, short for AI-powered Delegated Proof-of-Stake. This kind of consensus mechanism will improve scalability and security – along with interoperability with other blockchain protocols. The project has partnered up with big names in the industries such as CoinPayments, Alpina Capital, Market Across, Exmo, Blockchain Suisse, ZBG, just to name a few.
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Here is the introducing video for the first cyber security cryptocurrency – HACKEN.

HACKEN creates the ecosystem which nourish the connection between blockchain and cybersecurity communities, promote hacker ethics and encourage legitimate research of computer networks and software.

The video explains the structure of ecosystem and provides information about key points of HACKEN ICO.
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Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC), the Dubai government authority on commodities trade and enterprise, has announced the launc
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Consumers are increasingly seeking access to local, sustainably grown food and a connection to their food sources. Prices and access present a real challenge. Now, blockchain technology aims to provide the solution. Learn more at: https://www.foodcoin.io/

GofindXR – Blockchain Ecosystem for ARVR and Location based dapps

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Malta based Binance is setting itself up for global domination in the crypto industry. Whatever market sentiment may be at the moment, the company has not been deterred as it reportedly eyes antipodean shores for its next crypto exchange. According to Aussie crypto outlet Micky, Binance boss Changpeng Zhao said that the firm is actively looking at an Australian branch of the exchange. The outlet spoke to CZ in an interview in Singapore this week as it gleaned more details on antipodean ambitions. The report added that a ‘Lite’ version of the exchange already operates in Oz but it only offers limited services that provide a selection of coins for sale in cash at select retail outlets. CZ added; There was no definite time frame for the launch down under but it is expected to be the latter half of next year. Binance is likely to focus on larger markets before launching in Australia which has a growing level of crypto penetration. The government has taken a pro-crypto stance and the scene is maturing slowly. The enigmatic exchange CEO met with South Australian Premier Steven Marshall back in August when Adelaide was promoted as the perfect place to ‘BUIDL’ a blockchain city. An inaugural tech and blockchain event dubbed ‘SouthStart’ has been running this week in the southern capital which will have a heavy focus on crypto and its future in Australia. As awareness grows the number of outlets accepting crypto payments will increase and Adelaide is one city that is already onboard. According to the country’s inaugural research survey, the Independent Reserve Cryptocurrency Index (IRCI), 17% of Aussies already own some crypto. The study aims to examine Australia’s understanding, trust and confidence in crypto assets, as well as adoption prospects across the island nation. The research revealed that over a third of millennials and more than a quarter of generation Zs already hold some form of digital asset. IRCI CEO, Adrian Przelozny, added; Other findings from the survey claim that one in five Aussies are likely to buy crypto in the next six months and the majority under the age of 44 believe crypto will be widely accepted by people and businesses. Retirees as expected were more skeptical thinking that it will not take off in the future. The IRCI benchmarked Australia’s understanding, trust and confidence in cryptocurrency at 42 points out of a possible 100 with Przelozny calling it a number that indicated optimism and a maturation of the crypto industry.

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Direction: Misha Petrick, Oleg Kulinich
Animation: Oleg Kulinich, Yaroslav Kuryanovich, Slava Romanov, Vadim Luks and Pasha Borisov
Design: Oleg Kulinich and Alena Voronkova
Producer: Nadya Petrick
Sound: Alexander Maslyuk

Ontology has been making big moves recently making some big tech advances as well as an ecosystem full of valuable partners and dapps.

Disclosure: This is an unpaid review for a project that was deemed worthy of research time, recording and posting for educational purposes. Furthermore, I currently have not invested in this project, but after doing this video I am toying with the idea of grabbing a bad.

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Investor Value of Crypto Dropped, But Ecosystem and Industry are Growing Rapidly


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The Youtube Channel New Crypto Coin Started in July 2017. The Name was New Crypto Coin and the Goal was to find early new Crypto coin projects for early investments. Getting into Crypto investments early was the key to major KNOCKOUT gains later down the road. In June 2018 New Crypto Coin was changed to KNOCKOUT CRYPTO. Knockout Crypto is about researching the best cryptocurrency projects early and providing that information to our supporters.

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Lakeside Partners의 창업자 대표 Matthias Ruch가 주크의 크립토배리 생태계를 설명한다. ICO를 도와주는 기업으로 피치를 통해 좋은 ICO는 1억 상금을 주며, 법률자문 고문단 결성 은행구좌개설 등 전반적인 것을 도와준다.

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