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Our internet went down at 12am at night. I tried unplugging and resetting. Nothing is working. Miners are still powered on but no internet. We had to call comcast and only they could reset the [More]
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We have had a HUGE shift in the world of crypto. Whether or not you believe DeFi is a bubble inside of a larger bubble swelling in crypto, the fact is for right now… at [More]
Upon checking crypto Twitter, cryptocurrency sub-Reddits, and elsewhere in the crypto space, investors are exceptionally bullish on Ethereum compared to Bitcoin. Long positions in Ethereum continue to skyrocket, and the amount of ETH locked up [More]
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#Bitcoin dead cat bounce or recovery? Will we inevitable fill the CME Futures gap at $8.5k? $BTC could surge if Facebook’s congressional hearings end positively, best accumulation strategy, $ICX Fee 2.0, $DEEP IEO, crypto news, [More]
Crypto is dead, and it’s the best thing to ever happen to crypto. What the heck do I mean? Well, crypto as we know it is dead, and it needed to happen. ICO’s and influencers [More]
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This is the END of Bitcoin Mining Follow Up Video. Since Crypto Mining is DEAD I’ve decided to sell all my equipment on eBay. GOODBYE, my little mining babies 😭😭😭. I’ve already sold one GPU [More]
Investigative reporter and cryptocurrency expert Ben Swann joins the News with Rick Sanchez, live from the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami, Florida. FAIR USE NOTICE This video may contain copyrighted material; the use of [More]
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