Global trade has been, and can be to a much larger extent, a global equalizer of opportunities. Countless countries and regions have lifted themselves out of poverty and into prosperity thanks to the local rise of manufacturing and trade to power their export economies. World merchandise exports by WTO members were US$15.7T in 2016, but the potential for greater economic integration is barely tapped.

Only a small percentage of businesses worldwide are able to engage in the global economy due to inability to establish a risk profile, build trusted relationships with potential trading partners, and access financing. Instead of introducing incremental changes or tweaks to the current way of conducting global trade, TigerTrade believes that by leveraging state-of-the art blockchain technology and all of its amazing features – dApps, smart contracts and cryptocurrencies – we can rebuild the way in which global trade is conducted in an aim to include many more suppliers, vendors, buyers, sellers, finance partners, transportation agents and a plethora of others, while providing access to the financing needed to both start and conduct business on a global scale.
Tiger Trade’s blockchain-powered global trade and trade finance platform will address these issues and turn these global challenges into enormous market opportunities for the company, the token economy it introduces and hundreds of millions of others, allowing them to participate in the global economy like never before.

In this special episode of Financial Fox, PR crypto Guru Stefania Barbaglio talks to Philipp Pieper, co-founder and CEO of Swarm Fund. Philip talks about the future of digitised securities and Swarm’s mission and services. Launched in Silicon Valley, Swarm Fund is a decentralised capital marketplace that democratises investment in crypto security assets offering a fully compliant and legal infrastructure. It offers a wide variety of investments which built on the same platform: new opportunities and free access to digitised assets to any investors on no discriminatory basis. Swarm is a decentralised, fully compliant, open-sourced investment fund for projects in the blockchain space. WATCH the video to Learn More about Swarm.

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