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In this episode of the Blockchain for Beginners podcast I talk about the difference between Proof of Work and Proof of Stain consensus mechanisms. It is a timely topic because there are a number of [More]
let’s learn together and grow-up our knowledge In Bitcoin, changes to the protocol come in the form of BIPs, or Bitcoin Improvement Proposals. These can be changes in the network protocol, block or transaction validation, [More]
ทุกคนเคยสงสัยหรือไม่ว่า บล็อกเชนจะเชื่อถือข้อมูลที่ถูกเพิ่มเข้ามาได้อย่างไร ? . นี่แหละความสำคัญของ Consensus Algorithm หรือ ฉันทามติ ซึ่งเป็นหัวใจหลักในการทํางานของบล็อกเชน . . ใน EP นี้ เราจะมาเรียนรู้กันว่า Consensus Algorithm มีทั้งหมดกี่แบบ แล้วในแต่ละแบบ มีข้อแตกต่างอย่างไร . รวมถึงทำความเข้าใจข้อดีและข้อเสียของ Consensus Algorithm แต่ละแบบด้วย . สำหรับใครที่กำลังศึกษาเกี่ยวกับบล็อกเชน อย่าลืมกลับไปดู EP อื่น ๆ ก่อนหน้านี้นะคะ รับรองว่าเข้าใจได้ง่าย ๆ [More]
شرح بالعربي لخوارزمية دليل العمل وخوارزمية اثبات صحة الحصة وغيرها من خوارزميات الاجماع \ الاتفاق في تقنية البلوك تشين مع المقارنة بينهم. بالإضافة لشرح مسألة \ مشكلة الجنرال البيزنطي في الأنظمة الموزعة، ما هي وكيف [More]
Vitalik Buterin: Ethereum is a Decentralized Consensus Platform Digital crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin are the singularity of money and, after spending some time educating myself, I have turned from a skeptic into a fan. If [More]
The 2nd episode, “Scars of Consensus” shines a light on stuff that happened after the consolidation of Bitcoin… and the dispersion of part of its community into a series of different initiatives. In particular, we [More]
Role: Art Direction Consensus is the annual gathering of the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology world. Since 2015, Consensus has attracted every major company, developer, founder and investor in the cryptocurrency and blockchain world to engage [More]
Unlock business value with IBM Blockchain Platform’s Multicloud capabilities. With blockchain software, services, tools and sample code, the IBM Blockchain Platform includes everything you need to create, test, govern and manage a working blockchain network, [More]
How many ether whales are out there? How do their trades affect market volatility, and more to the point, the price of ether? What are their relationships with major exchanges? Blockchain forensics firm Chainlaysis will [More]
Cryptocurrency Market Update May 19th 2019 – Bulls Follow Consensus In this week’s cryptocurrency market update we look at all the latest news headlines for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance, Bitfinex, Stock markets & more. Bitcoin & [More]
Does the blockchain make traditional consensus algorithms such as Paxos, Raft, and PBFT (practical byzantine fault tolerance) obsolete? Can we just all forget about consensus, and be happy with the blockchain? This is the first [More]
Sean Rodriguez, Senior Vice President, Faster Payments Strategy Leader, Federal Reserve System, summarises the US faster payments landscape, and what needs to be done to create a united faster payments solution. For all your fintech-related [More]