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In Klaus Schwab’s book “The Great Reset” he warns about a cyber security attack on the united states power grid which would ultimately bring everything to a stop. I am still shocked to actually seeing [More]
As a result of the collaboration between CVA’s Enterprise Blockchain & Cybersecurity Working Groups, we’re proud to announce the release of our latest CVA publication “Blueprint for Cybersecurity for Enterprise Blockchain Solutions”.  Over the last decades a [More]
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With DLT, consensus algorithms, time stamps and more, Blockchain is poised to provide strengthened cybersecurity for businesses. Find out more in this video.
Cryptocurrency cyber attacks are continuing at an alarming rate. They are one of the largest threats to the legitimacy of Cryptocurrencies. HAPI is focusing on creating a safer environment for cryptocurrencies through oracles and audit [More]
On today’s show, host Chris Gorog talks with Jason Rupe about the future direction in blockchain technology. Blockchain, commonly known for its use in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, has benefits in bringing trust to any [More]
Devtailor co-Founder and CEO Junno Stern speaks to Capitol Intelligence/CI GCA using CI Glass on blockchain, cybersecurity, IT development at the Tecnopol in Talinn, Estonia. August 15, 2019
Kudelski Group AG and Innosuisse chairman Andre Kudelski filmed by Capitol Intelligence/BBN using CI Glass on cybersecurity and blockchain during Woodrow Wilson Center forum titled: “Brittle Boundaries: Creating Collective Cybersecurity Defense” in Washington, DC. June [More]
😱 The most interesting event of yesterday was the hacking of the social network Twitter, in particular, Ilonas accounts Mask, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and other famous personalities. Actually, lets see what this incident is [More]
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How can we develop new models of cybersecurity that create trusted and safe digital networks? The Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, and other technologies have the potential to bring transparency, security, and efficiency, but without [More]
Blockchain Technology in Cybersecurity Presenter: Mr. Sadananda Sahoo |Head Security Sales – India, SAARC, Radware Moderator: – Mr. Deepak Bhatta Panel Discussion Panelist:- – Dr. Pramod Parajuli | Managing director of one cover Pvt. Ltd. [More]
The Malta Financial Services Authority has launched a consultation document saying it has identified the need to ensure that the industry implements security solutions to mitigate cyber threats effectively. In an 18-page document, the FSA [More]
Cryptography and cybersecurity are embedded in the fabric of blockchain technology. One of the main breakthroughs of blockchain tech is the way information is secured, authenticated, accessed, and transferred.