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THE 2022 PAYMENTS CANADA SUMMIT The SUMMIT is Canada’s premier payment conference. On April 26 – 28, 2022, The 2022 SUMMIT brought together the best thinkers, visionaries and disruptors to discuss the future of payments [More]
Host Coach Toyin Umesiri – Instructor at Business, Success & Leadership Academy – https://Nazaru.Academy
#btc #Bitcoin #ethereum FED TO CRASH THE GLOBAL FIAT ECONOMY TO BRING IN BITCOIN ETHEREUM XRP ALM & ALTCOINS! New Three Kids Books! Let’s Re-Educate! cryptoteacher stocks channel Now have the Store Open: [More]
In this webinar, we discuss the recently launched BetaShares Crypto Innovators ETF (ASX: CRYP). We will cover the key features of the fund, what drives returns, and how the fund may be used in portfolios. [More]
Why music nft. converging technologies. Creator economies and blockchain for musicians is all coming together. Music NFT Hackathon coming next week. NFT are SMALL piece to a bigger puzzle. Learn now or be left behind [More]
Full interview with Finnish podcaster Mikko Kempe available on my back up channel here:
Raast is Pakistan’s first instant payment system that will enable end-to-end digital payments among individuals, businesses and government entities instantaneously. The state-of-the-art Pakistan’s Faster Payment System will be used to settle small-value retail payments in [More]
In ‘Currency for a Caring Economy’ Laura Brouwer and Nicolai Schmelling set the spotlight on the domestic worker and their invisible, but highly essential role in society. Before creating this documentary Laura and Nicolai did [More]
Peter Leeds explains the current events… GET MORE: Between the coronavirus and cryptocurrencies, from the economy to stocks, Peter breaks out his take. Wear a Mask. Hong Kong has Fallen to China. The new [More]
Surprise! The US government has JUST reported positive unemployment numbers for the month of May! This has many economists rethinking their outlook for growth in the second half of 2020, as well as the potential [More]
Now secure your seat in the economy of the future by participating in the making of Blockchain for Shared Economy. ESN White Paper – ES Light Paper – Visit Now – ► [More]
Un cambiamento epocale quello che sta maturando, sotto il profilo economico ma anche giuridico. La blockchain (letteralmente “catena di blocchi”) è una struttura dati condivisa e immutabile. È definita come un registro digitale le cui [More]
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Anindya Ghose, Heinz Riehl Chair Professor of Technology and Marketing, NYU Stern School of Business, shares his perspective on using Ai and blockchain to monetize the mobile economy at NetElixir’s X=Experience event. Key takeaways: 1. [More]
Tide paves the infrastructure for the global Personal Data Economy. Tide is turning the business liability of holding personal data into an asset. Tide is turning consumers into the rightful owners of their data. Tide [More]
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Economy Stock Market Gold and Silver Predictions WolfPack Cryptos/MMGinvest is an [Educational channel NOT investment advice, consult your financial advisor] We are not a licensed advisor! Crypto Currencies are highly volatile assets WPC highly recommends [More]
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Say hello to the decentralized economy — the blockchain is about to change everything. In this lucid explainer of the complex (and confusing) technology, Bettina Warburg describes how the blockchain will eliminate the need for [More]
20 Fevral 2019-cu il tarixində İstanbulda “Haliç” Konqres Mərkəzində bölgənin ən böyük Blokçeyn (Blockchain) və kriptovalyuta konfransı keçiriləcək. Konfrans sektorun beynəlxalq sahədə ən məşhur adlarının iştirakı ilə baş tutacaqdır. Beynəlxalq “Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit”də Türkiyə, [More]
CryptoSavvyChic Disclaimer: I am not a financial adviser, this is for entertainment only and this is simply an expression of my thoughts and opinions based on my personal experiences. Your money, your investment, [More]
Blockchain technology is beginning to move past cryptocurrencies into companies and now governments. Experiments are taking place globally into how the distributed ledger technology could be used on a national level. The question everyone wants [More]
Generalized Mining and The Third-Party Economy hosted by CoinFund and Cambrial at Prague Blockchain Week Panel #2: New Role of Crypto Investors Moderator: David Fauchier (Cambrial Capital) Panelists: Jake Brukhman, CoinFund, Partner Max Mersch, Fabric [More]
Innovations that enable faster payment processing — at or near real time — are changing how people around the globe use money. Even the U.S., a relative laggard, is seeing movement by both industry and [More]
Presented by Dr. Brad Pragnell. Beginning with the introduction of UK Faster Payments in 2008, there are now dozens of faster payment systems in operation or being developed. This webinar traces the emergence of these [More]