The Bitsigno team, who built the Marzipan project in the recent BCH hackathon, join George Donnelly to discuss their experiences as new BCH builders.

Chris Troutner, a software developer, Bitcoin Cash business owner and founder of the Permissionless Software Foundation, joins George Donnelly to discuss SLP tokens on BCH, app infrastructure for BCH, his winning CoinParty hackathon project and much more.

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Cindy Wang, a founder of Satoshi’s Angels, joins George Donnelly to discuss Satoshi’s Angels, her BCH news project, the state of Bitcoin Cash and the mood of the Chinese community.

Peter Ng, a director of the SLP Foundation in Bitcoin Cash, joins George Donnelly to discuss how to foment a sense of urgency for Bitcoin Cash’s growth among the inner community and various challenges we need to solve.

What is Bean Cash? Bean Cash (Ticker: BEAN) is a re-brand of the digital currency and network, previously known as BitBean (Ticker: BITB). The BitBean block chain and network began nearly 3 years ago on February 13th., 2015. It was the first ‘crypto-currency’ to implement a maximum of 20MB block sizes, based on Gavin Andersen’s proposals to fix Bitcoin’s scalability limitations. BitBean was also the first ‘crypto-currency’ to pioneer the use of static block rewards in a Proof of Bean (PoB) system — which now makes energy wasting PoW (Proof of Work) systems, inefficient, expensive and archaic!

Jose Araujo (Panmoni – shows us how Bitcoin Cash is solving real payments problems in Caracas Venezuela right now (with English subtitles) Bitcoin Cash is onboarding 1 million new users in 2021 and you can be a part of it! Onboard people and merchants for a chance to earn Bitcoin Cash.

– Become a Bitcoin Cash rockstar!
– Be eligible to win 100 BCH in prizes!
– Build a BCH business for yourself!
– Get known as your local Bitcoin (Cash) expert!

How to configure Bean Cash Wallet for SPROUT’ing

James Cramer, the CEO of Simple Ledger, inc., and one of the creators of the Simple Ledger Protocol on Bitcoin Cash joins George Donnelly to discuss where SLP tokens came from and where they are headed in 2021 and beyond.



Indie Bitcoin Cash BCH developer Jonathan Toomim discusses everything from Scalenet and 256MB to the chained transaction limit and industrial-scale cryptocurrency mining in this in-depth interview with George Donnelly.

Jonathan Silverblood, lead developer of General Protocols, joins George Donnelly to discuss how to make a better 2021 for Bitcoin Cash.

Rosco Kalis of General Protocols & AnyHedge talks about the abilities and limits of smart contracts on Bitcoin Cash and how AnyHedge works – the new platform that permits you to long BCH or stabilize the fiat value of your BCH on-chain with a new oracle system. Great interview!

G. Andrew Stone joins me to discuss group tokenization, where Bitcoin Unlimited is heading and how to solve more problems with Bitcoin Cash now. Great interview with the lead developer of Bitcoin Unlimited.

This video will show you a simple and easy way on how you can buy cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, and many more.

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Today we gave an introduction to Bitcoin Cash and all its opportunities to the 24 candidates of the beauty pageant “Nuestra Belleza Venezuela” in Caracas Venezuela.

Thank you Jose and Talia for carrying it out!

Cash Fusion and trustless privacy for Bitcoin Cash with Mark Lundeberg and Jonald Fyookball.

Joemar Taganna is Lead Developer of the Spice Token Project, a fun SLP token on Bitcoin Cash that has become quite popular. Find out what the project is building next, and how to be a part of it.

Marc Falzon challenged himself to spend Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash only for 3 days in Philadelphia. Find out his high points, his pitfalls and how Bitcoin Cash UX measures up against Bitcoin Core.

Majamalu de, Fernando Pelliccioni de Knuth Node y George Donnelly hablan de los días tempranos de Bitcoin y como seguir ese espíritu de divulgación que antes era muy fuerte para ahora promover a Bitcoin Cash

Jose Araujo of Team BCH Latam demonstrates how easy it is to send a remittance across the globe with Bitcoin Cash. // Jose Araujo del Equipo BCH Latam demuestra lo fácil que es enviar una remesa de un lado del mundo al otro con Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin Cash can grow 100x faster than it is now. We only need discover how to make it happen.

Discover the plan for 100x-ing BCH adoption and share your experiences. What role are you playing?

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Learn how to send Bitcoin Cash anywhere almost for free using the wallet.

Learn how to install the Bitcoin Cash Wallet on Android with this tutorial.

Learn how to get paid in Bitcoin Cash via the Bitcoin Cash Wallet with this tutorial.

A teaser from the forthcoming Road to Mass Adoption mini-documentary

Futureproof – Episode 1: Matt Gooderick reports from the CeBIT IT fair on Bitcoin, Robots, Cryptocurrencies, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Cash, self driving cars, machine learning and more. He asks if we are ready for a robot society. Plus, we look at the future of self-driving transport and talk to VW about their new automated concept car.

Futureproof – Episode 1: Cebit
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 0h 26min
Language: English

Storyline: How advances in science and technology are changing our lives and the way we do business.

Episode 1, CeBIT – Matt Gooderick reports from the CeBIT IT fair in Hannover and asks if we are ready for a robot society. Plus, we look at the future of self-driving transport and talk to VW about their new automated concept car, we find out why start-ups are targeting crypto-currencies, and look at how drones are being used for applications as diverse as inspecting oil rigs and protecting elephants in Africa.

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Learn how to start your #BitcoinCash business with local adoption efforts in your spare time.

What is Bitcoin Cash working on? Quite a lot! Scalenet, double-spend proofs, the block template validation service for greater node diversity, faster transaction propagation and Coinkit integrates BCH.
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Getting My What Is Cryptocurrency? Beginners Guide to Digital Cash To Work, best cryptocurrency to invest in

What Is Regal Assets?

Regal Assets is a firm that participated in rare-earth element industry offering gold coins as well as other useful coins best cryptocurrency to invest in.

Regal Assets additionally offers a large selection of gold, silver, platinum as well as palladium products for capitalists thinking about buying bullion bars or coins outside best cryptocurrency to invest in.

Regal Assets was founded by young business owner and investor Tyler Gallagher. The company started its operations with a small investment and a huge vision

Are you planning to purchase or purchase cryptocurrencies this year? With more than 4000 cryptocurrencies already developed, selecting the finest cryptocurrencies to purchase 2020 is not an easy thing to do. Worry not, we at Trading Education put a list of the finest cryptocurrencies to purchase 2020.

When it concerns deciding what crypto to invest in, the option can be somewhat frustrating as there are countless crypto coins readily available in the marketplace. It’s difficult and lengthy to do your research and sort the worthwhile ones from the “unfruitful” ones. That’s why we’re here to assist you.

Eventually, there is no single cryptocurrency we can mention as the very best of the very best. Many cryptocurrencies offer quite appealing opportunities for financial investment, depending on what you’re looking for and what your investment objectives are. Another thing to consider is the level of experience you have. For circumstances, some cryptocurrencies may be an excellent investment for novices, while others are ideal for more advanced crypto traders.

Many traders have witnessed their crypto journey come to an end because they didn’t pay enough attention to security. If you are really major about purchasing cryptocurrencies, you have to put effort into securing your financial investment by reinforcing your security. Many errors cryptocurrency investors make belong to security.

Let’s return to our topic of discussion! So in this article, we are going to provide you everything you need to know about the best cryptocurrencies to purchase. By the end of the short article, you need to have a solid understanding of the leading cryptocurrencies, how to purchase them (and why you ought to consider), and some of the best cryptos to get you started.

When discussing the, cryptocurrencies in basic and clever crypto investments, all conversations need to begin with Bitcoin. Why is that? Well, it’s due to the fact that Bitcoin is the most utilized cryptocurrency to date, typically referred to as “the king of cryptocurrencies”. The main goal of Bitcoin is to become international, peer-to-peer, digital cash, which is removed from any form of policy and therefore totally decentralised.

, best cryptocurrency to invest in
best cryptocurrency to invest in

South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, U.S. Virgin Islands, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington,

There are many different types of investment vehicles readily available for the investor to purchase in today’s financial markets. However, before the investor can make an educated choice on which investment vehicle he/she wishes to invest in, they must first fully understand what the investment choice is, how it operates and the risks associated with that particular investment choice. In today’s video we take a look at 5 different types of investment vehicles; discussing what they are, how they operate and their associated risks. By the end of the video, you should hopefully have a better understanding of each type of investment vehicle and whether or not you can see it being a part of your investment portfolio.

If you enjoy the video, or have any questions/feedback, let me know in the comments section! Leave a like on a video, subscribe to the channel and I’ll see you in the next one!

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How To Make The MOST Of Your Cash:…

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Stocks For Beginners – Everything You MUST Know:

DISCLAIMER: The information provided in this video is for educational and entertainment purposes only and is not intended to constitute advise. I do not recommend acting on the basis of this video alone, nor should you act upon the sole opinion of any individual on the internet before doing further research and/or contacting a professional advisor.


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Music performed, recorded and produced in Dublin, Ireland by Ben O’Neill and myself The Bitcoin Cash Network is undergoing a network upgrade on 15 November 2020. Due to one of the seven Bitcoin Cash BCH full node software projects attempting to divert 8% of the coinbase reward into a wallet under the control of one Amaury Séchet, Lead Developer of Bitcoin ABC and owner of, the situation is complex. It is recommended that miners, exchanges and others keep tabs on the situation.

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