The latest Brussels Development Briefing n. 55 on Opportunities of blockchain for agriculture organised by CTA, the European Commission/EuropeAid, the ACP Secretariat, Concord and BMZ was held on 15th May 2019 (9h00-13h00) at the ACP Secretariat, Avenue Georges Henri 451, 1200 Brussels, Room C. It provided an overview of the opportunities and challenges in adopting the blockchain technology in agriculture and the agrifood industry across several sectors and will look at best practices and successful applications of the blockchain technology of interest to the ACP countries.

In this video I share with you one of my most promising investments for 2021 and that is the Axion cryptocurrency. Set to outperform both Bitcoin and Ethereum in the next crypto bull market, it also functions as a high interest savings account on the blockchain.

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Missed the action this week? Listen to Blockchain Wayne as he explains what happened this week. If you do not understand some of the terms in this video, we invite you to visit our Newscrypto Academy –

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Join myself and James Bartolo as I answer questions bout Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and the next market bull run and Blockchain Technology!

I had the pleasure of joining the Conscious Truth Network with this interview as we had a great discussion about all of the above. We too spoke about investing and the safest ways to store your crypto coins.

The future of digital currencies is inevitable as we are seeing businesses all over the world moving on from cash, into a cashless society.

Decentralised and distributed networks like the Bitcoin blockchain are open for everyone to use, there is privacy for users and you are in charge of your coins instead of relying on a bank to make transactions. There are thousands of digital coins out there!

The ‘cashless society’ is a touchy subject. This can be the greatest thing for society ONLY IF it’s in the right hands with the people’s best interest at heart. Though seeing how the top social companies around the world work… it may be another story… Time will tell. Thank you everyone for watching and I hope you enjoy!! ❤️

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On this episode of The Crypto Wealth Show, Tim Picciott CFP® CRPC® interviews Sten Via of Equa Start.

After spending 15 years to become a cancer biologist, Sten left the field to pursue opportunities in the crypto space. He’s been involved with both SALT and now Equa Start. During this show you’ll see real life use cases for business on the blockchain and how Equa is making that happen.

Sten also discusses problems with Ethereum and why his company choose to not build on Ethereum, even though Sten is a fan of Ethereum and Hodler.
This is not a paid interview and no compensation was received and equa isn’t even a token or cryptocurrency.

Please note Tim accidentally had his Yeti mic turned on and didn’t have the Yeti properly positioned and the mic that is directly next to his mouth was just a prop for this show ☹. For whatever reason this video was never posted as holiday travel picked up but this is evergreen content

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Scam of the Day Spread Sheet

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Zilliqa News : Will Zilliqa (ZIL) Replace Ethereum? There has been alot of talks as far as Zilliqa vs Ethereum is concerned. Since Ethereum will switch to proof of stake soon, Beyond10x wanted to compare Zilliqa and Ethereum.Zilliqa crypto has the following advantages over eth 2.0. Zilliqa review analysis has proven that Zilliqa’s Network sharding is far superior than Eth 2.0 State sharding. ZILLIQA does what is called network or transaction sharding. Imagine a sample network of 1,000 nodes. ZILLIQA will automatically divide the network into 10 shards each with 100 nodes. Each shard can now process transactions in parallel. If each shard is capable of processing 100 transactions per second, then all shards together can process 1000 transactions per second.
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Bitdealer and Quant Fiction are two traders that have made a killing using data analysis and statistics. Together, they have created Market Science, a research service delivering actionable market statistics for crypto currency traders. In this episode we discuss how and why they created Market Science, new perspectives on the crypto markets, how to properly analyze large data sets, how to use these data sets to improve your trading, fractals, coding, automation, trading strategies, and we do a deep dive on one of the previous daily reports they have put out. If you are a trader looking for a new perspective on the cryptocurrency market or if you are new to trading and haven’t developed a solid strategy yet, this episode is perfect for you.

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This content is being provided to you for informational purposes only. Nothing discussed in this video is intended to be investment advice. This content, and any information contained therein, does not constitute a recommendation to buy, sell or hold any security, financial product or instrument referenced in the content.

►BREAKING: In a published report that surprised even me, the FEDERAL RESERVE states BITCOIN is NOT A SAFE HAVEN AND IT isn’t even CLOSE! Chainlink is on a MASSIVE run and it’s only going to continue pluse XRP returns vs. Bitcoin returns.


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Does Ethereum do more to move the market than Bitcoin?

We also look at the following 10 ERC-20 projects:

1. Gnosis
2. Status
3. Aragon
4. Band Protocol
5. Augur
6. Chainlink
7. Kyber Network
8. OmiseGo
9. Raiden
10. Aelf


Is Ethereum the One Actually Leading the Market Instead of Bitcoin
Here’s what March’s busiest ERC-20 Dapps have been working on. Chainlink, Gnosis, Status network, aragon, band protocol, augur, kyber network, omisego, raiden network, aelf.
Ethereum 2.0’s Phase 0 multiclient testnets will likely go live in April, predicts Buterin ———
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XRP Has ‘Better Technology’ Than Ethereum, Says CEO of Crypto Exchange CoinField

Narrated by The Cryptocurrency Portal on Nov. 19th, 2019

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The CEO of crypto exchange CoinField says XRP is the best choice for the company’s new tokenized trading platform Sologenic. In an interview with Nugget’s News, Bob Ras offers new details on the platform, which is designed to let anyone trade tokenized versions of stocks and ETFs against XRP and a new token called SOLO. According to Ras, CoinField decided to move from Canada to Malta in order to launch Sologenic where he could legally offer trading for tokenized securities.“Right now in Canada, there are no clear regulations. Everything is in a gray area. We want everything to be black or white. We want to know what is legal and what is not legal.”Ras says the company considered multiple distributed ledger platforms including Ethereum and Stellar, and decided XRP offered the best combination of speed and utility.“As you probably know, XRP has one of the fastest blockchain networks. It can literally transfer funds from ‘A’ to ‘B’ in a matter of seconds. And it’s super, super cost-efficient. And the XRP Ledger gives you all the tools that you need to develop your own customized financial ecosystem. Six or seven months ago, we started to do research and we started with Ethereum, Stellar Lumens and XRP. But at the end of the day, we decided to go with XRP’s technology because of the reasons that I mentioned…We want to move money fast, we want to move liquidity from A to B [in a snap]. We don’t want to wait two or three minutes, sometimes more than that, for the money to be transferred. So that’s why we chose XRP.”When asked why the team at CoinField isn’t creating smart contract tokens on Ethereum in particular, Ras says the fact that the XRP Ledger allows users to create tokens, combined with its speed, gave it the edge for Sologenic.“SOLO tokens are issued on the XRP network. The tokenized assets like stocks and etc are tradable on the decentralized exchange only against XRP and SOLO, no other coins. This is literally like listing 30,000 stocks against XRP and definitely it’s going to increase the volume of XRP long term…Some people are probably not going to love [this], but XRP offers you much better and stronger technology than Ethereum. That doesn’t mean I’m against Ethereum. I’m not against it. I like Ether and I have a personal investment in it, so that’s a great technology and coin. But XRP – it’s our opinion that it offers better technology and that’s why we selected XRP. They do have very similar basic features.”. Sologenic is scheduled to launch in the first quarter of next year. Check Latest News Headlines

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XRP Has ‘Better Technology’ Than Ethereum, Says CEO of Crypto Exchange:

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Media Personality John Stossel has created an excellent video on Bitcoin. In this video you will view a portion of John Stossel’s video. In this video John talks about Facebooks Libra, what is bitcoin, and digs into the question “Is Bitcoin better money?”

Bitcoin: Better Money?

We would love to hear from you! How can we help you? Please feel free to disagree politely in the comments below or by using our online Google feedback form:

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Ask the Block is a series on Crypto Blood answering questions curated from my channel you. This week I answer questions on if this is a Buy The Dip situation for Bitcoin, Is the US going to lose the race of Blockchain industry supremacy to other countries because of the SEC, Which coin is better, HBAR, ALGO, or XTZ, Which coins are the top 5 fastest coins in the game!

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Artificial Intelligence Trade Setups

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