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XRP Ripple news today (5/24): SEC Letter Requesting 5 Day Extension to Reply to Deaton Doc, Stu Alderoty Reaction to SEC Gensler: SEC’s jurisdiction is not limitless, Garlinghouse: Fox Business Interview from WEF, “US is [More]
The Man Behind Ethereum Concerns blockchain future, Who is VITALIK BUTERIN Vitalik Buterin, the 28-year-old Ether cryptocurrency creator, is not a drinker or a fan of large crowds. He was in Denver for the closing [More]
#Crypto Markets Ravaged Today — What’s Behind the Plunge to $38K Territory? DPU 1.21.22 #Russia #Inflation #Bitcoin #P2P #BCH #Shorts To keep up on the latest developments moving the crypto markets be sure to follow [More]
What Is Blockchain Technology? How Does It Work? After our first video introducing the concept of blockchain, we will now explain the technology behind cryptocurrencies! 🌐 Multilingual subtitles available! ⬅️ To watch the first episode [More]
Global Blockchain News With A Global Perspective, Daily News, Reviews & Education on the Blockchain Economy. Reliable Crypto and blockchain news source that spans all sectors of the crypto asset economy. Researching blockchain and sharing [More]
“All About Bitcoin’s” Week in Review panel discusses the week’s events that potentially impacted bitcoin’s price action and the wider crypto markets. New data on bitcoin’s declining dominance over all other cryptocurrencies is signaling a [More]
立即睇睇,了解更多關於轉數快嘅資訊: 金管局一直致力推動金融市場發展,鞏固香港作爲國際金融中心嘅地位。 由外匯基金到常用嘅轉數快,以及大家每日都會接觸到嘅香港貨幣同銀行服務,都涉及金管局不同嘅職能。一齊了解更多金管局嘅日常工作啦! Learn more about the Faster Payment System: The HKMA strives to promote the development of the financial market to strengthen Hong Kong’s position as an international financial centre. From the Exchange [More]
Watch me work today! I’ll take you behind the scenes of Blockchain Kingdom’s creative process, steps we’re taking for our Wax launch. Crypto Castles and Metasource Cards are coming to Atomic Hub soon! Ask me [More]
No doubt that the team behind Cardano had great attention to detail when naming projects. Check out the overview here. Twitter: Facebook: #Cardano #ADA #Cryptocurrency About ADA 180 Daily coverage of Cardano (ADA) [More]
Bitcoin is taking off, Ethereum is lagging behind. Meanwhile, Coinbase IPO could send entire space into MEGA-TRILLIONS. Intro 00:00 Market Watch 3:52 Bitcoin Chart 8:37 Trading Talk 13:50 Polkadot BTC 25:13 Corporate BTC 31:55 Coinbase [More]
We have discussed the possibility that Ethereum is one market cycle behind Bitcoin many times. Let us show the evidence for this, rather than just parroting the same old line. In this video we compare [More]
Oct.21 — Brad Garlinghouse, chief executive officer at Ripple Labs Inc., discusses the trends he’s seeing for the cryptocurrencies, U.S. regulations and the possibility of the company moving out of the U.S. He speaks on [More]
BITCOIN: WHAT JUST HAPPENED? will we go lower? here is the shocking truth about Bitcoin and the btc use price right now! $502 FREE on our Trusted Exchanges! 🔶 Bybit: ($1’590 FREE) 🔷 Phemex: [More]
Blockchain gaming never had a chance if you listen to many so called blockchain experts. This rhetoric applies to many things we see proven untrue as 2020 is proving that the proliferation of blockchain looks [More]
the TRUTH behind trading forex, crypto and other markets online [learning how to trade for yourself] Drop a LIKE if you want to see more trading videos! Socials Twitter: Instagram: Twitch: (I [More]
Please change your life!!! Click on the link! Can you afford this thing?: Software at the best prices: Last year’s most successful investments in the crypto market are strangely lagging behind the [More]
WOW!!! BITCOIN YOUTUBERS ARE BEING ATTACKED!! Who is behind the attacks? You’ve already seen Channels like The Moon, Ivan on Tech, Crypt0, Sunny Decree, that martini guy even the Modern Investor and more being stroked [More]
In today’s clip we comment on the recent Ethereum funds hacked from the exchange Upbit moving across the blockchain, the hackers blatant message to would-be followers, and our tin-foil hat theory that hacking group Anonymous [More]
In this short clip from an event in May 2019, John Hucker, CFA and President of the Swiss Finance + Technology Association talks about the explosion of activity in the Crypto Valley, initial coin offerings, [More]
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