Bitcoin is getting mass exposure from influencers, marketing, and Billionaires on TV. The World Economic Forum released a document titled “Crypto, What Is It Good For? An Overview of Cryptocurrency Use Cases”. Coinbase has tapped Goldman Sachs to lead its upcoming initial public offering (IPO). PayPal’s foray into bitcoin could become a “game changer” for both the payments company and its users, said Mizuho Securities analyst Dan Dolev. Nigeria is now the No.2 bitcoin market on this fast-growing global marketplace. US Treasury said to weigh new crypto transaction reporting rule aimed at self-hosted wallets. The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), the top financial crimes watchdog within the U.S. Treasury Department, is hiring two policy officers to help draft regulations for the cryptocurrency space.

Brian Brooks went on CNBC today and said “”People may not realize this but there is leadership in Congress who’s urging the incoming Biden administration to roll back some of those protections in the name of politics, not in the name of investors,”

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00:00 Intro
00:44 Live Stream On November 14th! 🚨🚨
1:14 International Fraud Awareness Week
2:27 World Economic Says Blockchain Is The Key
4:37 Brian Brooks Testified In Front Of The US Senate
7:46 The Price Of Gold Will Skyrocket!
9:36 Judy Shelton Is Headed For Confirmation
12:53 Judy Shelton’s Stance On The Gold Standard
14:53 Outro

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Brian Brooks is telling you that the world is changing. He used the term tectonic, a tectonic shift is when the earth’s plates move…. He compared crypto assets to the plates of the earth shifting. That big banks are being broken up that the monopolies banks are slowly eroding. Repackaging and bundling all of the services that tier one banks have. Fintechs are able to efficiently replace the services that they offer. More than a quarter of institutional investors hold crypto assets in their portfolio. As debt maxes out and uncertainty rises in the global economy this number will continue to rise. The 1/4 of institutional investors will continue to add.
Debts and Ious are being reset to tokens. The system is going to transform everything of value into tokens. The tokenization of everything. This network of tokenized assets that will live on the internet is the internet of value. “we want to move money the way information moves today” This paradigm shift is going to be tectonic it’s going to be a new era.

Hes talking about the fed now service. real time payments are not behind. The clearing house is owned by a consortium of banks and works in parallel to the fed It offers a real time payments platform . When push comes to shove and we need to compete quote our international competitiveness can wait” the private sector is ready with the clearing houses RTP platform. As a side note the clearing house’s software is a finastra product and finastra is a ripplent partner that gives their customers the option to settle with on demand liquidity.

Agustin just told you the central banks are here. The central banks have allowed this technology to progress. Every time you hear about a proof of concept or a bank utilizing blockchain they need approval from the central bank. He said just because they haven’t made a splash like btc or libra meaning they’re working on it behind closed doors. This is happening its just not out in the open.

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Fintech have the ability to offer services some of the largest money center banks on the planet offer for a fraction of the costs. The big banks are either going to adopt this technology or be replaced. They can slow it but its happening and the proof is all around us.

Interest rates are at near zero. Blockchain has the ability to lower mortgages by 1 or 2 percentage points. This means that technology can breathe life into the housing market when they offer this at scale. The reaction to a crisis is this tech.

Tokenizatation of real value on a network. The network has the ability to atomically swap assets and the fiat on that network are CBDCs. Listen to Agustin Praising fiat currency. throughout history all fiat has gone to zero. CBDC is a way for them to switch from IOUS to credit and extend the lifespan. Even with extending its near its end.

They keep foreshadowing a cyber crisis. This is code for a cyber crisis is coming. The reckless monetary policy and fiscal policy is coming to an end. When they know its going to hit the fan they’re simply going to shut down the system and blame it on a group of Cyber criminals.

They’re never going to be accountable. The issues will never be addressed. They’re just going to have scapegoats and then they will move to a new system.

Michael Chertoff, Klaus Schwab, and now Agustin Carstens speak about attacks on the energy grid. When the lights go out I will know what happened. The new system will be on the other side.

Live stream from the LA Blockchain Conference. Ripple Co founder Chris Larsen & Brian Brooks Acting controller of the currency will be speaking about Cryptocurrency and XRP.

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After hitting its lowest levels since May, Bitcoin is looking for its next leg, as traders and investors are looking for signs of a protracted pullback or a quick pivot to the upside. CNBC contributor Brian Kelly, the chief executive officer of digital currency investment firm BKCM, breaks down where he sees Bitcoin going from here – up.“I think the good odds are that this week and this sell-off here was an important low. I think there’s a couple different things going on…China is cracking down. There was some speculation that China might unban some of the cryptocurrency trading. But if you look at the fundamentals underlying Bitcoin at this point in time – I look a lot at addresses and address growth. What we’re seeing over the last 30 days is we’re seeing growth in addresses of about 5% but the market is pricing in a decline in addresses of -3%. So it’s mispriced here. Fundamentals are improving on a sell-off. So I think that’s why the odds are stacked that this is probably a low.”“If you look at any currency, it works just like a social network. It’s the network effect. You want to have new users. So when I look at addresses, you think about those as MAU (monthly average users) that we look at for Facebook or for Twitter or for that type of thing. If you see those increasing, those are positive fundamentals, and that’s what’s happening in this case.”Kelly also points to a fundamental shift in Bitcoin markets.“The global macro players have been in Bitcoin more than they ever have been. More and more, it is starting to be a macro trade. We saw a lot of activity around the Brexit votes. We saw a lot of activity around some of the ECB [European Central Bank] and the FOMC [Federal Open Market Committee] meeting…It is getting a lot more correlated with the global markets.”Check Latest News Headlines

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Crypto and the Global Markets CNBC’s Brian Kelly Says Bitcoin (BTC):

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