The valuation of Ethereum against Bitcoin has continued to take hits every time Bitcoin retests the 20 week moving average. If this trend continues for a few more months, it may set up for another timely ETH buy against BTC. Do you think the late Q4 accumulation of ETH with BTC will be another great opportunity this year, as it has since ETH inception? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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Napa-to-Sonoma is the flagship event in the Wine Country Half Marathon Series. This popular race features a fast and scenic course starting at Cuvaison Carneros Winery and finishing in historic Sonoma Plaza in front of City Hall. The world-renowned Napa and Sonoma Valleys serve as the host of this event, offering the finest in wine country ambience and hospitality.

Other activities are scheduled around the race, so bring family and friends and plan to stay and play! You’ll also meet new friends and running colleagues at this iconic event, which draws from all fifty states and many foreign countries. This is not your typical running race, this is a lifestyle experience!

Destination Races Project:
Date Filmed: Sunday April 20, 2014
EPISODE : Napa to Sonoma 1/2 Marathon
Total Length: 3 minutes 0 seconds
Music: Beyond Words / Kalimba Suite
By: Bobby McFerrin
Produced & Shot on Location By: Gérard Angé
Sony NEX FS-100 Super 35mm
Sony CX-760 GyroCam
LIVE ACTION: @ 1920 X 1080/ 29.97P
TIME-LAPSE: @ 1 Frame X1 Sec / 23.96P
Phantom Pilot: Dennis Tennier
PhantomCam 1920X1080 30p
©2014 Gerard Ange’ Productions International Inc.
(All Rights Reserved)
Bitcoin Address: 1Cp1RDK4zfQzRsRuMWSkiKZKY4f8jZg2V3
Gérard Angé Productions International Inc.,
Cine-Copter Airborne Video Services,
BOX 2234,
Healdsburg, California 95448
Cinematographer/ Editor / Writer/ Creative Director / Motion Graphics
Gérard Angé
(415) 975-1999

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Broader Crypto Analysis:

– Potentially setting up the buying window of the decade. Not trying to induce fomo, just my opinion. Still to early to be a buyer on anything, though.

Bitcoin Analysis:

– Feb 18 Gov’t Bitcoin auction put the top in the market for now. If you’ve been following these videos then you heard me talk about this over and over before the 18th.
– BTC Reload Zone (Long) Buying Window: $7384 – $7991
– No signs of bullish divergence up-side yet.
– Too early to be a buyer.

Litecoin Analysis:

– Using LTC/USD as a leading indicator for the space.
– LTC did NOT make lower lows today while BTC did.
– Reload Zone (Long) Buying Window: $46.21 – $54.37
– Too early to be a buyer.

Ethereum Analysis:

– Also using ETH/USD as a leading indicator for alts.
– Very different internals (momentum/volume) than just about every other name. Very bullish in comparison to everything else.
– Also did not make lower lows today.
– ETH Reload Zone (Long) Buying Window: $152.58 – $181.73
– Too early to be a buyer.

Altcoins Vs. Bitcoin Analysis (Shitcoins?):

– Most people think alt coins are going to underperform or go to zero. At least this is the tone I’m hearing from the herd.
– I think the low caps are the best risk/reward ratio trades of 2020. & also the most probable to run.
– Still just slowly accumulating against bottom ends of ranges with confirmed bullish divergences and market structure breakouts.
– Selling halves on doubles, all that.
– Join the discord to get our 100X Challenge Altcoin Account spreadsheet to get an idea what we’re accumulating, where, when, why, and how we’re managing the trades:

Bitcoin Dominance Analysis:

– Seeing some pullback to the upside as the alts/btc make their way again towards the bottom ends of their ranges.
– BTC.D expecting a 50% retracement to 54.29% by June 29 (based on Gann’s 50% Rule.. also explained in the video.)
– I think we’re in the middle of a big cyclical pivot in capital flows in this crypto market from BTC in to names that haven’t seen much attention for the last 2 years.

Trading Psychology Overview:

– True confidence in trading is not giving a damn what any financier says… You plan the trade and you trade your plan. You’re supposed to be like a robot!

– Don’t let me influence you! If you’re trying to become a better trader the only rational advice I can think of is to STOP trading if you’re not running a vetted trading plan or if you’re disobeying your rules.

– The best thing I could ever give you is the tools and resources to go out there and find your niche and your own way in the market. You just need to figure out what kind of trader you are and what works best for you. My trading mentor, Brian Beamish (The Rational Investor), helped me discover this. He fundamentally changed the way I look at life & capitalism in an incredibly positive way.. To the point where this is what I do, it’s what I love, and it’s how I support myself. It was truly a blessing and a turning point in my life.


– My vision with this is to help other people find their path in this world. The markets are an avenue. They’re always there.. not going anywhere.

– Sometimes people call trading is the one perfect business. No employees. Extremely low overhead. Flexible hours.

– There are thousands of successful traders in the world. Why can’t you be the one of them?


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