DAVID (NY) RONALD QUIROZ, VIDEOART, 2021. . http://mkfs.cc/d0f . “I hitched a ride with a vending machine repair man He says he’s been down this road more than twice He was high on intellectualism I’ve [More]
DAVID (NY2) RONALD QUIROZ, VIDEOART, 2021. . http://mkfs.cc/K0CMnw . “I hitched a ride with a vending machine repair man He says he’s been down this road more than twice He was high on intellectualism I’ve [More]
The Current State of Markets: Earnings, Energy Sector, Fiscal Stimulus, Crypto-currency
The Weekly Crypto Markets Insights & Analysis Podcast Featuring the leading experts, executives & thought leaders in the industry //Crypto RFQ This week in the crypto markets David Olsson, MD, Europe & Asia, BlockFi David [More]
VIP Analysis / Coin calls: https://www.patreon.com/kcryptoutube ATTENTION ALL RIPPLE XRP INVESTORS! PREPARE NOW or DIE! | DAVID SCHWARTZ: ‘HERE’S WHY XRP IS #1!!’ Business Inquiries: rrkcrypto@gmail.com ***NOT FINANCIAL, LEGAL, OR TAX ADVICE! JUST OPINION! I [More]
BIT – Blockchain Institute & Technology. Open Education Lab conectando talento y empresa. https://www.bitbcn.org/
Infrastructure Players: Smart Strategies for Building on Blockchain Leaders from the most widely used enterprise blockchain platforms will share their learnings as they discuss what the most successful companies using those platforms have in common [More]
Episode 39witha Panel from the Institute of Advanced Financial Planners Conference Title: Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies, Are They an Investment you should Recommend to your Clients? Summary: During the 39th episode of the Fintech Impact podcast, Jason Pereira(award-winning  financial planner, [More]
PLAYLIST https://vimeopro.com/bravefreedomsvideos/corona-virus-covid-19the-pandemic-that-never-should-have-happened/video/362460903 PRESIDENT TRUMP THE PEOPLE’S HERO SUPPORT OUR BRAVE FREEDOM-LOVING PRESIDENT FIGHT FOR AMERICA https://secure.donaldjtrump.com/we-made-historyCORONAVIRUS The Key to all HEALTH is IMMUNITY – the power of your own Stem Cells https://vimeo.com/359753360 GOOGLE: CERULE on [More]
It seems everything today is now “Blockchain enabled”, but what attributes make up a good Blockchain project? Many companies fall into the same trap of thinking that “The Blockchain is a silver bullet”. In this [More]
Support your health today with Collagen! Click Here! http://www.healthwithsgt.com This is my FAV trusted source ^^^^💪💪 As battle lines are being drawn, David Morgan the founder of the Morgan Report joins me to discuss 2020 [More]
David Gold (Fio Protocol) gives advice to crypto investors in the interview with Dushan Spalevich (October 2019). DISCLAIMER: Our video content is for information purposes only and does not contain any financial or investment advice.
The Initial Coin Offering (ICO) boom has been powered by smart contracts, making them a hotter and more lucrative target than ever before. One might expect that being well-funded by security-sensitive investors would be enough [More]
Today on Blockchain Interviews, we speak with David and Phil, the Founder and Marketing head of Ellipal Hardware wallet. Ellipal protects your cryptocurrency with the most secure air-gapped hardware wallet with mobile phone support. Learn [More]
Blockchain is totally Cyberpunk. It lets users cut out corporations by directly interacting and trading over the web, building up anonymous reputation scores and swapping credit sticks in person. Simultaneously it enables corporations to prove [More]
The different usages of the blockchain — as the grid on which Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies are running, as a platform to sell art, and as an administrative and transparent decision-making and voting technology —show [More]
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Dr. David Meszaros is an International Blockchain Lawyer, provides services as a lawyer, business consultant, and blockchain enthusiast, with knowledge of global legal systems, including but not limited to the EU, US, and the UK. [More]
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