Very quiet day. Coinbase is expanding to other areas to support crypto while the head of Etoro will be joining Warren Buffett and charlie lee presumably about bitcoin and stuff.

Computer/Streaming Specs:
Intel I7-8600k 6 Core CPU
Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1080 Ti 11GB OC
Logitech C920 Webcam
Neewer NW-700 Microphone
Neewer 48V Phantom Power Supply For NW-700
OBS Stream Software

Bitcoin Mining Altcoins (Proof Of) staked:

JMC (Junson Ming Chan) Coin 750% – 125% Apr
404 Coin – 808% APR – 404% APR
Compound Coin 250% APR Until Block 500,000 Split halving


404 Coin ANN

Donation addresses:
Litecoin LTC – MFXi41yAGaqhJsKNbiVLV6JfA5DiYCeoZq
Dogecoin Doge – DCvktcHb3DogMCpzTLKukLg3xPqwMNTZDN

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Coins staked:

808 Coin 808% APR

JMC (Junson Ming Chan) Coin 750% – 125% Apr

Sprouts Coin 2% Daily

Compound Coin 250% APR Until Block 100,000 Split halving

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Donation Addresses:

808 coin – 8F6fTbzaaPJFU3d9FYtSpjK71KLHM1J3CL

Sprouts – SNDA2QEqMMnHpYzgy9oNGW61DJjCALik4X

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