Bitcoin to Breakout? BTC Price Predictions and US Elections w/Craig Cobb | Token Metrics Roundtable

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Bitcoin to Breakout? BTC Price Predictions and US Elections

Token Metrics live stream featuring Bill Noble, Trader Cobb, and Ian Balina.

In this episode of the Token Metrics live stream, we cover the following:

– Token Metrics AI Price Predictions
– Bitcoin Price Predictions and Technical Analysis
– Ethereum Price Predictions and Technical Analysis
– Altcoin Price Predictions and Technical Analysis
– US Elections

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00:45 What to expect from digital assets during a recession
03:45 Does Bitcoin function as a hedge against economic uncertainty like Gold?
11:00 Crypto markets running 24/7, trading in the 21st century
17:45 Rampant manipulation and protecting your wealth against unexpected volatility
26:00 The catalyst for BTC to return to $20,000

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Craig Cobb also known as Trader Cobb is joining us to cover the volatile cryptocurrency markets and why such unpredictable assets are something that should be embarrassed rather than feared, also mentioned and explained are the huge opportunities compared to traditional markets.

02:20 Taking advantage of volatile cryptocurrencies
04:50 Will Bitcoin take over the world?
09:10 Risk management and refining your investment strategy
14:05 Preserving wealth with safe havens outside of the everything bubble
17:35 Capital attracts talent
21:50 Where to find Craig Cobb’s work and the latest trades

Today on Blockchain interviews I speak with professional trader Craig Cobb to hear his insights on the Crypto market versus the traditional stock and FOREX markets and how traditional traders can jump into Crypto.

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This is not investment advice, we are strictly giving our opinion and discussion of the content in this video. Always do your own Research (DYOR) on projects and understand the risks of any investments made.
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