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Blockchain Architect Salary
Blockchain Engineer Salary
Blockchain Developer Salary
Blockchain Designer Salary
Blockchain Information Security Analyst Salary
Blockchain Project Manager Salary
Blockchain Quality Engineer Salary
Blockchain Legal Consultant Salary
Blockchain Research Analyst Salary
Blockchain Marketing Specialist Salary
Blockchain Data Scientist Salary
Blockchain Development Representative Salary
Blockchain Technical Recruiter Salary
Blockchain Intern Salary

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R.N.G. Patel Institute of Technology – RNGPIT, Isroli – Bardoli has organised Online webinar on

“Blockchain Technology: Introduction, Use Cases and Career Opportunities”

Date: 27/05/2020, Wednesday
Time: 03:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Expert: Mr. Purvishkumar Patel,
Founder and CEO, Maruti 3PL Pvt. Ltd.
(A Startup Recognized by Govt of India under the Startup India Scheme)

Alumnus, IIT Roorkee, 2014 Batch M.Tech Disaster Mitigation and Management, Major in Supply Chain Management.
He also studied Management Development Program in Delivering Logistics Solutions from IIM Ahmedabad.
He is Founder of two Startup companies in Logistics Space and has wide range of experience for creating Supply Chain and Logistics softwares for some big FMCG and Food companies in India.
He has worked very closely with brands like Amul, Patanjali and many others like them. he has participated in the “Internet and Blockchain Conference 2017” in London, United Kingdom.
His Startup was also invited to represent India at Slush 2019 the Annual Startup Conference held in Helsinki, Finland.

Organised by: Computer Science & Engineering Department , R. N. G. Patel Institute of Technology-RNGPIT, Bardoli (www.fetr.ac.in)

Moderator: Mrs. Henita H. Shah,
Asst. Prof. Computer Science & Engineering Department, RNGPIT

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Ethereum or Bitcoin career How to get a job in blockchain (Very Practical Programmer explains: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yNs_RKmzz58

How Bounty0x is Kickstarting the Cryptocurrency Bounty Hunting Career
“Bounty hunter” has traditionally referred to a person who captures fugitives for a reward. The term is likely to conjure images of the American Old West rather than the Wild West that cryptocurrency is today, but there are significant amounts of people earning digitalets by performing small to medium-sized tasks for budding tech companies. Some people are even able to make a living by doing these tasks full time. Whether this is your introduction to crypto bounty hunting, or you’ve already claimed a few bounties yourself, this article aims to shed some light on this emerging skilled marketplace, outline some of the risks, and steerential hunters in a direction that’s profitable for both them and the company they’re working for. What Is Cryptocurrency Bounty Hunting? Traditional Bounty Hunting Traditional bounty hunters are more commonly referred to as “bail enforcement agents,” which is a more accurate description of their duties. It also provides some separation from the historical i…
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