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Binance crypto exchange delists its BNB token in Uganda Binance Uganda noted that it would halt BNB deposits on September 10. BNB withdrawals are set to continue until November 6. Per Binance Uganda, it delisted [More]
The popular exchange Poloniex announced their intention to remove support for 7 long-standing cryptocurrencies. This move came as a shock to many of the respective coin communities. Trading of the affected tokens is planned to [More]
Cryptocurrency news: The Chinese have outlawed Bitcoin mining farms, ConsenSys is on the look out for some more funding, makes 100,000 reservations for new cryptocurrency debit cards in EU and USA, North Korea has [More]
Binance annouces they are going to delist 4 coins from their exchange. The biggest one being Bytecoin (BCN). Tune in and find out the latest Bitcoin news and the latest crypto news today! Tune in [More]