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There is a new book out from Risk Books titled “Regtech, Suptech and Beyond.” The book is a compendium of chapters addressing technology and innovation in regulatory and supervisory oversight in financial services. Different authors [More]
Panelists Anoop Nannra: Global Blockchain Leader at Amazon (AWS), co-founder and Chairman of the Trusted IoT Alliance. The Trusted IoT Alliance is the world leader in standards for Verifiable Information From IoT Devices. Mitch Tseng: [More]
Crypto Valley Conference 2021 Master Class: Thinking Beyond Crypto Custody, Second generation tech for crypto-financial services with Markus Perdrizat, Head of Custody at Bitcoin Suisse
In this episode, the DCA gang will recap last week, discuss some of the hot altcoins and speculate when Bitcoin will hit $50,000 and what happens next. Digital Asset News (Rob):… InvestAnswers (James): [More]
Can cryptocurrency be regulated? Are DeFi altcoins at risk? Will Institutional money 100x the crypto space? Today Douglas Borthwick, CBO at INX Limited joins us to discuss! Learn More About INX: Follow Douglas: [More]
Welcome to stockton! Consider becoming a patron: Follow us on twitter: stock_t0n Investors love Cardano (ADA) because it was built in a way that ensures that it resolves issues like scalability, interoperability and sustainability [More]
Here is our Ethereum price analysis for May 2021! Stay with us to find out if the Ethereum May rally can be sustained throughout the rest of the month. The 2nd largest cryptocurrency by market [More]
Blockchain technology is fairly new territory for many of us, but it’s poised to change the way the world does business in the near future. Jeff Wentworth, the co-founder of Curvegrid, a blockchain SaaS startup [More]
Learn from visionaries who are pioneering the future of block chain and understand how they are pushing the limits beyond human comprehension. Get the real view on synchronous ledgers. Susanne Somerville CEO MediLedger Project [More]
In this #CVAvirtualseries organized by Crypto Valley Swiss, METACO CEO Adrien Treccani gives an overview of the main technical standards of vaults and delves into the broader digital assets market opportunity.
As broadcast via Fox Business, Saturday, 07/28/2018. Innovations is dedicated to bringing viewers the most up-to-date, cutting edge information across a vast array of industries. From health and wellness to global business, renewable energy, and [More]
Block chain technologies have made the hype cycle due to the media attention on Bitcoin. However, distributed ledger technologies have many applications and will lead to the underpinning of future technology platforms. Learn from these [More]
Over the last five years, we’ve seen a swirl of blockchain activity, with peaks of buzz, troughs of disillusionment and, in between, real progress on enterprise adoption. But, by most accounts, we are just starting [More]
Cryptocurrencies are back in vogue. Investors are piling into digital cash, doubling the price of Bitcoin in just six months. It’s jumped another 15 percent this week and could be headed even higher. We spoke [More]
#Blockchain #Cryptocurrency #TokenMetrics Sign up for Token Metrics at In this section, we will help define and discuss the following concepts: What is blockchain? What is bitcoin? What is Ethereum? What are altcoins? What [More]
Three Los Angeles artists and their fans enjoying the ultimate entertainment experience with Soundeon.
One of the big and still unrealized potentials of Bitcoin is the possibility to build economics into protocols. By making use of this we can create economic incentives where none existed before, and enable as-of-yet [More]
As broadcast via CNBC on Sunday, 12/16. Advancements uncovers the latest breakthroughs impacting society today. In this episode, join us as we explore recent developments taking place in the blockchain technology landscape. Learn more at [More]
Is this bad news for Bitcoin? Could defi be the top investment of 2020? 👉 TRY WING FINANCE 🔥 WEALTH MASTERY ►► 👨‍🎓 CRYPTO BEGINNER COURSE ►► 👨‍🏫 TRADING BEGINNER COURSE ►► [More]
As broadcast via CNBC on Sunday, 2/24. Advancements uncovers the latest breakthroughs impacting society today. In this episode, join us as we explore recent developments taking place in the blockchain technology landscape. Learn more at [More]
As broadcast via CNBC on Sunday, 5/20. Advancements uncovers the latest breakthroughs impacting society today. In this episode, join us as we explore recent developments taking place in the blockchain technology landscape. Learn more at [More]
Blockchain is more than just cryptocurrency. It’s about the underlying technology that creates trust and adds a layer of credibility and accountability to businesses. In this presentation, Brian Behlendorf, Executive Director of Hyperledger, will teach [More]
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Not financial advice. Earn Free Crypto Below! Download Brave Browser and Earn Crypto today just for searching the web! (Free Ad and tracker Blocker included!) Earn $10 Free Bitcoin When You Buy/Sell $100 worth [More]
Join Emmanuel Joseph(JET) in our Ask Me Anything session learn more about the SuperheroLeague event and its contest
Hehmeyer Trading and Investments shut down its CTA and CPO and IB business at the end of the year, along with its Hehmeyer Cryptocurrency Index Fund. The market maker is now focused on cryptocurrencies, bitcoin [More]
El Paso, TX- It’s time to go Beyond Bitcoin! Last week’s prediction about the president, Coronavirus, Resentment vs Gratitude, new Youtube policy, Californians are moving to Texas, Americans (still) don’t save. One can learn a [More]
Ever since bitcoin first breached 10,000 USD, it has been in the headlines of media and the top of everybody’s mind. However, below the surface of Bitcoin’s gold sheen is a technology that will undoubtedly [More]
MoneyLab: Coining Alternatives Session 8: Designing Alternatives Conference day 2 (22 March 2014) The everyday act of payment – transferring value from one person to another – is undergoing dramatic change. Increasingly, payment systems are [More]
The Cryptocurrency is a type of virtual currency that is used in encryption to ensure security for bank transactions made online. Just like the traditional currency has serial numbers or hidden stripes inside it to [More]
Listen to the full episode here Can the blockchain organize today’s content not on Google, but also voice, IOT, VR and more? — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to [More]