Leaving a ledger of transactions, contracts, and laws has been commonplace throughout human history. Even so, these have been subject to destruction, loss, and lack of validity. Blockchains like Bitcoin SV enable the creation, storage, and transaction of information without these risks.

Taking the virtual stage for Bitcoin SV Devcon was the Curriculum Specialist for Bitcoin Association, Evan Freeman, who delved into the infrastructure of Bitcoin, how the transactions within it comprise a long, immutable ledger of information while dispelling some of the common misconceptions about ledgers and nodes on Bitcoin SV.

Have you ever wondered what goes on under the hood of an Ethereum node? Frankly, most people don’t care. If you are, however, running production systems with multiple nodes across geographical locations, knowing what your nodes do internally is more important than you might think. It is a general fallacy to believe that a software either works, or does not. In reality, there is a whole spectrum in between. A software almost never works perfectly, rather there are quirks that may or may not affect your use case. These quirks may manifest only above a certain load or compound as time passes. The only way to build out a robust infrastructure, is to accept that your nodes are quirky. Instead of getting surprised when they break – having no idea what caused it – you must always be aware of buildups and correlations to external stimuli. This talk will present the suite of metrics that Geth exports for monitoring, highlighting why these have been added and why they might be important to you. By correlating your own load and use case with Geth’s internals, you’ll be able to gauge issues before they ever get strained enough to cause catastrophic meltdowns.

Conference Agenda: https://devcon.org/agenda
Slides: https://slideslive.com/38920045/monitoring-an-ethereum-infrastructure
Ethereum Blockchain Devcon 5 Conference in Osaka, Japan 2019

Open mic for the community: which topics are so important that you would skip lunch to get into a discussion about? Funding? ProgPOW? EIP-1559 fee market changes? You decide!

Conference Agenda: https://devcon.org/agenda
Ethereum Blockchain Devcon 5 Conference in Osaka, Japan 2019

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