Event Summary for November 7th.

The Next Money DXB organisers – with huge thanks to our sponsors, Emirates NBD – have brought together a panel of Blockchain experts who are commercializing the change in Dubai and the broader Middle East.

Theme: Bring on BlockChain
Venue: Dubai Future Accelerator.
Main Sponsor: Emirates NBD
Moderator: Zahir Khoja – MasterCard Head of MENA Market Development
Panelist: Naimish Shah – Head of Innovation, Architecture and Info. Security at EmiratesNBD
Panelist: Stuart Evans – MD at Loyyal
Panelist: Ola Doudin – CEO at BitOasis
Panelist: David Horton – Head of Innovation at Synechron

Technology Editor at the Australian David Swan has spruiked the potential of blockchain technology as a means of recording transactions and reinforcing trust between companies.

Mr Swan described blockchain as “an immutable public record which means it can be used for things like smart property contracts or to verify a bottle of wine”.

“Blockchain has some real potential and some real business applications far beyond bitcoin whose moment has I think come and gone,” he told Sky News.

Describing a small bitcoin investment he made in 2015, Mr Swan said his bitcoin originally worth $20, but quickly grew in value over two years to $20,000 before falling back down again.

He said he “rode the boom and bust,” and warned investors against looking for quick value without understanding the technology.

IBM Client Partner Rupert Colchester said “blockchain is being used very effectively nowadays as a foundational technology which can bring a new level of trust and transparency to platforms and applications”.

“Different companies, typically untrusting relationships, are engaging in the sharing of data and workflow together,” he said.

Forward Slash is presented by The Australian in partnership with IBM.

Watch Roger’s recent presentation from BlockDown 2020, on how cryptocurrencies can bring more economic freedom to the world.

All credits go to BlockDown TV.

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0:20 – Introducing Roger Ver
1:22 – Why cryptocurrencies are so important to the world
1:51 – How Digital Currency Will Change The World
2:51 – What is economic freedom?
4:00 – Countries with the most and the least economic freedom in the world
4:51 – Hong Kong compared to Havana
6:14 – Why is economic freedom important?
6:46 – Income level of the poorest 10%
7:37 – Income per capita
8:00 – Adult literacy rates
8:20 – Life Expectancy
8:57 – Unemployment
9:42 – Infant Mortality rates per 1000 live births
10:58 – Children in the Labor Force
11:51 – Correlation does not prove causation
12:11 – Bitcoin’s impact on economic freedom
13:15 – A quote by Brian Armstrong
13:37 – Roger Ver’s quote
13:56 – Get started with Bitcoin Cash
14:28 – Companies that Roger Ver invested in
15:13 – Think for yourself!
15:39 – Give Bitcoin Cash a try — it can bring the most economic freedom to the world

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An Israeli startup Starkware believes it can solve two of the most pressing issues in crypto trading — the inherent vulnerability of centralized exchanges and the low transactional capacity of decentralized ones. The venture was co-founded by professor Eli Ben Sasson, who was a founding scientist for Zcash (ZEC). Besides raising almost $40 million from prominent investors that include Sequoia and Intel Capital, it also received a grant from the Ethereum Foundation. Oren Katz, VP of engineering at Starkware, explained their approach in an exclusive interview to Cointelegraph:“We basically provide a scalability engine for exchanges (or marketplaces). The exchange keeps the order book and does the matching. The users post orders to the exchange. The exchange matches orders and sends the ones to be settled to us (StakWare’s service). We batch a large number of trades together (could be tens of thousands) and prepare a single STARK proof, which attests to the validity of the entire batch. The proof is sent to an on-chain verifier (e.g. once every 15 mins). Once verified, the root state (of all user balances) is updated on-chain.”For decentralized exchanges, the tradeoff is that decentralization decreases. For the centralized ones, it’s the loss of custody over users’ deposits. This may lead to lower revenue, as they will not be able to trade, lend nor stake users’ crypto. Therefore, the system becomes self-custodial which almost completely eliminates the risk of an exchange mismanaging users’ deposits. Its first use-case is the Deversify exchange, an Ether DEX, launched by Bitfinex. “We have spoken with all the major crypto exchanges, some get very excited about our solution, some don’t. For some, it’s a bug, for others, it’s a feature. They say ‘people trust us, we have a good reputation’”. In response to the concern that by implementing Starkware’s technology, an exchange is just moving the burden of responsibility to another centralized entity, Katz explained:“Ask yourself what is the worst thing that can happen if we become malicious? We can’t steal your crypto since we don’t have your keys, all we can do is stop processing transactions.”Katz summed the value proposition of Starkware: “What we want to provide users is with the user experience, volume and cost of a centralized exchange, but without the counterparty risk.”Whether major crypto exchanges will embrace this technology is unclear. Holding millions of dollars in cryptocurrency is burdensome, but also is highly profitable. Much will depend on the users’ appetite for risk.

All data is taken from the source: https://cointelegraph.com/
Article Link: https://cointelegraph.com/news/starkware-wants-to-bring-security-and-scalability-to-crypto-exchanges

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Starkware Wants to Bring Security and Scalability to Crypto Exchanges: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJJxG92QLLE

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Cardano could be soon embraced by high-tech Silicon Valley


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#halving #ecos #ecosam #mining #cloudmining #bitcoin
As we know, in May 2020 BTC is expected to be cut to 6.25 BTC. What can halving bring and how destructive it can be for the crypto community?
The previous two halvings shown the growth of Bitcoin price right after it — same is expected in 2020. Moreover, we expect a decrease of difficulty for around 60% after S9 miners will be switched off. Which will balance the profit during mining even without BTC price increase. Let’s have a look at several forecasts – with BTC increase and without it.
The current difficulty is 1,28768E+13 (at the time of article compilation). Difficulty after halving is expected to be around 5,15074E+12 (60% less). Thus the mining earning is expected to be around 0,00002441 BTC per 1 TH/24h.
Foreseeing this in the nearest future, ECOS has launched a new service: you can easily and quickly purchase a device (Antminer T17, Antminer S17) online (right from ECOS warehouse: no need to wait for shipping and customs clearance), pay this and the next day the device will be co-located on ECOS hosting and will start bringing Bitcoins right to your personal account.
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The emerging decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem is rapidly expanding and offering investors around the world actual yield on their investments. In a world with $17 trillion in negative-yielding debt, finding a decent return on investment is becoming more challenging.

With platforms like Celsius, Nexo and Compound Finance offering APY’s of over 10% in some instances, it’s only a matter of time before the mainstream world discovers what DeFi has to offer.

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Security Token Startup Polymath Locks up 75 Million Tokens

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Bitcoin SV [BSV] ramps up on scaling spree; overcomes another transaction obstacle

Craig Wright Claims Himself To Be Satoshi Nakamoto

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This information is what was found publicly on the internet. This information could’ve been doctored or misrepresented by the internet. All information is meant for public awareness and is public domain. This information is not intended to slander harm or defame any of the actors involved but to show what was said through their social media accounts. Please take this information and do your own research.

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Crypto Mining Could Bring Russia $1B in Taxes, Report Suggests – Bitcoin News
Using its excess energy generating capacity to mine cryptocurrencies, Russia can increase its budget receipts by more than $1 billion dollars in annual tax revenue. The estimate comes from a report that also calls for the establishment of a Russian crypto valley.   Also read: Defying Crypto Winter, …
#Crypto #Mining #Could #Bring #Russia #$1B #in #Taxes #Report #Suggests #Bitcoin #News

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Binance CEO: What Happens if Fidelity Allocates 5% of its Portfolio in Crypto

Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Outlines the Path to Mainstream Adoption of Crypto, Says Bitcoin and Blockchain ‘Really Works’

Interstellar Builds Lightning Network-Like Stellar (XLM) Payment Channels

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