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Discover more: Keep Sea Blue relies on Oracle Blockchain technology to help it track the journey of plastic waste recovered from areas around the Mediterranean. Once plastic is collected, its tracked and traced as [More]
Discover more: Keep Sea Blue uses Oracle Blockchain technology to track the journey of plastic waste collected around the Mediterranean, as it’s recycled and remade into new packaging for foods. Contact Cloud Platform Sales: [More]
Chainlink, the seemingly unstoppable superstar performer of the cryptocurrency market for nearly the last two years running, may be finally out of steam. According to the asset’s price parabola, the long-standing uptrend could be approaching [More]
SLOW POLITICS | Berliner Gazette Conference 2014 | November 13-15 Supermarkt | Brunnenstr. 64 | Berlin Info: SLOW POLITICS investigated perspectives for a precarious generation that is deeply concerned about its rights, liberties and [More]