Ethereum & Cardano – Best Investment For Your $1,400 Stimulus Check

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Credit: BitBoy Crypto
Ethereum & Cardano Will SHOCK THE WORLD!!! Best Investment of 2021
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Cardano ITN Balance Check this week, Vechain enters Italian farm market

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The long drawn out bear market of 2018 has been very painful for a lot of crypto traders. However, it may be just the reality check the industry needs in building more stability for future growth. When charts go parabolic it is never a good sign for any asset, digital ones included. The unnatural spikes seen on Bitcoin and across most altcoins during the last two months of 2017 should have been a warning sign of what lies ahead. The hype and fervor were palpable with moons and lambos becoming a reality for a lucky few. The seemingly unsustainable growth had to come to an end at some stage and January 7, 2018, marked that day in crypto land. After reaching a peak market capitalization of $830 billion things started to turn south in a trend that would last the entire year and beyond. In a crash of over 87% crypto markets plunged to just over $100 billion, a low hit on Saturday. Many have lost out big time after pumping funds into cryptocurrencies only to see them evaporate over the course of the year. The FOMO train was a hard one to disembark and hodling seemed to be the only option unless prepared to sell at a loss. Channel News Asia spoke to a few traders who were mostly in regret at the moment. The big purge will be painful for many but it may not be that bad a thing for the ecosystem as a whole. US regulators have been the catalyst behind a lot of the selling pressure as have a number of high profile exchange hacks and ICO scams. Regulation, however, is needed in moderation to weed out the bad actors and bring a little stability to the industry. Parabolic charts and pump and dump schemes are not conducive to a healthy trading and investing environment. Lower volatility is also far better for the general adoption of cryptocurrencies in daily life. The focus should no longer be on price but on what the technology can achieve, as suggested by David Lee, a professor at the Singapore University of Social Sciences; Industry leaders such as Binance CEO CZ shares this opinion and has adopted a ‘buidl’ attitude with a focus on developing the technology so that it can serve its real purpose.

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Crypto Crash Reality Check a Good Thing For The Industry:

In this video we are discussing about crypto and bitcoin (btc) news in general, we have some interesting cryptocurrency news to update you with, so make sure to stay until the end. On of the main topic is RIpple (XRP) problems with youtube, if you are investor in crypto space or trader make sure to hit that like and subscribe button and let us know in the comment section down bellow what do you think about whole situation on the altcoin and bitcoin market!
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President Trump recently announced a ban on Venezuela’s new national cryptocurrency, the petro. That’s right—Venezuela created its own national crypto, possibly to circumvent U.S. sanctions. But could the petro do more than that, and actually catalyze government-controlled cryptos around the world? This is a Reality Check you won’t get anywhere else.

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Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you’ve been hearing about cryptocurrency, Bitcoin and dozens of other coins, as either being the future of currency or causing the biggest bubble ever. One of the biggest criticisms of cryptocurrency is that it’s just made-up money, that it’s not backed by anything. But is that true? This is a Reality Check you won’t get anywhere else.

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