Link below for my previous video on Cryptocurrencies: 1. Ban all Private currencies and introduce official digital currency introduced by RBI. 2. Bill is called “Cryptocurrency & Regulation of Official Digital currency”. 3. use existing [More]
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Title: XRP warning from former SEC Chair: This could bring down Ethereum too Many investors are worried about their investment in XRP, created by Ripple Labs. XRP is under an enforcement action from the Securities [More]
Event Summary for November 7th. The Next Money DXB organisers – with huge thanks to our sponsors, Emirates NBD – have brought together a panel of Blockchain experts who are commercializing the change in Dubai [More]
Technology Editor at the Australian David Swan has spruiked the potential of blockchain technology as a means of recording transactions and reinforcing trust between companies. Mr Swan described blockchain as “an immutable public record which [More]
Watch Roger’s recent presentation from BlockDown 2020, on how cryptocurrencies can bring more economic freedom to the world. All credits go to BlockDown TV. ►Follow Roger Ver, Executive Chairman of Twitter: Reddit: [More]
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#halving #ecos #ecosam #mining #cloudmining #bitcoin As we know, in May 2020 BTC is expected to be cut to 6.25 BTC. What can halving bring and how destructive it can be for the crypto community? [More]
The emerging decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem is rapidly expanding and offering investors around the world actual yield on their investments. In a world with $17 trillion in negative-yielding debt, finding a decent return on investment [More]
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