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Gulf Blockchain Week 2021 Powered by CV Labs Panel: Investment Strategies & Design for Blockchain Projects Speakers: Ralf Glabischnig, Founder, Crypto Valley Venture Capital, CV Labs Josef Holm, Draper Goren Holm Hubertus Thonhauser, Founding Partner, [More] An Agile Software Engineering Method to Design Blockchain Applications (Michele Marchesi, SECR-2018) * Michele Marchesi ————- This paper proposes a software development process to gather the requirement, analyze, design, develop, test and deploy Blockchain [More]
Learn all about smart contracts and Distributed Autonomous Organisations (DAO’s).
Introduction to the series of videos produced within the TEH Business Development programme. By Antonio Tenorio-Fornés
Tinkercad: Robbie’s Thingiverse Profile: Robbie and Jeff sit down for a chat about how the pandemic has forced the Internet infrastructure to change rapidly, and what we can expect. Plus Robbie shares how [More]
Discovering Blockchain- An exploration and understanding of your community; empathy mapping – Non Violent Communication needs inventory: – Non Violent Communication feelings inventory:
Mapping your community – Before you can find a blockchain solution for a problem within your community, you first need to map it.
Blockchain debates- Learn about some of the advantages and disadvantages of Blockchain.
Blockchain applications – Are you curious on how you could use blockchain in your community? Link to Blockchain social good organisations: 73 Blockchain Social Good Organizations That Are Actually Doing Something
Don’t let the title underestimate this episode. This is one of the best ones yet. Jonny, Billy, and Robbie (we need some name better name diversity) dive deep into the world of design, including its [More]
sound design – Nakhimov Dmitrii animation – Lemon Digital
Here at Zajno we’ve been working on taking an already existing crypto-currency management app to the next level. We worked on the design and front-end implementation of the app on react.js. The most important goals [More]
A series of experimental visuals designed to coexist with IBM Blockchain branding. Custom patterns, textures, and 3D models were created to represent the various industries that are using IBM Blockchain technologies. This cut is a [More]
Keep exploring your community with the exercise of ‘user journeys’.
New technologies, analytics, and digital currencies such as BitCoin are all evolving our relationship with money and pose many questions. Joe Robinson, ex-product lead at Square and currently VP of Product at Circle, a company [More]
Extract from Future Design Podcast #002 with Karthik Iyer, The Blockchain Monk
What is the blockchain and how might it be relevant to emerging business models? How does the blockchain case reveal the principles and practices around values such as decentralization, transparency and security that have been [More]
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