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1. Bakkt Surging Volume Shows That Institutional Investors Interested In Bitcoin, But Only If It’s Cheap

2.Cardano Tops Ethereum, in Top 15 Blockchain Rating By Flipside Crypto

3. Iran’s President Proposes Creation Of A Muslim Cryptocurrency To Fight The U.S

4. Malaysia Prime Minister Agree to Cryptocurrency Proposal as Alternative to US Dollar in Trade

5. Leading Crypto exchange Binance announced strategic investment in FTX

6. Leading Crypto exchange Binance announced strategic investment in FTX

7. CoinMarketCap is Being Used By The US Government

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OKEx Exchange Opens Margin Trading For Ripple Coin XRP/BTC and Litecoin LTC/BTC
XRP Coin Price Surges Past $0.50 on Twitter Suggestion of Ripple Entering Apple Pay via Wirex
India’s National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) Hacked to Promote Bitcoin Twitter Scams
Crypto Companies Are Preparing for Upcoming Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Hard Fork
Tether New Banking Partner Deltec is Under Investigation for Receiving Suspicious Transactions
Jack Dorsey’s Square Surpasses Twitter with $30 Billion Market Value as Bitcoin Business Begins to Boom
Oyster (PRL Token) Exit Scammers to be Taken to Court by Crypto Investor Victims via
[New XRP Crypto Rumor Denied] SWIFT is Not Partnering With Ripple’s RippleNet Anytime Soon
Norwegian Crypto Startup Bitruption Exchange Looks to Rival LocalBitcoins as a Worthy Competitor
Bitcoin is Less Volatile Than US Stock Options as BTC Trading Price Swings Dip to a 2-Year Low
Ripple Says Thailand And Abu Dhabi Have the Best Crypto Asset Regulations to Instill Innovation
Coinbase Joins the Ranks of Google, Apple and Facebook in Offering Egg-Freezing Health Benefits to Employees
Chainlink Oracle Services and bZx Margin Trading Protocol Collaborate for Strategic Goal
Iconiq Lab Adds the VAEON Protocol EOS VC Fund Backed ICO to Portfolio
Crypto Investors Conclude Latest XRP Coin Price Surge is Manipulation and Speculation vs Utility
ICO Token Funding for Crypto Startups Need to Adjust Adequately to Changing Landscape
Ripple’s Blockchain Messaging and Payment Solution Tools May Help Amazon’s Business Model
Canada’s St. Francis Xavier University Forced to Power Down Network After Cryptojacking Attack
Salesforce Awarded New Blockchain Patent For Blocking Email Spam via Custom Matching System
Tron Looks to Decentralize the TRX Network By Replacing Genesis Reps with Super Representatives

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