We’re back with another Velas Digest, this week’s special guest is Tracy, she is the head of Crypto Valley Labs Corporate & Institutional side of Crypto Valley Venture Capital & Ecosystem. Will Bitcoin reach 100k, Coinbase IPO could help move cryptocurrency forward in a big way, and sending crypto on Signal privacy messenger app. Don’t forget we do these every Wednesday on Clubhouse.

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Matt Hougan, chief investment officer of Bitwise Asset Management, checks in with CNBC’s Bob Pisani regarding the prospects for a bitcoin-based ETF. For access to live and exclusive video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO: https://cnb.cx/2NGeIvi

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Das war ein extrem wichtiger Meilenstein für Crypto! Das Listing der Coinbase (COIN) Aktie an der NASDAQ.

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Today we are going to talk about RIOT Riot Blockchain, Marathon Digital Look Bullish Ahead Of Coinbase IPO





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Bitcoin’s price has been uncharacteristically steady lately, meaning we’re likely due for a big move in price.

But with Coinbase’s IPO being just days away, will the move be bullish or bearish?

Let’s talk.

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coinbase stock goes live on april 14th. Microstrategy now pays their directors in bitcoin. The old 2010 Bitcoin Faucet. and much more!

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Ripple XRP VICTORY!!! Prepare For The Wednesday Coinbase IPO Explosion!

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Coinbase Going Public Will Legitimize Blockchain, Says Alchemy CEO: Apr.08 — Nikil Viswanathan, co-founder and CEO of Alchemy Insights Inc, discusses the rising popularity of non-fungible token (NFT). A NFT digital art piece was sold for a record $69 million at Christie’s, and Twitter Inc CEO Jack Dorsey’s first tweet was also sold for $2.9 million as an NFT. Alchemy is a blockchain developer platform that powers most of the major NFT transactions and says it has grown 54-fold since August 2020. Viswanathan speaks to Emily Chang on “Bloomberg Technology”.

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BREAKING: Coinbase’s $COIN stock to go live on Nasdaq April 14!! What are best altcoins on Coinbase in 2021? Top cryptocurrency investments set to explode in April?

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Is ethereum a good investment 2021? What will ethereum be worth in 2021?

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00:00 Intro
01:04 Coinbase on NASDAQ April 14th!
02:13 Top Coins on Binance and Uniswap?!?
03:11 Coin 6 – Big Polkadot Integration!!
04:40 Coin 5 – All Top Programming Languages in 6 Months!!
05:46 Coin 4 – Big DeFi Derivatives Market Coins!
08:23 Coin 3 – NFTs & Virtual Land!
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11:06 Coin 2 – Yield Farming
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Coinbase has finally listed ADA!! In this video, we discuss Cardano and what’s to come, why Ethereum and Bitcoin are bullish, Shopping.io SPI big events coming and other major Cryptocurrency news.

WARNING: The comments are full of scammers lately! There are even accounts using my name and logo!

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00:00 Crypto News intro
0:26 Cardano ADA Coinbase Listing Discussion
1:00 Cryptocurrency Market Updates
2:00 ADA Price Discussion
3:58 Shopping.io SPI Token Updates
7:48 Bitcoin Price New All-Time High Soon?
8:28 SBI Crypto’s Bitcoin Mining Pool Goes Public
8:48 Ethereum Bulls Reemerge End of March
9:35 Ethereum Layer 2 Scaling Solutions
9:58 Bitcoin Pro Traders are Bullish
10:12 Final thoughts and video outro

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Time Stamps for this Video
02:30 Agenda of this video
04:30 Using XLM as alternative to XRP
07:30 Using XLM – DEMO – WazirX to Coinbase, Coinbase to WazirX, Bitrue
11:10 Coinbase Staking Interest
17:10 Prices of the cryptos in Feb 2021 – My top 10 portfolio
21:02 Crypto.com CRO Mainnet launch and 70 billion CRO burn event
27:00 My current position and new crypto investments
30:45 my future strategy & top 6 price predictions
37:20 Final Words & Closing Statement
⛓️ 🔗 Disclaimer 🔗 ⛓️
This post and all others are NOT financial advice & I am NOT a financial advisor. I am only trying to teach the process in a simple language. My opinions are not recommendations, always do your own research – DYOR. Please consult a professional financial advisor if you need financial advice. Investing in crypto & shares poses an extreme risk of of funds! Manage your personal risk based on your own personal situation.
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Please make sure to watch EP01 and EP02 before EP03 & EP04 and deciding to invest for the risks involved in Crypto Investing.

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EP07 – My favourite crypto wallet |50 $ Bonus|- CRYPTO.COM – https://youtu.be/SEtnNiTKRDY
EP07.2 – In India How to get 50 $ Bonus & withdraw Immediately – https://youtu.be/SEtnNiTKRDY
EP08 – Crypto.com EXCHANGE 50% Discount Crypto – https://youtu.be/dCrFcwah1SY
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EP18 – My Crypto Portfolio Update | New Cryptos – https://youtu.be/g5mZpjbs3jw
EP19 – My top 5 Crypto Investing Tips – https://youtu.be/jvom5dt8VEE

What is the best crypto exchange? Crypto Boomer joins me to discuss Binance, Coinbase, Kraken as well as other apps such as Swissborg, Celsius & Cold Storage options

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This video I cover some easy to use exchanges for beginners that have many features that are important to comsumers and very easy to use.

* Disclosure: I am not a financial advisor, do your own research before using this or anything I put on my future videos! I am not being paid for this, nor did they ask me to make it. This is not a buy signal, all my opinion.

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In December 2020, the leading cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase announced that it was planning to go public. However, unlike most Silicon Valley companies, Coinbase intends to sell its shares by direct listing instead of an initial public offering (IPO).
Coinbase is a primary hub for retail and institutional traders to purchase cryptocurrencies. Brian Armstrong, the company’s current CEO, launched the business in 2012 along with Fred Ehrsam. Expectedly, as cryptocurrencies gained popularity, so did Coinbase. The company gained the ‘unicorn’ status in 2017, and its latest valuation, in 2018, was $8 billion.
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Many people have been asking me which Crypto exchanges I believe are best for the average crypto investor. So I thought to make this video. Watch all the way through to understand why choosing the right exchange is important to achieving your investing goals!

What do you use to invest?

Best Crypto Exchanges – https://www.bitdegree.org/crypto/
Coinbase Custody – https://custody.coinbase.com/assets
Coinbase 6 New Coins – https://cryptobriefing.com/coinbase-custody-adds-six-new-coins-to-its-vault/#:~:text=Coinbase%20Custody%20will%20support%20six,wide%20selection%20of%20DeFi%20apps.
Coinbase IPO – https://www.theblockcrypto.com/linked/92170/coinbase-ipo-will-impress-wall-street
Coinbase Twitter – https://twitter.com/coinbase?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor
Kraken New Coin Listing – https://support.kraken.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001388206-New-coin-listing-requests
Kraken 26 New Coins – https://www.coindesk.com/kraken-trading-pairs-cryptocurrency-australia-uk
Binance New Coins – https://www.binance.com/en/support/announcement/c-49?navId=49
Binance New Coin Survey – https://www.binance.com/en/vote
CoinMarketCap Rankings – https://coinmarketcap.com/

Business World MENA is a client-focused, global consulting firm that solely exists to connect individuals with opportunities.

Hayat International is a subsidiary of BW and our own NPO, we strive to improve human needs, health & wellness, environmental sustainability, and legal support.

Watch the full video on the channel.

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Over the last year, institutional investors have been flocking toward crypto assets like bitcoin and after Microstrategys initial bitcoin purchase, the trending institutional demand for crypto started swelling.
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Why bitcoin rally may soon disappear if bitcoin can’t top $ 24k
Bitcoin price started a new move up from the $ 22,000 support zone against the US dollar.

The price gained bullish momentum above the $ 23,200 resistance level and closed above the 100-hour simple moving average. There was also a break above the key bearish trend line with resistance near $ 23,200 on the hourly BTC / USD chart.

Bitcoin Price Shows Bullish Signs

Bitcoin Finally Flips VISA, Reaching $ 500 Billion Market Cap
Bitcoin hit a new all-time high, approaching $ 27,000.

At the current price, BTC is also expanding its dominance in the crypto market to 70% for the first time since 2017. BTC hit a new all-time high of $ 26,878, reaching a market cap of $ 500 billion, or half a trillion dollars. Finally, after a lot of FUDs on December 26, Bitcoin surpassed VISA’s market cap.

Ethereum Bears Continue To Fight Why ETH Might Slide Again
Ethereum started a decent move up above $ 620 and $ 630 against the US dollar.

The bulls managed to push the price above the $ 620 resistance level. There was also a break above the bearish trend connecting line with resistance near $ 625 on the hourly ETH / USD chart. Ether even rallied above the $ 630 level and the 100-hour simple moving average.
Ethereum price

No more Chinese coin: bitcoin mining moves to Sweden and Norway
Scandinavian Bitcoin Miners Thrive Amid Continuing Bullish Run

The Bitcoin mining market is in the midst of a major shift that almost no one talks about.
Philip Salter, head of production at Genesis Mining, recently told Bloomberg that miners are moving from China to the Nordic countries, namely Sweden and Norway, in what he describes as “one of the biggest developments” in the nascent industry:

New $ 900 Billion US Stimulus Package Underlines the Power of Bitcoin The United States has unveiled another $ 900 billion stimulus package this time.

The US Senate has approved a new stimulus package worth nearly $ 900 billion, including $ 300 billion for small businesses and direct payments of up to $ 600 for American adults. Since the total amount of economic aid has surpassed $ 3 trillion since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the question remains whether these events are an unintended promotion of bitcoin.

Tether Regulation Proposal “Apocalyptic” for Crypto
The US government demands stricter control over stablecoins.

A new US law called the Stable Act is causing concern in crypto circles. The transition could effectively end billions of dollars in transactions and set the industry back several years.
The law requires banking licenses for stablecoin issuers such as Tether. It’s not over yet. The bill proposes additional reporting requirements for the Federal Reserve. It also offers release approval in addition to current audit requirements and an insurance policy to cover the assets.

Cryptocurrency Adoption Grows In Australia: Almost 20% Of Australians Own Cryptocurrencies
Cryptocurrency awareness and adoption continues to grow in Australia.

The Australian exchange highlighted that its Independent Reserve Cryptocurrency Index survey covered “ordinary Australians and reflects the nation as a whole” rather than focusing on users of digital assets.
The number of people who have heard of at least one cryptocurrency has grown by over 90% in a year to 91.4%. As you would expect, the first ever crypto asset Bitcoin leads the market in awareness with 89%.
Bitcoin’s popularity has been similar among men and women. However, men are “3 times more likely to hear about other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, EOS and Litecoin.”

Goldman Sachs will prepare for Coinbase’s initial public offering.
Goldman Sachs is set to lead preparations for the initial public offering of the US cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase.

After confidentially filing preliminary regulations with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, Coinbase hired Goldman Sachs to publicly list the company, Reuters reported.
Coinbase began planning its stock market debut back in July, Reuters reported. At the time, the crypto exchange was leaning towards direct listing rather than IPO. It is not yet clear which path Coinbase will take to the IPO.

Canadian fintech company plans to buy Bitcoin worth at least $ 1.2 million in 2021
Fintech firm Mogo plans to buy bitcoins worth $ 1.2 million.

A Vancouver-based fintech company has announced its BTC-related plans. In a statement, the firm intends to set aside 1.5% of its total assets as of the end of 2020 in the mainstream cryptocurrency. These will be an initial investment of USD 1.2 million and possible additional purchases during 2021.



U.S. cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for an initial public offering (IPO), according to a report from The Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

This makes Coinbase the first major bitcoin company to go for the public markets, WSJ reported. It is the largest crypto exchange in the U.S.

There are other crypto companies that trade publicly in the U.S., although none are as large as Coinbase, which was recently valued at $8 billion. The company’s goal is to meld its crypto focus with the existing financial system and to make bitcoin more accessible to more people, WSJ reported.

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Bitcoin Adjusts Profits, Why 100 SMA Could Cause Bigger Drop
Bitcoin price formed a new yearly high of around $ 20,000 before adjusting downward against the US dollar.

Bitcoin price rallied above the $ 19,500 resistance. There was a sharp decline of more than 5% and the price fell below the $ 19,000 level. Bitcoin found support around the $ 18,100 level and the 100-hour simple moving average. A swing low was formed around $ 18,111 before price corrected higher.
There was a recovery above $ 19,000, but the bears defended the $ 19,500 zone. The high is forming around $ 19,512 and the price is currently declining. It is trading below the 50% Fibonacci retracement level of the recent recovery from a swing low of $ 18,111 to a high of $ 19,512.
Bitcoin price goes down

Ethereum drops 9% after ETH 2.0 launch
Ethereum has shown a sharp move in price after falling about 9% before recovering.

Ethereum fell about 9% as it fell from the $ 620 resistance, breaking below $ 600 to hit $ 560. There, it found support at the 0.236 Fibonacci retracement level and bounced back above $ 600 to reach $ 607. Since then, it has dropped below $ 600 and has been trading around $ 590. Interestingly, this all coincided with the launch of Ethereum 2.0 phase 0.
The next breakout resistance is at $ 620, which caused problems for the market in early November.
Ethereum fell 9%

Nearly 20% of PayPal users have used the Bitcoin trading app, Mizuho said.
Nearly a fifth of PayPal users have already traded bitcoin using the PayPal app, according to the report.

According to a Mizuho poll, about 65% will use Bitcoin as their currency for 28 million PayPal merchants; 17% of users have already used the app to buy and sell bitcoins.
Citing survey results, the company raised its target for trading stocks on PayPal to $ 290 per share, up from its previous target of $ 270. PayPal shares were up about 2.37% to $ 219.20 in recent trading. Mizuho has retained its Buy rating on the payments giant.
20% of PayPal users have used the app

Ripple Faces Growth Challenge Of Around $ 0.63 And 100 SMA
XRP price is showing bearish signs below the 100 hour SMA and is facing many hurdles.

Recently, there has been a sharp bearish reaction in Bitcoin, Ethereum and fluctuations against the US dollar. XRP price broke through the $ 0.6450 support zone and moved into a short-term bearish zone.
Initial resistance is near the $ 0.6080 level. This is close to the 23.6% Fibonacci retracement level of the downtrend from the $ 0.65 swing high to the $ 0.59 low. The first major resistance is around the $ 0.6200 level and the 100-hour SMA.
If there is no jump above $ 0.6300, there could be more losses. Initial support on the downside is near the $ 0.6000 level.
Ripple Price Faces Obstacles

The volume of decentralized exchanges in November amounted to $ 17 billion
Decentralized exchanges publish total trading volume of $ 17.06 billion in November

According to the data, decentralized exchanges posted total trading volume of $ 17.06 billion in November, continuing their decline from their September peak of $ 26.26 billion.
In recent months, this volume was dominated by Uniswap, although, according to the data, the monthly volume of this market fell from $ 11.2 billion to $ 9.91 billion. Curve’s sales dropped from $ 5.2 billion to $ 2.43 billion in the month.
Overall, the November volume figure represents a decline of about 35% compared to September.
In November, there were various events in the DEX area, in particular, the suspension of the Uniswap liquidity mining reward program. DEX community stakeholders are currently weighing future options on this front.
Volume of decentralized exchanges in November

Yunnan Province Officials Oppose Bitcoin Miners
China is tightening control over cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency businesses.

According to the latest reports, the authorities of the city of Baoshan in Yunnan province have cracked down on the bitcoin miners. Authorities have ordered electricity suppliers to cut off power to miners in the area.
China provided 65% of the world’s Bitcoin hashrate, of which 35.76% was concentrated in the Xinjiang region, while Inner Mongolia, Yunnan and the capital Beijing are also key mining areas, accounting for 8.07%, 5.42 % and 1.73% of the country’s total hashrate, respectively. Since it is one of the largest regions contributing to bitcoin mining, the outage could have caused the bitcoin hash rate to drop over the past couple of days.
China tightens control over cryptocurrency

Gemini Donates $ 50K to HRF to Help Fund Another Round of Bitcoin Developers in 2021
The Human Rights Foundation has received donations to fund even more bitcoin developers in 2021.

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President Elect Joe Biden should integrate Bitcoin into US financial system, says economic historian Niall Ferguson. Billionaires such as Bill Miller, Paul Tudor Jones, and Stanley Drunkenmiller are bullish on Bitcoin. On December 1, the Ethereum Beacon Chain will launch, beginning a multi-year upgrade to Ethereum 2.0 (ETH2). Coinbase intends to fully support ETH2 through staking and trading.

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What is the best crypto exchange to actively trade crypto and altcoins? We take a look at Kraken, Gemini Active Trader, Coinbase Pro and Binance US to find the best crypto trading platform for (US resident) active crypto traders.

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State-owned companies have invested billions in bitcoin this year
The list of large public corporations expanding their investments and portfolios with bitcoin is growing.

The list of large public corporations expanding their investments and portfolios with bitcoin is growing. According to a recent study, Grayscale leads a group of over ten publicly traded companies that have invested in Bitcoin in 2020.
The total value of which exceeds $ 6 billion, which at today’s prices is about 526,000 BTC.

Coinbase Chief Compliance Officer Leaves Amid Wide Exodus
Jeff Horowitz, Coinbase’s Chief Compliance Officer, is leaving the firm after two years.

First reported to The Block, Horowitz, along with 60 other employees, is leaving the exchange – roughly 5% of the company’s workforce.
Most of these departures come in response to a recent announcement by Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong of an “apolitical” non-activist stance on social issues at the company. It was not immediately clear if Horowitz was leaving for the same reason.

Securities trading volume fell 60% in September
In September, the turnover of two dozen security tokens was $ 9.15 million.

After four months of impressive growth, security token trading volumes have dropped by nearly 60%.
According to reports from the Security Token Group, from May to August, the sector’s monthly volume growth ranged from 113% to 280%, reaching an all-time high that increased from $ 998,000 to nearly $ 22 million.

$ 13 Billion Asset Manager Stone Ridge Buys 10,000 Bitcoins
The asset management company said it bought 10,000 BTC as part of its main treasury reserve asset.

Another large company seized on Bitcoin, buying 10,000 BTC and using it as the main reserve asset of the treasury.
According to an official press release, the $ 13 billion asset manager acquired BTC through its subsidiary called New York Digital Investment Group.

The Reserve Bank of Australia is still looking into the CBDC, he says it is unnecessary.
The Reserve Bank of Australia continues to explore how to design and use a CBDC.

The Reserve Bank of Australia said it was continuing to research the central bank’s digital currency less than a month after it said it was unnecessary.
The RBA also said it is considering a more targeted “wholesale” CBDC.
Richards, head of payments policy at the RBA, said the case for government policy regarding the release of generic or retail CBDCs in Australia has yet to be presented. According to reports in mid-September, the RBA was highly skeptical and did not believe there was a strong political case for issuing the CBDC at the time.
Bank of Australia examines CBDC

COTI Launches First Ever Decentralized Market Fear Index for Cryptocurrencies
The Decentralized Market Fear Index for Cryptocurrencies should be launched by the enterprise-grade fintech platform COTI.

COTI, an enterprise-grade fintech platform, has taken on the task of launching a decentralized version of the popular VIX stock market index. Called cVIX, it is the first of its kind and offers certain advantages for crypto traders.
In a press release, the cVIX index is designed to measure the perceived level of volatility in the cryptocurrency market and provides traders and investors with an additional tool for making important entry and exit decisions.

FSB Issues Guidelines for Regulation of Global Stablecoins Like Libra
Global stablecoins can pose systemic risks to the currency systems of nation states.

The G20 Financial Stability Board has issued regulatory guidance to counter the transnational ambitions of “global stablecoins” such as the Facebook Libra project.
The FSB report provides regulatory guidance for G20 member countries and the wider international community to prevent stablecoin projects from exploiting “regulatory arbitrage” opportunities and their inclusion in the financial structures of national economies.

Cruise ship Satoshi aims to be the hub of crypto companies
The huge cruise ship aims to become a hub for digital nomads and cryptocurrency companies.

The former cruise ship, built by P&O Cruises Australia, will receive a new status. Built in 1991, Pacific Dawn will be operated at sea under a new name – Satoshi. It is slated to be a sophisticated hub for digital nomads, entrepreneurs, and crypto companies.
According to a recent report, the cruising ship will remain afloat with a useful and interesting new target. Ocean Builders, a company specializing in the construction of floating self-contained submarine homes, is looking to create a new living space in the ocean. It will serve as a “technology incubator hub” for entrepreneurs, expats and digital nomads.
Cruise ship Satoshi

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2:30 Coinbase Custody Explore New Projects
6:08 Filecoin (FIL) On Coinbase, Gemini, Huobi
7:33 Where will Bitcoin (BTC) be in 100 years?


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