In this weeks podcast, Jamain Graveney outlines the Avoiding Broke outlook investing in markets, real estate, crypto, commodities in December 2020.

This type of assessment is how we decide on asset allocation across our portfolio and will help you understand more about the thought process that underpins our investing decisions and includes:

– Stock market value 0:25
– Bond market returns 1:45
– Real estate potential value 2:45
– Cryptocurrency being undervalued 4:08
– Commodities as a staple 6:34
– Holding cash 7:15
– General macro risk management 9:53

Unfortunately, Leanne Graveney was unavailable, but the video is still packed with insights. Happy listening and please comment, like and share!

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Disclosure: The ideas and opinions contained in this video are personal opinions and for discussion purposes only. We are not financial advisors. You (and only you) are responsible for the financial decisions that you make.

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