On today’s show, host Chris Gorog talks with Jason Rupe about the future direction in blockchain technology. Blockchain, commonly known for its use in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, has benefits in bringing trust to any distributable dataset. Listen to this episode of NCF as we explore the current research in blockchain for a cyber world built to be secure from the ground up.

Devtailor co-Founder and CEO Junno Stern speaks to Capitol Intelligence/CI GCA using CI Glass on blockchain, cybersecurity, IT development at the Tecnopol in Talinn, Estonia. August 15, 2019

Kudelski Group AG and Innosuisse chairman Andre Kudelski filmed by Capitol Intelligence/BBN using CI Glass on cybersecurity and blockchain during Woodrow Wilson Center forum titled: “Brittle Boundaries: Creating Collective Cybersecurity Defense” in Washington, DC. June 6, 2019

😱 The most interesting event of yesterday was the hacking of the social network Twitter, in particular, Ilonas accounts Mask, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and other famous personalities. Actually, lets see what this incident is about …

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Prashant Surana Jain is a #1 Super Achiever under 30 by Prestigious Hindustan Time, a Serial Entrepreneur in AI and Blockchain. He is Co-founder of Snapper Future Tech, India’s most promising blockchain technology, and innovation Company. Prashant has been in Blockchain space since 2015, has spoken at hundreds of conferences around the world. He is also Leading Blockchain evangelist, investor, and consultant helping startups to fortune companies to blitz scale and adopt blockchain. I believe we are in “Blockchain Age” and Blockchain brings trust to the Internet. Blockchain is “TRUST” and “TRUST” is the Greatest “VALUE” to Mankind. With Snapper and my Blockchain ventures, We are disrupting “Status Quo” of the “Internet” with “Blockchain”. We are enablers, creators, and adopters pushing the “HUMAN RACE FORWARD”.

How can we develop new models of cybersecurity that create trusted and safe digital networks? The Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, and other technologies have the potential to bring transparency, security, and efficiency, but without a proper governing framework for their use, these innovations can leave us with a vexing set of short and long-term governance challenges.

This symposium provided insight and a comprehensive overview of the latest trends, use cases, and research in the field of Security Technologies.

Chris Luebkeman
Arup Fellow & Global Director, Arup Foresight

Susan Kish
Executive, Entrepreneur, Advisor

Christina Ayiotis
Cybersecurity & Information Governance Leadership & Consulting

Matthias Bossardt
Head of Cyber Security, KPMG

Lorenz Breidenbach
System Security Group, ETH Zurich

Daniel Dobrygowski
Head of Governance and Policy for the Global Centre for Cybersecurity, World Economic Forum

Dan Guido
Co-Founder & CEO, Trail of Bits

Norma Krayem
Sr Policy Advisor & Global Chair, Cybersecurity & Privacy Policy and Regulatory Team, Holland & Knight

Raffael Marty
Vice President of Corporate Strategy, Forcepoint

Silvan Tschopp
Vice President Customer Success, Open Systems AG

Blockchain Technology in Cybersecurity
Presenter: Mr. Sadananda Sahoo |Head Security Sales – India, SAARC, Radware
Moderator: – Mr. Deepak Bhatta
Panel Discussion
– Dr. Pramod Parajuli | Managing director of one cover Pvt. Ltd.
– Mr. Sujit Shrestha|COO | Standard Chartered Bank Nepal |
– Prof. Dr. Subarna Shakya | IOE-TU
– Saroj Lamichhane | Co-Founder | CEO | Vairav Technology

Mr. Deepak Bhatta, Blockchain developer, Digital commerce enthusiast
Currently working as Chief Technology Officer at Kilroy Blockchain LLC leading whole development team, handling projects and communicate with clients and management. Deeply engaged in the research of AI + Blockchain and its usability in different sectors like businesses, government, education, healthcare soon, and have developed blockchain based solutions based on the Hyperledger blockchain. Web development experience of almost 8+ years has undoubtedly helped me to figure out how the blockchain can be brought up to the end user.

Dr. Pramod Parajuli, Managing Director at One Cover Pvt Ltd
Dr. Parajuli is a researcher in the field of AI and risk management, IT consultant, and trainer. He has been providing his services to the industry since 2000, starting with software solutions, then Information Security services, business solutions, data analytics, and leadership development in Nepal and Australia. He has been an active researcher in the domain of risk preference in intelligent agents, robotics, & data science and also trains future graduates in university accredited programs. He is the recipient of various international awards; Australian Leadership Award 2011 by AusAID, Australia, IBM Ph.D. Fellowship 2012 awarded by Thomas J. Watson Research Center, IBM Research, NY, USA and Valeo Innovation Challenge Finalist Award 2014 by Valeo, France. Currently, he serves as Managing Director of OneCover Pvt. Ltd., Senior Vice-President of npCert, Board member of Center for Cyber Security Research Institute, Consultant at various IT solutions providers, HR consultancies, and Banking & Financial Institutions.

Mr. Sujit Shrestha, Chief Operating Officer (COO) | Standard Chartered Bank Nepal

Sujit is leading Technology & Operations for Standard Chartered Bank in Nepal with over 21 years of experience with a team of 100+ onshore talents having diverse skills and expertise to deliver banking products and services.

As a core member of the management team of the bank, he manages governance, risk, and compliance required to operate a broad portfolio of technology solutions and product operations for a multinational bank.

Has started a career as Technology consultant after completion of academic degree and joined the Bank in Data Center. He managed day-to-day operations in Data Center during his early career and later moved to Technology infrastructure and application support. He had developed various software in the Bank before moving to the leadership roles. Worked in several positions of Technology function before taking over the Chief Operating Officer (COO) in 2019.

He has taken pieces of training on leadership and management development and was mentored by the number of senior members of Group during a year-long SCB Business Management Programme (BMP).

He had worked with people from diverse culture and geographies while managing shared services provided for the bank through Global Business Services (GBS). He has extensively traveled to Dubai, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Hongkong, Vietnam, Singapore, Bangladesh for projects, pieces of training, and short-term assignments.

He has been actively engaged in industry forums, government, and regulatory initiatives. He coordinated technology sub-committee of Nepal Bankers’ Association.

Prof. Dr. Subarna Shakya, Professor at Institute Of Engineering, Tribhuvan University, Nepal
Prof. Dr. Subarna Shakya holds a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from Lviv Polytechnic National University, Ukraine. He served as Executive Director at National Information technology Center, Government of Nepal.

Mr. Saroj Lamichhane, Co-Founder and CEO of Vairav Technology
young, dynamic, graduate in computer network engineering from The University of Northampton, UK, with an excess of 12+ years industry experience in Network/System Administration and 9+ years in Information Security Management, Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing and IS Audit, MSSP and Managed Security Operation Center (SoC)

Specialties: Speaker – ( npNOG – 2017, Apricot 2018 – FIRST TC ), IS Audit, Pen-testing, Vulnerabilities Assessment, Information Security Management, Team Building, Firewall, IDS/IPS, BASH scripting, Cisco (Router, Switch, IoS firewall/CBAC, ACL, IPSec), Routing Protocols,(VA/PT, Managed SoC provider and IS Audit),Hacking since 2003,Presented on APRICOT/APAN 46/NPNOG, Also into Academic since 2011 at Islington College. Team Lead IS Audit – 14 A grade Bank.

The Malta Financial Services Authority has launched a consultation document saying it has identified the need to ensure that the industry implements security solutions to mitigate cyber threats effectively. In an 18-page document, the FSA has included Guidance notes on cybersecurity asking crypto investment firms to comply with a series of security rules.
With Jessica Walker

Cryptography and cybersecurity are embedded in the fabric of blockchain technology. One of the main breakthroughs of blockchain tech is the way information is secured, authenticated, accessed, and transferred.

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