Join myself and the amazingly inspirational Marc P Bernegger Entrepreneur and Board member of Crypto Finance AG where we discuss Zug and Malta as crypto centric destination, a little about asset management, over regulation and their amazing conference which is coming up in Zug in January 2019!

Marc stress that right now we should be focusing on building a long term sustainable ecosystem. The ultimate tipping point is when no one cares about the technology anymore and just uses it. Then we have successful adoption. He is very much about long term impact

Crypto Finance AG is the only crypto asset management company regulated company by FEMA. They focus on bringing quality/established investors, hedge funds, high net-worths’ into the crypto investment world. Working out of their very beautiful and famous Cryptovilla in Zug, Marc inspired me to maybe have my own villa here in Malta!

The company is actually split up into 3 companies – 50 people
– crypto storage – institutional grade clients (up to 60 coins)
– crypto brokerage
– asset management – product funds (first company under FEMA) fully regulated crypto asset company

Over regulation
Uber has nothing to do with blockchain but a great example of a company that take existing rules. Some countries might decide to protects existing monopolies others might decide to adopt new technology and liberalise the new technologies.

Technology is agnostic, just existed and typically succeeding

CryptoValley – whats it like?
– key people from very early days of crypto are there..
– Ethereum foundation are there
– not just traditional bankers
– Switzerland by nature is a liberal kind of country
– Support from government
– small country you can’t rely on tradition you have to adopt and be in the forefront

Crypto Finance Conference – January 16-18
Is for people who are fully focused on investment in this field. The conference takes place in the lovely location of St Moritz, Switzerland prior to the World economic Forum.
Its a manual section of up to 200 people, which keeps things small and exclusive. The key is to discuss and educate key people with power and money, its not about speculation!

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