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Astrolight – Exploring the Digital Frontier ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡ I WILL NEVER LEAVE A PHONE NUMBER IN THE COMMENTS If I reply to a message, JamesRuleXRP will be HIGHLIGHTED in a “Gray Bubble” Thank you. LINKS: [More]
Sep.17 — Kim Raath, Topl CEO and co-founder, discusses how Topl’s blockchain technology helps to keep businesses honest and transparent allowing customers to verify a company’s claims. She also shares how a volunteer trip changed [More]
Today we speak with Chris Dawe, the CEO and a founding member of Effec.AI, an Amsterdam based company that is working on a blockchain-powered, decentralized platform for Artificial Intelligence development and AI related services. 1:24 [More]
What is Largo Coin built on? Largo Coin is built on a robust infrastructure powered by a Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm. Proof-of-Stake is the technical blockchain term used to refer to the concept in which a [More]
This global event presented by CVA’s Enterprise Blockchain Working Group brings together some of the thought leaders and pioneers in the Enterprise Blockchain space. Connecting Singapore, Switzerland and Germany in an interactive panel, we will [More]
Unified FIX API, aggregated liquidity for all major crypto exchanges, and a standalone professional trading platform.
Guy Benartzi of Bancor speaks at Cryptospace Moscow on bringing cryptocurrency to the mass market.
Financial Inclusion: The Cato Summit on Financial Regulation Spotlight: Bringing Faster Payments to People George Selgin, Director, Center for Monetary and Financial Alternatives, Cato Institute New financial tools are bringing more people into the modern [More]
Reflauntโ€™s mission is to empower brands/retailers to implement a scalable and efficient circular consumption model within their existing activities, growing revenue, driving new customer acquisition and increasing retention. We were asked to create an unique [More]
Cartesi is a Layer-2 platform for the development and deployment of scalable decentralized applications. Cartesi is blockchain agnostic, provided the underlying blockchain supports Turing-complete smart contracts. Cartesi captures essence of Layer-2 scalability solutions, allowing smart [More]
LTO Network has been busy building an innovative blockchain which a growing list of clients love and which has a thriving community, Sven and Ivan join me to discuss the latest. telegram news: chat: docs: [More]
In todayโ€™s episode, we catch up with Marieke Flament, Chief Marketing Officer of Circle, one of the most noteworthy crytpo companies. Circle was the first company to receive a BitLicense from the State of New [More]
XRP, not Bitcoin [BTC] is the top cryptocurrency in the market, says SBI Holdingsโ€™ CEO The Ripple Effect: R3 Bringing XRP to 50 Banks in New Blockchain and Crypto Pilot Institutions Bet on Bitcoin Despite [More]
Nithin is bringing Gods to the Blockchain
Utile Network is a unified digital workplace for cryptocurrency community – combining analytical and operational tools for investors and influencers in blockchain sector. Website: Whitepaper: Facebook: Twitter: Telegram: Bitcointalk profile: [More]